‘Moon In The Day’ Episode 7 And 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Do Ha Marry Han Ri Ta?

In the previous episode of Moon in the Day, we saw Han Joon Oh directly confront Yeong Hwa to see if she could remember the dreams she was having. Yeong Hwa could remember well that she had seen someone whose face resembles Joon Oh’s. In the concluding moments of episode 6, we saw that Yeong Hwa and Joon Oh met on a bridge, where Joon Oh finally revealed a shocking truth about their past lives. He revealed that in their past lives, 1500 years ago, Joon Oh, aka Do Ha, was married to Han Ri Ta, aka Yeong Hwa. Moon in the Day has just released two episodes where the story hasn’t yet proceeded, but we see that Goo Tae Joo’s untimely death affects Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa’s safety.


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Episode 7 Recap: Why Did Do Ha Marry Han Ri Ta?

In episode 7, Joon Oh tries to convince Yeong Hwa once again of the truth about their past lives, but it is not easy for Yeong Hwa to believe all this. In episode 7, the story was still where the previous episode had left off. It seemed that just as we had for the rest of the series so far, we would witness Joon Oh’s constant failed attempts to remind Yeong Hwa about her past life. However, in this episode, the antagonist, Mr. Seok, is highlighted. It was revealed that Goo Tae Joo was actually killed by Seok, who was trying to frame the attorney for the murder, but instead of blaming him, he decided to exploit him. We saw that Seok and the attorney, who was forced to collaborate with him, dumped the dead body of Goo Tae Joo into a nearby pond and left a suicide note in his car. The next day, Seok fixed a meeting with Joon Oh’s brother. In that meeting, Seok asked Han if he had noticed anything weird in Joon Oh’s behavior since the day he almost died in the hospital, to which CEO Han replied that he had. Seok told him that the Joon Oh who was living at his house and getting obsessed with Yeong Hwa was not the real Joon Oh. This further raised concerns in Han’s mind.


In this episode, the reason why Do Ha was forced to marry Han Ri Ta became clear. In the previous episode, we saw that Han Ri Ta was captured by the emperor’s men, and Do Ha managed to rescue her. But episode 7 revealed that Do Ha couldn’t get his lover far away from the kingdom; instead, they were caught by the warriors sent by the emperor. Injured Do Ha lost consciousness, but after he woke up, he was shocked to hear that Han Ri Ta had been killed by the warriors. However, the emperor told him the truth, showing that Han Ri Ta had just been captured by his men. He told Do Ha that he was well aware of her background and that she was the daughter of their enemy. Therefore, the emperor asked Do Ha to kill Han Ri Ta to finish the entire clan of their enemy. As Do Ha was unable to kill Han Ri Ta, the emperor made a tricky decision. He killed his warriors, who were aware of Ri Ta’s real identity, and saved her life. He said that it was better to keep Ri Ta their hostage than just kill her. Therefore, he asked Do Ha to marry Ri Ta, so that the woman would be forced to remain loyal to Do Ha’s family. However, even though Ri Ta falls for Do Ha, she doesn’t deviate from her ultimate goal, which is to kill Do Ha to enact her revenge.

Episode 8 Recap: What Happened To Joon Oh And Yeong Hwa?

In episode 8, we witnessed the same romantic tension between Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa, as well as the same old dreams that Yeong Hwa had been experiencing all along. However, Joon Oh told Yeong Hwa about her previous births, when she hadn’t been able to remember about Han Ri Ta or Do Ha. She didn’t even look like Ri Ta in her previous births, but in this reincarnation, she was just like Han Ri Ta and also able to remember her centuries-old life. However, Yeong Hwa was still struggling to believe this. Meanwhile, Seol, who just got to know about Yeong Hwa regularly coming to meet Joon Oh, collected some paparazzi photos which showed Yeong Hwa’s presence at Joon Oh’s place. Seol began to pressurize Joon Oh, saying that she would leak those pictures in public if Joon Oh wouldn’t go out with her. Joon Oh was forced to see Seol and have photoshoots with her.


CEO Han, who once again met with Seok, came to know about the death of Goo Tae Joo. The police got the suicide note, which was then sent on to Han. Han saw that Goo Tae Joo had accused Joon Oh and his brother of causing his suicide. This put Joon Oh’s family in trouble. Seok, whose motive for doing all these things is still not clear in the series, can assume that he also had some connections with Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa’s past lives. Han began to investigate on his own and found that after Seol had initially broken up with Joon Oh, she had a secret relationship with Goo Tae Joo. Han had also retrieved a picture of Seol and Joo kissing in her car. Han met with Seol and showed her the picture, saying that if she tries to blackmail Joon Oh with Yeong Hwa’s pictures, her secret relationship with Joo will be revealed. As Goo Tae Joo is dead, it would be a problem for Seol to have this truth come out in public.

1500 years ago, when Do Ha was asked to marry Ri Ta, both of them agreed to the proposal. Their romantic journey was about to start, and we hope to experience it in the forthcoming episodes. Meanwhile, in the present timeline, Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa were also coming close to each other. Yeong Hwa started to believe that she had reincarnated and that Joon Oh was not a human but a lost soul. But apparently, she didn’t yet know that Joon Oh was planning to kill her to take his revenge. Joon Oh was procrastinating, as he wanted Yeong Hwa to completely remember who she was and what she did to Do Ha 1500 years ago. Joon Oh, wearing a weird mask, arrived at a park and had some fun with Yeong Hwa and her friend. However, the public recognized his face and tried to chase him and Yeong Hwa, but both of them managed to elude the crowd. Similarly, in the historical timeline, we saw Do Ha and Ri Ta come closer to each other on their wedding night. Now it remains to see what happens in Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa’s lives in the subsequent episodes.


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