‘Moonhaven’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained – Where Is Maite? Where Does The Synthetic Flower Lead?

At the end of Episode 4, we saw Maite leave Moonhaven to look for Loa. Meanwhile, Arlo finds the synthetic flower in Bella’s ship, but Tomm is also there for the same thing. “Moonhaven” Episode 5 reveals more about the flower and where it leads. Bella and Paul go in search of Maite Voss.


What’s In a Flower?

Tomm and Arlo get into a fight over the synthetic flower, but Arlo somehow manages to escape with it. However, he had to rip off his right hand, which is also synthetic, in order to escape. Meanwhile, back at Indira Mare’s office, she has a private conversation with a member of the Earth Council. He is more than worried about the resistance on Lune and what the markless group of Mooners might do if they get hold of IO. If Tomm, a member of the resistance, forms an alliance with Maite Voss, who is also against sending the First Wavers to Earth, the repercussions will be disastrous. Indira gives him her word to find Maite and get answers.

We see Maite walking in the jungle and thinking about a conversation she had with Loa and the day she went into the Primo (the wilderness). We see her take the same route that Loa took. She is spotted by someone who reports it to Sonda, who in turn informs Indira about it. Bella too arrives at Indira’s office and tells Indira what Maite told her, i.e., that Maite believes that Loa, Bella’s mother, is alive and has “crossed over” to a race that can talk to IO. Indira wants Bella to kill Maite, in which case Maite’s IO key will be transferred to Sonda, Maite’s second. Then Indira and Sonda will be able to give Earth’s ships permission to land. Bella arrives at Paul’s home to ask him to accompany her. She sees Paul and Wish having their last dance before Wish leaves for Earth.


Paul shows Bella a map of Lune, where she recognizes the Plinius Crater. She saw paintings of the place in Loa’s studio at Maite’s place. Thinking that Loa might have spent some time there and Maite is headed there too, they decide to head to that location. Meanwhile, Arlo arrives at their place with the synthetic flower that now has Bella’s petal re-attached. Arlo and Bella put Arlo’s arm back in place, after which he tells them to trek to Maite while he tries to solve the riddle of the flower. Bella and Paul leave for Primo.

A New Gaze Beyond Lune

Sonda meets Tomm and tells her about Maite and that she has left for Primo. While Sonda is glad that Maite’s decision will save the Mooners, she is worried about the flower not being in their possession anymore. But Tomm has faith that everything will go according to plan. “Maite will die,” and Sonda will take control of her IO key and let Earth’s ships land. While Sonda is taken aback by Tomm’s words that go against what they have been planning all along, Tomm tells her to trust him.


Arlo shows the synthetic flower to Indira, who believes that they have to find out where the flower leads. While the option to destroy the flower does arise, Indira states that if the flower leads to a “forgotten weakness” of the Mooners, they need to know about it. They decide to go where the signal leads, together, i.e., Indira, Arlo, Blue (Paul’s apprentice), and a handful of others.

On their way to Primo, Bella and Paul come across a settlement of Gazers, who lead a stress-free life, gazing “at the stars, the future” and into themselves. They reveal that IO has been “restless and disturbed” as well as about the “shadowy forms” that are troubling them. One of them speaks of a child in the trees, and Bella realizes that it was either the same child she saw more than once earlier or that both the children belonged to the alien race that Maite spoke of. While Paul doesn’t really believe in the ghost theory of the Gazers, Bella tells him that she knows what she saw and that she couldn’t be wrong.


Arlo, Indira, Blu, and the others reach Lune’s boundary wall. While Arlo doesn’t want to go any further as it is not safe and “the air is too thin” to breathe properly, Indira is adamant about finding out where the flower leads. They thus make their way through a hole in the wall. Everyone follows her, and as they come out on the other side, they find a huge dead tree with dry branches. As Indira goes near the tree and points the flower at it, the tree starts glowing bright golden, and golden leaves appear on all the branches. When a leaf falls off the tree into Arlo’s palm and reveals, to his surprise, his family name. Arlo realizes that the tree represents the bloodline of the Mooners. “All the bloodlines of Moonhaven are here.” Only IO should have this information.

The very next moment, Tomm and some of the Markless Mooners arrive at the spot. That’s when Indira realizes that Tomm let Arlo go because he knew that Arlo would bring him to where the flower led. He wants to destroy the tree so that a new generation of Mooners can claim Moonhaven. Tomm and his group start shooting at Indira, Arlo, and the others, killing most of them, including Arlo. Indira and Blu manage to escape.

‘Moonhaven’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Maite Voss Die?

Paul and Bella wake up from sleep in the morning among the woods and notice Maite looking at them. As she walks away, Paul and Bella follow her. We are shown another conversation between Maite and Loa where Loa tells her that she wants to go back to Earth, where she left her daughter Bella. Maite’s expression says that she doesn’t want Loa to leave.

Maite arrives at the edge of a cliff, followed by Paul and Bella. Paul asks Maite to let Earth’s transport ships land. But Maite says that the Bridge is nothing. She tells Bella that her mother is the Bridge who has “found a new way forward.” She also reveals that she told Loa that Bella was dead only so that she could prevent Loa from leaving Moonhaven. As an enraged Bella charges toward Maite with a knife, Maite tells her that “this is the beginning” and not the end, and lets herself fall into the cloudy abyss. The very next moment, the child from the wild (whom Bella saw in the trees earlier) attacks Bella from the back and tries to pull her along down the abyss as she hangs by the cliff. However, Paul manages to pull Bella up while the child lets go and vanishes into the abyss as well. Meanwhile, Blue arrives running and tells Paul and Bella that Arlo and the others are dead. As Paul and Bella both try to register what Blu is telling them, they notice Earth’s transport ships fly over them. The ships are landing.


The fact that the ships are landing proves that Maite’s key has been transferred to Sonda, who, along with Indira (wherever she is), has apparently permitted the ships to land. But does this mean that Maite is dead? Possibly not. She is alive but outside IO’s jurisdiction. What waits to be seen is what lies under the cloudy chasm. Also, Tomm and his group of markless Mooners now have access to all the data of the bloodlines of Moonhaven. What they do with it will decide the fate of Moonhaven. Paul and Bella have to find a way to stop Tomm. “Moonhaven” Episode 6, the Season Finale, will reveal if the transport ships are able to leave Earth or not.

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