‘Moonhaven’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does the First Wave Reach Earth?

At the end of Episode 5, we see Maite jump off a cliff into the cloudy abyss in front of Bella and Paul. Then, Blu comes and tells them that the Markless Mooners have killed Arlo and the others near the Bloodline Tree. In “Moonhaven” Episode 6, the season finale, Bella and Paul come closer to the horrifying truth that lurks inside Moonhaven. The first wavers leave for Earth but are in danger. Indira reveals her true self.

Spoilers Ahead

Maite’s Murderer

Earth’s ships have landed on Moonhaven. Lone and Elna bid Wish goodbye as he boards for Earth. Back at the IO tree, families start arriving to find out about their bloodline; the word having spread. Paul and Bella arrive at the spot, looking for Arlo. They find his synthetic hand that points them towards the rest of his body. They find him on the other side of the wall. He is wounded and unconscious but alive. After waking up, Arlo tells Paul that the tree needs to be hidden. Paul, too, agrees that the pull of blood will weaken them and break the bonds they have shared their whole lives.

Bella approaches Indira and asks her to bring down the IO tree. But Indira blames Bella for what happened to Maite (who is thought to be dead). She tells Bella that doubts regarding Bella having killed Maite are on the rise. Bella realizes that Indira is blaming her for Maite’s disappearance. Indira then tries to cuff Bella, but she escapes. She returns to Paul’s house, where Lone and Paul are. Lone reveals that Indira is “rounding up the Markless” and is using Bella’s ship as a prison so that IO can’t sense it. Bella tells them that Indira tried to arrest her for Maite’s death. Indira will do all in her power to save the Bridge.

Bella comes to her ship’s location and observes a guy staring at it. As she follows him into the jungle, she comes across Tomm. Tomm reassures Bella that as soon as he and his group of Markless take control of IO, all the Mooners will turn against Earth and claim Moonhaven. Both hear Earth’s ships, carrying the First Wavers, take off. Bella is gone before Tomm can complete his speech. Later on, we see her spying on Tomm’s camp, where the other members of his group are also present. In fact, she also finds Indira’s second, Sonda, with Tomm.

No More Blood

Back at his home, Paul, Arlo, and Fritz come to the conclusion that the IO tree needs to be secluded. Fritz and his team arrive at the IO tree and use their devices to form a shield around the tree so that no one can access it. At Tomm’s camp, Sonda confronts him about letting the First Wave go when their main aim is to have the Mooners stay on the Moon. He tells her that the first wave needs to reach Earth. “This will all be over soon.”

Later on, we see Sonda in Maite’s office where Bella arrives and confronts her for betraying Maite’s trust. Sonda feels guilty and reveals that Tomm has shared the landing sites of the First Wave with Terra, the earth insurgents who have been fighting against the Bridge since it began. This information is brought to Paul and Arlo’s attention. As soon as the First Wave lands, they will be ambushed and killed by the Terrans. And there is no way to notify the ships about this. Paul is wretched. He sent his son to die. Bella takes him along to speak to Chill’s estimator (a custom-self assembled by IO from her living responses) to see if they can find any more information that might help them. While talking to Chill and mentioning how she is just a smuggler, Bella realizes that her smuggler friend from Earth, Jate, might be able to send a message to the First Wave ships using the encrypted channel through which she used to communicate with him while transporting contraband. But the only way to contact Jate is via secondary communications on the flight deck of her ship, which is now a prison under Indira’s command. Little Elna, Paul’s daughter, too, joins the mission.

An Unexpected Diversion

Bella, Paul, Elna, and Arlo make their way inside the ship slowly. Bella contacts Jate and tells him what she wants; he replies that he will try to reach the ships. Elna wants to stay back and wait for a response from Wish and the others of the First Wave till the next morning. While Bella doesn’t want her to stay as it is dangerous, Paul believes in her and lets her stay. Before coming out of the ship, Bella notices Tomm, who sees her too. Before Bella, Paul, and Arlo can leave the ship, they are attacked by Tomm’s crew, but they somehow escape from the ship.

They come back to Paul’s house. Fritz, Lone, as well as Sonda are also there. They all decide to defend themselves and Moonhaven from Tomm’s intentions of “tribe and power” and the illusion of freedom. The Mooners’ true freedom comes when they finish what they have been sent to Moonhaven to do, i.e., learn to build a better Earth. Moments later, Blu rushes in with the news that Indira has been captured by the Tomm’s crew, the Markless Mooners. Meanwhile, there is no news from Elna, who is still inside the ship.

Inside the ship, the communicator beeps and wakes a sleeping Elna. She receives messages from First Wave, including her brother Wish, which say that they have received the warning and are diverting their landing. As she looks for a way out of the ship, a masked Indira is brought to Tomm. As soon as the guards leave the room, Indira asks him about their “revolution.” This proves that both have been working together for the same goal. Elna hears their whole conversation about them gaining control of IO and claiming the Moon.

Season 1: Ending Explained – Is Moonhaven Fated to Suffer?

Paul, Bella, and Arlo wait in hiding for Elna, at a distance outside the ship. They breathe a sigh of relief when she arrives. But their relief is only momentary as Elna reveals that Indira is working with Tomm. Knowing that Indira will have her guards search for her all around Moonhaven, Bella decides to not return with Paul, Arlo, and Elna. She tells Paul that she is going to find Maite in the Primo. Paul wishes her luck and tells her that he and the others will be waiting for her return so they can fight Indira’s forces and for a better future. Bella promises that she will make sure Indira doesn’t see the future. Back on board, Indira tells Tomm about the “others” whom Maite believes have arrived and can interact with IO. Tomm decides that he intends to talk to these “others” too. “Moonhaven” Episode 6 ends with the First Wave landing successfully on Earth and Bella making her way through the dark into Primo.

Although the first wave has landed on Earth, it is not out of danger as Terra knows about its arrival. We do not know what Bella will find in Primo. Meanwhile, it is also much awaited what Indira and Tomm have planned to gain control of IO. Have they planned an attack on ICON on Earth, the body that created Moonhaven? We can also expect to see more of Earth in “Moonhaven” Season 2 as well as the “others.” Perhaps Bella will find her mother Loa, too, along with Maite. Season 2 will explore these questions and possibilities.

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