‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 2: Recap And Easter Eggs, Explained – Who Is The Mysterious Woman In Kamala’s Vision?

Episode 2 of “Ms. Marvel” sheds light on Kamala Khan’s mystical bangle as well as takes her on her first rescue mission. While episode 1 smoothly introduced us to Kamala Khan and her family and friends, as well as her bangle,  the second episode delves deeper into the bangle and the secrets that lie within it.


Episode 2: Recap Summary – Who Is The Mysterious Woman In Kamala’s Vision?

Kamala is now a new, confident version of herself after realizing that she has powers. As she makes her way through the other students, she bumps into Kamran, with whom she immediately takes a liking. Only a smile is exchanged between the two, and it’s enough to woo Kamala. She then meets Bruno and Nakia and they all find out that instead of Kamala, Zoe, the girl Kamala saved at AvengerCon, has become famous.

To celebrate her newfound popularity, Zoe is throwing a party at her house. Kamala has absolutely no intention of going to the party, but the moment she sees Zoe inviting Kamran and Kamran nodding, she changes her mind. She is probably hoping for Kamran to just bump into her at the party, which would be great. But what would be better is if he approached her without a shirt on. Right? Well, that’s exactly what happened. He also gives her and her friends a ride back home and gives Kamala his number too, in case she wants to learn to drive. Pink hearts begin floating around Ms. Marvel.


On the other hand, Kamala has been training with her best friend Bruno to sharpen her skills and get to know her powers better. Her friend Nakia decides to run for the Mosque Board Elections, and she makes Kamala her “campaign manager.” At school, Kamala has trouble controlling her powers and is about to tell Nakia about it, but somehow holds back. Bruno finds out that he has been selected for an early immersion program at the California Institute of Technology, AKA Caltech, in California. As great as it sounds, Bruno clearly doesn’t want to go to California. Kamala is learning to drive from Kamran and visits a café where her brother Aamir and his wife find them. Kamala introduces Kamran as a distant relative, and he smoothly plays along.

At family dinner, Kamala’s father, Yusuf, tells Aamir’s wife Tyesha the story of Sana, Kamala’s maternal grandmother, during the Indian Partition (Read that again). Sana’s family, when she was a toddler, had to get on the last train that was leaving the city. Unfortunately, she was separated from her parents but somehow managed to get back to her father on the train just before it pulled out of the station. Her mother, Kamala’s great-grandmother, was nowhere to be found. While listening to the story,  Kamala’s bangle gets activated, and she has a vague vision of a lady, after which she blacks out. That night, Kamala video calls her grandmother, Sana, to ask her about her mystical bangle but is unable to get any word out of her.


It’s Eid, and there is a huge fete organized. Nakia ensures that she is able to get the most votes against her competitor, Uncle Rasheed. While Bruno and Kamala take care of the different age groups in their community, Nakia takes on Kamala’s father and is apparently able to woo him into voting for her, thanks to women and their dreams.

Zoe is called for by the feds and is interrogated by Officer P. Cleary and his assistant agent, Sadie Deever. Cleary tries to find out more about the mysterious girl with mysterious powers who saved Zoe’s life (as seen in Episode 1). After Zoe reveals that the girl was probably South Asian, he tells Deever to check temples, community centers, and mosques.


It is nighttime at the fete. Kamala is among the friends of her mom, having a conversation, when suddenly they hear the screams of a child. It is discovered that a little kid is hanging by the drapes outside a window of a tower. Kamala decides to save the kid. She puts on her costume and mask and almost gets him down safely using her “hard light” when she has yet another vision of the same woman, this time only clearer. This causes her to lose control, but she somehow manages to save the kid from falling. She comes down from the tower but is attacked by drones right then. However, she manages to escape from them and Deever’s company, thanks to Kamran who picks her up in his car. But what freaks her out is the woman in the back seat. She is Kamran’s mother and the lady Kamala saw in her visions.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 2: Easter Eggs Explained

Illumin-Aunties: When Nakia mentions how the entire mosque has nothing to do but eat and gossip on the occasion of Eid at the fete, Kamala mentions how the Illumin-Aunties know everything. This is a really funny and cool Illuminati Easter Egg. In the Marvel universe, the Illuminati are the know-all guys. And Kamala gives the gossip queens their perfectly deserved title.

Kamala’s Inhuman Powers: While learning to control her powers, Brian tells Kamala that the bangle isn’t producing any power. The power is instead coming from within her. The bangle just unlocked it. This is much more akin to her version in the comics, where she is an Inhuman, and an event unlocks her powers within. Does it mean that she is an Inhuman in the show as well?

Such a Poser: After saving the kid from falling the first time, Kamala does the well-known Black-Widow pose. It is the same pose that Yelena made fun of in Black Widow and called Natasha a “poser.” Easter Egg alert!


What’s Up With the Mysterious Woman?

Kamran’s mother knows about the bangle. This means she knows about Kamala’s grandmother, Sana, and Kamala’s great grandmother, too, as it was her who gave it to Sana. And naturally, she knows about the powers that the bangle holds. “Ms. Marvel” Episode 3 will reveal more about the bangle and the woman. However, Kamala has to be careful from now on as Cleary will use more harsh methods to get a hold of her.

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