‘Moon In The Day’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ne Yeon Survive?

In the previous episodes of Moon in the Day, we saw Han Min On, Joon Oh’s brother, attempt to kill Yeong Hwa by pushing her off a cliff, but Joon Oh managed to save Yeong Hwa. Joon Oh confronted Min Oh to find out why he tried to kill Yeong Hwa, but Min Oh couldn’t provide an explanation, which further raised Joon Oh’s suspicion. Joon Oh looked into the matter and found CCTV footage of Min Oh meeting Seok at a hotel. Joon Oh connected the dots and concluded that it was Seok who had influenced his brother to commit such a heinous crime. In the latest episodes of Moon in the Day, the mystery surrounding Seok’s connection with Yeong Hwa is finally unraveled.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 11 Recap: Who Was Seok?

In Moon in the Day episode 11, Joon Oh finally realized Seok’s hand in wrecking his brother’s life and decided to confront him, but Seok had already met Yeong Hwa and reminded her of the sin she had committed in her past life as Han Ri Ta. Yeong Hwa returned home and decided to keep the talisman bracelet in her pocket for protection. In her dream, Yeong Hwa was finally confronted with the truth that she was the one who had killed Lord Do Ha in her past life, 1500 years ago. Through her dream, it was also revealed that Seok was a reincarnation of Lord So Ri Bu, the king who was Do Ha’s adoptive father. Now, it finally makes sense why Seok was after Yeong Hwa’s life.

Back to the flashbacks, we saw that Lord So Ri Bu’s main purpose in making Ri Ta his daughter-in-law was to enlist her help to kill Do Ha. His conditions were either that Han Ri ta would kill Do Ha after their marriage or Do Ha would be killed in the upcoming war. Han Ri Ta, who had fallen in love with her husband, didn’t want him to be betrayed by his father, so she decided to take up the sword and finish So Ri Bu’s life by her own hand. After So Ri Bu fell asleep in the night, Ri Ta sneaked into his room to put an end to his life. However, So Ri Bu got up and got into a scuffle with Ri Ta, but Han Ri Ta, who was an efficient warrior, finally stabbed him to death. Before So Ri Bu took his last breath, he warned Ri Ta that he would come back again in his next life to take revenge on her. One of the maids witnessed the entire incident right in front of her eyes and called the guards. But Do Ha, who was as shocked as the rest of them were, couldn’t bring himself to punish Ri Ta for this crime. He demanded an explanation from Ri Ta, who told him the truth regarding So Ri Bu’s plan to kill him, so Do Ha, instead of killing her as a punishment, untied her shackles and released her. The soldiers came to attack Do Ha, who managed to knock them down and ran away from the scene, taking Ri Ta with him. The entire kingdom turned against them, while Do Ha and Ri Ta began to hide themselves from their enemies. However, while Do Ha believed he would restart his life with his wife far from this kingdom, Han Ri Ta was thinking of completing her unfinished business, which was to kill Do Ha. After hiding in the woods, Han Ri Ta finally grabbed an opportunity and killed Do Ha by stabbing him in the neck. Yeong Hwa woke up from the dream and began to cry, realizing that she had committed such a grave sin in her  past life. She confronted Joon Oh and told him everything that she saw in her dream, which broke her heart.

Episode 12 Recap: Did Ne Yeon Survive?

Moon in the Day Episode 12 highlighted a tragic incident in Yeong Hwa’s life, as Ne Yeon, Yeong Hwa’s roommate and closest friend, suffered an accident. Seok had not only manipulated Goo Tae Joo to attempt to murder Yeong Hwa, but he was also trying to enlist Seul’s help to finish Yeong Hwa. It was revealed that all the previous reincarnations of Yeong Hwa were killed by reincarnated versions of So Ri Bu, just like how Seok was after Yeong Hwa’s life in this birth. Seok was amazed to find Yeong Hwa knew about Han Ri Ta and how she had killed Do Ha; however, as Seok confronted Yeong Hwa to finish her, he became unsuccessful in his attempt as Yeong Hwa’s talisman bracelet created a shield, protecting her and throwing Seok away. Seok decided to take the talisman away from Yeong Hwa.

Subsequently, Seok sent Seul to commit Yeong Hwa’s murder, but Seul also failed to kill her. When Seul pushed Yeong Hwa in front of a car, Ne Yeon came to rescue her and got hit by the car, suffering a serious injury. Ne Yeon was rushed to the hospital, but she luckily survived the injury. Yeong Hwa was so relieved to see her friend survive the accident that she cooked a delicious meal for her in the hospital. However, as Yeong Hwa discussed the situation with Joon Oh, he realized that he would have to do something about Seok to stop him from causing any further harm to the lives of their loved ones. Joon Oh’s brother Min Oh was still in a coma, which was a grave concern for Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa even though Min Oh had tried to kill her.

In the concluding scenes of episode 12 of Moon in the Day, we finally came to know that Do Ha’s spirit, which had possessed Joon Oh’s body, would never be able to break the curse by killing Yeong Hwa, as Joon Oh had fallen in love with her again in this life. Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa finally came closer to each other in the present timeline and expressed their mutual romantic feelings for each other. Yeong Hwa believed that they couldn’t pursue a normal relationship due to their curse, but Joon Oh assured her that he would try to make it work anyhow possible; otherwise, he would have killed her long ago. It was revealed that Joon Oh had never wanted to kill Yeong Hwa. As Moon in the Day is almost reaching the season finale, we hope to see Joon Oh and Yeong Hwa’s relationship reach a satisfactory conclusion in the subsequent episodes of the series.

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