‘Moon In The Day’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Yeong Hwa Dead?

In the previous episodes of Moon in the Day, we saw Kang Yeong Hwa and Han Joon Oh confront each other and make a great bond. Yeong Hwa realized that her dreams did have a meaning, and it was affecting her present life. In the latest episodes of Moon in the Day, we saw that the story has finally moved further, as Joon Oh’s brother now needed to make some tough decisions in his life to save Joon Oh. But how far he would go to protect his brother remains to be seen.


Spoilers Ahead

Who pushed Yeong Hwa down the cliff?

Moon in the Day Episode 9 showed Han Min Oh, the brother of Joon Oh, confronted by CEO Seok, the real antagonist of the story. Seok’s background and his connection with Yeong Hwa, or the lost soul of Do Ha, are still unclear, raising questions regarding his motivation. Seok managed to convince Min Oh that Joon Oh wasn’t alive anymore. After he had passed out and drowned in the water, he lost his life. Now a 1500-year-old evil spirit had possessed his body. Min Oh could also connect the dots, realizing that his brother had been acting differently since he had gone through that accident. Seok took advantage of his confusion and told him that the evil spirit that was controlling Joon Oh was obsessed with Yeong Hwa. Therefore, only by killing Yeong Hwa, would they be able to free Joon Oh from the spirit. Initially, it was too much for Min Oh to believe, but he eventually concluded that he needed to kill Yeong Hwa to save his brother.


Meanwhile, Yeong Hwa was still confused, but she was slowly falling in love with Joon Oh. She continued to have the dreams, which were further confusing her. Back in that historical era, we saw Do Ha and Han Ri Ta being asked to tie the knot, but two of them were hesitant to do so. While Do Ha was contemplating whether he should marry the woman or just let her go, Ri Ta was waiting for an opportunity to take her revenge.

In the present timeline, Min Oh personally talked to Yeong Hwa, saying that if she didn’t want to work for Joon Oh, she was free to go. However, Yeong Hwa didn’t want to leave Joon Oh in his terminal condition. Yeong Hwa’s decision to stay further raised suspicion in Min Oh’s mind. He believed Yeong Hwa might be an opportunist, using Joon Oh’s obsession with her for her benefit. Even though he struggled to believe it, Seok’s words reminded him that Yeong Hwa also had a dark past regarding the sins she committed in her previous life. Therefore, Min Oh became determined to put an end to Yeong Hwa’s life.


He suggested he take her and Joon Oh on a trip to a nearby mountain. Yeong Hwa was excited about the trip without having any idea about Min Oh’s actual reason for planning it. She met with Joon Oh later at night and convinced him to take the trip. Joon Oh could sense something horrible was about to happen, but he didn’t have any control over his future. He agreed to accompany Min Oh and Yeong Hwa. Upon arriving near the mountains, Min Oh talked about their childhood memories, recalling those days when Joon Oh and he used to come to this place more often. Joon Oh and Min Oh sat near a cliff and had a chat for a while, holding their cups of tea. However, after taking a sip, Joon Oh suddenly felt dizzy and lost consciousness. On the other side, Yeong Hwa, who was spending some time looking around the place, was confronted by Min Oh, who was planning to kill her.

After a while, when Joon Oh woke up, he found Yeong Hwa wasn’t there. He began to look for her and finally saw that Min Oh and Yeong Hwa were facing each other near a cliff. Yeong Hwa was on the edge when she spotted Joon Oh, but before she could go to him, Min Oh pushed her off the cliff.


Did Yeong Hwa Survive?

Moon in the Day Episode 10 picked up where Episode 9 left off. We saw that before Min Oh took the drastic step of pushing Yeong Hwa from the cliff, both of them were looking for Joon Oh. It was a pretense as Min Oh needed to bring Yeong Hwa near the cliff. Finally, after he pushed her and took off from the place, we saw Yeong Hwa fortunately survived. It was Joon Oh who rescued her. Yeong Hwa couldn’t thank him enough, but she was utterly confused as to why Min Oh wanted to kill her. She could remember Min Oh’s last words for her before he pushed her. He said something about karmic punishment which she deserved for the sins she committed in her previous life. Yeong Hwa was brought to the hospital, and after she had her face bandaged, she desperately asked Joon Oh to tell her what was the sin she committed in her past life.

Meanwhile, Min Oh came to the hospital and found that Yeong Hwa had survived. He tried to run away from there, but Joon Oh captured him and asked why he tried to kill her. Joon Oh told him that whatever Min Oh had believed was a lie. Min Oh was feeling guilty for the decision he made, so, furious, he went straight to confront Seok, who had lied to him about all these things. However, confronting Seok, he couldn’t get a proper answer from him. Instead, Seok gaslighted him saying that it was Min Oh’s fault that he couldn’t even do the job properly. Min Oh was extremely furious, but before he could do anything, Seok beat him up, leaving him severely injured near a motel. The police found his unconscious body and admitted him to the hospital. Joon Oh asked the investigators to look into the case and find out who did this to his brother.

Meanwhile, Yeong Hwa had another dream, in which she saw that Do Ha had asked Ri Ta to go before they got married, but both of them were attracted to each other and fell in love. However, the emperor’s demands were very confusing. He wanted Do Ha dead, either in the war or at the hands of Han Ri Ta. It was very confusing why the emperor demanded his heir’s death, but we presume it probably had something to do with Do Ha being an adopted son.

While Min Oh was in the hospital, Joon Oh’s manager gave Yeong Hwa a package from Min Oh. Yeong Hwa opened it and found it was a bracelet, as her previous talisman bracelet broke due to an accident. She suddenly remembered her dreams in which she saw Do Ha had given Ri Ta the lotus seeds on the day of their wedding. She looked at her talisman and found that it was nothing but one of those lotus seeds. She went straight to the old shaman, the talisman maker, and asked him if he could tell her about the past sins she had committed. As Joon Oh had predicted that Yeong Hwa would have to die to break her curse before she turned thirty, it freaked her out. Therefore, she demanded a solution from the shaman, to break her curse without involving her death. The shaman failed to give her an answer, but it was certain that there must be something that could prevent Yeong Hwa’s death.


On the other hand, we saw Joon Oh had finally found the assailant who beat up his brother. The investigators had managed to uncover some CCTV footage of a hotel where Min Oh had met with Seok. Joon Oh looked into the footage and found out it was Seok who had injured his brother. Probably, in the next episodes, Joon Oh will go after Seok, to unravel the mystery surrounding his existence. 

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