‘Murder Mystery 2’ Ending, Explained: Who Was The Accomplice To The Murder?

The goofy detective couple, Nick and Audrey Spitz, are back with the second installment of Jeremy Garelick’s “Murder Mystery” on Netflix, and it’s a lot more chaotic than the first one, with a whole lot of fun. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reprise their roles as the leading couple, and we also have the recurring characters of Maharajah Vikram and the Colonel from the first movie. The last we saw of the detective couple, they had solved the mystery of the death of an elderly billionaire in 2019, and now they’re faced with yet another case while attending a wedding on a private island. So, without any further ado, let’s breakdown the important events of “Murder Mystery 2” and see how it all ends.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Film?

Nick and Audrey Spitz, the detective couple whom we first saw in the first movie in 2019, have been running their private detective agency, but things aren’t going too well for them, financially or personally. Amidst such challenging times, they’re invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to a private island for the wedding of their billionaire friend, Maharajah Vikram. During Vikram’s grand entrance on elephant back, the Spitzes discover that a murder has been committed and the groom has been kidnapped. Is the detective couple able to solve the murder mystery a second time in a row?


Who Are The Invitees?

When Audrey and Nick arrive at the private island of the Maharajah, we’re met with a host of characters, including Colonel Ulenga, who’s missing an arm; his newest replacement; Louis; and Vikram’s fiancée Claudette. Additionally, we later meet Francisco, Vikram’s excessively flirtatious business partner, Vikram’s half-sister Saira as well as the Maharajah’s ex-girlfriend, Countess Sekou, and her assistant, Imani. All these characters will be crucial to the story, as we shall soon see.

Who’s The Victim Of The Murder?

After an elaborate Bollywood dance by the bride, all the guests, and even the Spitzes, it’s time for the groom’s entrance, and the Maharajah seemingly arrives on an elephant, but it’s quickly evident that something is wrong. The rider on the elephant topples over, and upon huddling over, everyone notices it’s Vikram’s bodyguard, Louis, and he’s been stabbed in the back. Nick realizes that if Louis is the victim here, then the actual Maharajah is in danger, and this is a distraction, and he immediately runs out in search of Vik. Nick spots his friend being forced into a boat by a kidnapper, who shoots at Nick when he tries running toward his friend. While taking photos of the crime scene, Audrey notices a piece of cloth burning on the fire with a bloodstain on it.


The detectives decide that since the closest group knew about the elephant, someone from the inner circle is the murderer, and they retire to their villa to figure out who the killer might be. Throughout the night, every member of the inner circle drops in to point fingers at who they think might be the killer, and tensions start soaring until Claudette is informed by the kidnapper that they shall call at 7 a.m. the next morning with their demands.

Why Does The Group Go To Paris?

The following morning, the Spitzes are introduced to Det. Connor Miller, who also happens to have written the how-to book on becoming a detective and is adored by Audrey. The detective quickly dismisses the Spitzes as baggage, but they prove invaluable when the kidnappers call and demand to speak only with the man who they shot at while kidnapping Vik. The kidnappers demand a ransom of $50 million in bearer bonds, but Nick and Audrey’s shenanigans make them shoot the demand up to $70 million. They demand that the Spitzes bring the money to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and the group decides they’ve got to leave for the city.


What Happens In Paris?

Miller trains the Spitzes on how best to approach the thugs hired by the kidnappers, and when the couple reaches the indicated van, they’re forced to board, along with the suitcase carrying the bonds. A fight ensues inside the van, and the couple hilariously ends up killing all the thugs before crashing into Paris’s oldest café.

While stepping out of the van, the Spitzes see themselves being touted as the killers on the news and realize they’ve been framed. Miller comes in and believes their story, adds that he can deliver the money to the kidnappers, and leaves with the suitcase. The Spitzes begin wondering if he’s the kidnapper, but the moment he steps into the car, it blows up. A biker arrives, takes the suitcase from the burning vehicle, and is about to leave but is run over by a trucker, who in turn leaves with the suitcase.

The couple realizes they can be helped by Inspector Laurent Delacroix, who had met the Spitzes back in 2019, and head to the opera, where he’s present. The couple borrows his phone and car keys and asks the inspector to help track the location of the truck based on the number plate Audrey had memorized. The detectives head to a palatial residence, where they’re greeted by none other than Countess Sekou, who had sent Imani to steal the money. She didn’t kidnap Vik; she wanted the money for herself. After tying up the Spitzes, she shoots Imani and sets the palace on fire, but the assistant kills the Countess before dying. As the mansion catches fire, Audrey and Nick escape narrowly with the suitcase and find a Lamborghini. While driving, the couple calls every member of the inner circle, as well as Inspector Delacroix, to meet at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower to discuss whom they suspect.

Who Is The Killer?

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the Spitzes begin questioning every member of the inner circle until the elevator door opens, and it’s none other than Vik with a bomb suit strapped to his body. He brings the message that unless they send the suitcase to the top floor, the bomb will be detonated, but Nick calls thea bluff. He states that the kidnapper won’t give up an opportunity to have the ransom, and everyone starts panicking as the time counts down. The timer strikes zero, but the bomb doesn’t go off.


Instead, Miller arrives with full gusto and announces that it was him all along who planned the kidnapping and had Louis killed. He adds that while everyone believed he died in the car explosion, he had slipped into a titanium chamber moments before just to remove suspicion from himself. He takes the money and ziplines to the roof just as Audrey manages to grab him, and Nick chases the kidnapper. On the way, he has to fight Miller’s men, but he’s aided by Francisco, and together they clear the roof. When Nick finds Audrey and Miller, the detective shoots at the kidnapper but misses completely, although he manages to destroy the detonator, allowing Vik to breathe a sigh of relief. Frustrated, Miller pushes Audrey off the roof, but she is still attached to a harness and dangles in mid-air, trying to find footing. As Miller’s helicopter arrives, Nick unlocks the suitcase, making all the bonds fly away in the Paris air, and the enraged Miller orders the pilot to kill everyone in the restaurant.

Audrey comes back to the roof, having found a foothold to stand in, and the husband and wife trick the kidnapper by tying him to the harness, and Nick pushes him off the tower. Miller falls onto the helicopter blades just as it’s about to fire, and the vehicle goes down in flames. The group is safe, and it’s time to rejoice.


‘Murder Mystery 2’ Ending Explained: How Did Saira Get Caught?

As everyone recuperates, Audrey notices Saira’s arm and her Henna is botched. Saira tries shaking it off, saying she must’ve messed up the design somehow during the showdown, but Audrey—a former hairdresser—knows that after it sets, Henna can’t be botched. She concludes that Saira was the accomplice who had informed Miller about the elephant ride, and the burning cloth that Audrey had noticed actually had Henna on it. Caught in her lies, Saira tries shooting Vik, but the Colonel throws himself in the line of fire and is shot in his remaining arm while Claudette knocks out the attacker.

Vik and Claudette decide they’re going to elope while Nick and Audrey will be returning home, but they make another stop at the Locks of Love Bridge to renew their vows. Just then, their helicopter pilot, who had brought them to the private island, arrives and hands a phone to them. It’s Vik on the other end, who thanks them for saving his life and tells them that they’re to have a briefcase with $10 million in it and to take his helicopter for their perfect honeymoon. What’s more, the briefcase itself costs $3 million because it’s made of dinosaur skin.


Overjoyed, the couple takes a ride in the helicopter and is planning how to spend the honeymoon when they’re double-crossed by the pilot. He aims a gun at them and demands the briefcase, then jumps off the helicopter after snatching it from them. As the movie ends on a cliffhanger, the unmanned helicopter goes down, and Nick and Audrey rush to save it.

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