‘Muted’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Gave Sergio’s Video To Marta’s Father?

In the previous episode of Muted, Sergio was wrongfully arrested after getting involved in a fight with Eneko. However, Natanael came to Sergio’s aid by blackmailing Eneko. Natanael possessed footage of the actual altercation, revealing that Eneko had been the aggressor and had beaten up Sergio. With this evidence, Sergio was able to regain his freedom. After his release, Sergio had a meeting with Marta, and their connection grew stronger. Marta was able to create a space of trust in which Sergio felt comfortable opening up about his mother. He revealed a distressing childhood experience involving his mother, Blanca. Sergio disclosed that his mother used to lock him up and administer medication in an attempt to change his behavior. This traumatic event from his early years may be a significant factor in Sergio’s violent behavior toward his parents and, ultimately, their tragic death.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Natanael Backing Sergio?

Ana’s secret operation was becoming increasingly dangerous. Sergio confronted Mikel and demanded that he stop following him, causing Mikel to fear for his life. Mikel then informed Ana that Sergio’s actions could potentially result in someone’s death. The team began blaming Ana for her reckless decision to keep tabs on Sergio, as it seemed that the operation was more focused on proving Sergio’s innocence than monitoring his activities. Ana’s obsession with the case and her personal connection to Blanca, who was like a mother figure to her, drove her determination to understand what had gone wrong between Sergio and his mother.


Meanwhile, all the connections with the cameras inside Sergio’s house suddenly went offline. This appeared to be a deliberate act by Cabrera and Mikel. Ana decided to halt the operation and visited the academic institution where she had previously worked with Blanca. There, she obtained some evidence that revealed Blanca had been conducting an experiment on Sergio’s behavior, attempting to remedy his violent tendencies through medication. Curious to explore Sergio’s house, Ana covertly made her way there and discovered a hidden room inside Sergio’s bedroom. She realized that his mother had been monitoring Sergio from this secret room. Ana managed to find an opportunity to escape the building but was caught by Greta, one of the investigators in Ana’s team. While Greta promised to help Ana, unbeknownst to them, Cabrera was listening in on their entire conversation. He later played the recordings for a mysterious man, possibly his employer, who seemed determined to undermine Ana’s operation. The identity of this individual, whether a judge, lawyer or someone else who did not want Sergio to be proven innocent, remained unknown.

Meanwhile, Natanael found a significant opportunity to draw public attention to himself. He promised Sergio that he would help him get rid of the investigators who were monitoring him. In order to fulfill his promise, Natanael organized a press conference, inviting the media to reveal that Sergio was under surveillance. Sergio, enraged by the idea, impulsively picked up a shovel with the intent to kill Natanael. However, Natanael managed to defuse the situation. During this time, Natanael was seen conversing with a girl who showed interest in Sergio, leading to suspicions that he was cheating on his wife, Silvia. Sergio’s growing hatred towards Natanael caused him to view the evangelical priest as no longer a genuinely pure-hearted man in his eyes.


Who Gave Sergio’s Video To Marta’s Father?

In the meantime, Cabrera, who now had access to all the video footage Ana possessed, most likely sent Marta’s intimate video with Sergio to Marta’s father. Overwhelmed by anger, Marta’s father confronted Sergio directly, hoping to put a stop to him. However, Sergio, devoid of empathy, pushed her father downstairs and callously walked away without offering any help. Marta discovered this later, and although she might have felt remorse, her expressions didn’t convey it. Marta’s mother informed her that Eneko had taken her father to the hospital and brought him back home. As a gesture of gratitude, Marta decided to meet Eneko, who then invited her to join him and his friends for a few drinks. Marta accepted the invitation, ignoring incoming calls from Sergio.

Where Was Noa?

Stressed and confused, Ana returned home to her family, where her husband welcomed her. However, he wasn’t pleased that Ana hadn’t been staying at home lately. Ana’s husband’s name had frequently appeared on her phone screen, but she never answered his calls because she had been very busy lately watching Sergio make out with Marta. The conclusion of Muted Episode 4 delivered a significant shock as it unveiled a surprising twist. Ana was seen wishing her daughter a happy birthday, but it became evident that she had forgotten to join in the celebration. As her daughter entered the room, a shocking revelation was presented in a rather peculiar manner. The girl’s bedroom door displayed her name, Noa, indicating that Noa had been adopted by none other than Ana Dussuel.


Final Words

The climax at the end of Muted Episode 4 effectively portrays Ana’s motivations and the moral complexity of her character in the story. While she has been perceived as a co-protagonist throughout the series, the conclusion raises the question of whether she may actually be a villain. She had the option to introduce Noa to Sergio, as she knew it was the one thing that could potentially change his behavior. Alternatively, it could be speculated that Ana wanted to assess Sergio’s character to determine if he was the right person to care for his sister. This second motivation appears morally justifiable and logical. Nonetheless, there are still more surprises yet to be revealed in the show, and further episodes will delve deeper into the story.

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