‘Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Do Anvitha And Sidhu Reunite?

Lighthearted romantic comedies allow the viewers to remain cheery and joyful throughout the runtime of the film. Romantic comedies have predictable endings, but it is the journey the two people take that matters in the film. A heartfelt conversation about life and expectations still grabs the attention of a larger audience. Miss Shetty, Mr. Polishetty is a classic tale of two people of two different ideologies and familial backgrounds finding each other and eventually falling in love.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Anvitha Back In India?

Anvitha Ravali Shetty is the most revered chef who works for a five-star hotel in London. She has been living with her aging mother, who seems to be missing her life in India. Mother and daughter live peacefully, but the only point of contentment between the two is Anvitha’s unwillingness to get married. Anvitha claims that she is happy to be in control of her life so far, which makes it easy for her to lead it the way she wants. Anvitha in the movie represents modern Indian women who are content with their job and the financial stability it brings. The only gratification they seek is emotional support, which they feel most men can’t provide.


Anvitha’s mother has been separated from her father for many years, but it is the generations of tradition and the customary brainwashing done by society that force her to ask her daughter to contemplate marriage. The mother claims that she had Anvitha as a companion all this while, but she worries her daughter will be alone after her passing. It is implied that her mother has terminal cancer, and she would want Anvitha to look for a suitable partner who will be her companion in good and bad times. The mother-daughter bond in the film explains the love they have for each other. Even though Anvitha doesn’t plan to get married, she understands her mother’s fears. As a mother, she is allowed to worry about her daughter’s future.

The mother and daughter come back to India for the treatment, and Anvitha does everything in her power to make sure her mother receives the very best care. Anvitha does not know how long her mother will be around, which makes her want to be right beside her all the time. Unfortunately, her mother passes away not before she advises Anvitha to seek out the person she thinks is right for her. 


What Makes Anvitha Seek A Sperm Donor?

After a lot of contemplation, Anvitha decided to become a mother via artificial insemination. She is financially sound, and having a child only makes sense to her because she would not have to invest in a relationship. She can use science’s help to make sure she receives the right kind of donor to help her get pregnant. Anvitha as an independent woman will not want any adult to disrupt her life.

The child that she brings into this world will be out of her choice, and she can become a mother without having the burden of a partner who might not be a supportive man. She takes permission from her doctor to seek her donor in the hope of finding a man who has an impeccable track record when it comes to health, social, and personal parameters. Anvitha has so far had control over her life, and choosing her donor is an extension of her nature. It’s also implied that she would rather face the consequences of her choices than leave them to luck or destiny.


After having no luck finding decent donors, Anvitha runs into Sidhu Polishetty at a stand-up gig where he performs . His cheeky and honest humor made her consider him to be her donor. So far, whomever she met, there was a deal-breaker she could not ignore. She approaches Sidhu and plans to strike up a friendship with him in the hope of getting to know the person before she decides on him as her potential candidate. Anvitha thought this could be the only way to help her decide.

Anvitha goes out of her way to help him establish his comedy career. She made sure he got to be a part of the corporate gig at the hotel where she works. This was just part of the groundwork she was carrying out without giving him any hints. We feel Anvitha should have informed him about her intentions. Sidhu was under the impression that Anvitha was interested in seeking a relationship with him, which is borderline heading towards love. It’s an assumption he was allowed to reach because there was no communication between them about the definition of their relationship. He assumed Anvitha was leading him somewhere, and Sidhu was blindingly following in the hope of eventually falling in love. This confusion is bound to happen in any romantic comedy, for it allows the conflict to brew and be the reason behind their differences of opinion.

Will Sidhu Agree To Be The Biological Father?

Sidhu goes out of his way to propose, only for her to let him know about what she is seeking from him. Sidhu is ignorant about the artificial insemination process and the fact that Anvitha never discussed the matter makes him livid. He becomes judgemental of the woman he claims to be in love with. Sidhu’s anger was justified, but his overtly critical opinion about how Anvitha wants to lead her life rubs her the wrong way. It allowed her to make a sound decision to reject him as a potential donor. Sidhu’s analysis of her life throws light on how men and society in general still stick to traditionalist thought processes regarding relationships just because it is the norm. Sidhu and Anvitha come from two different upbringings, but that does not mean any of their life choices are superior or inferior. Anvitha realized she would never be able to convince Sidhu to be the donor and walked away from the deal in pursuit of a new donor.

Sidhu considered this as a breakup and confronted Anvitha at a local café, where she was interviewing another potential candidate. It is bizarre to think an educated engineer such as Sidhu was not aware of the artificial ways out there for women to get pregnant. We do not understand how naïve Sidhu was or whether he was portrayed in that manner to make him sound insensitive towards the subject of motherhood.


Sidhu eventually agrees to be the donor because he figures he would have to get physically intimate to get her pregnant. He was under the impression that Anvitha would fall in love with him after that. Sidhu begrudgingly agrees to donate sperm for the IUI process and agrees to stick to the regime till the insemination process takes place. Sidhu knows Anvitha will never have feelings for him, but still, he is allowing himself to go through their strenuous series of steps. We believe Sidhu comes across as a selfish man who only wants his wishes to be fulfilled. The feelings he carries cannot be considered love, for he is still unwilling to come to terms with Anvitha’s plans and goals.

Why Does Anvitha Leave India?

Frustrated with Sidhu’s immature behavior, Anvitha reveals a part of her life that she has not shared with many. She is the product of a difficult marriage and was witness to the difficult times her father put her mother through. She believes every relationship becomes toxic, and she wants to avoid the drama and get straight to the part that could bring her joy. Just like she was her mother’s reason for happiness, she wants her child to be the reason for contentment as well. Anvitha’s lived experience with the destructive marriage of her parents made her decide never to pursue any relationship. She grew up being dependent on herself, and she was satisfied with leading a life like that.


Sidhu profusely apologizes because he does not want to cause any more trauma or be an obstacle to her goals. He wanted to be that companion who would understand her boundaries. Sidhu’s transformation was sudden, but we believe his love was genuine from this point on because he did not force his ideals onto her. Sidhu respectfully exits the arrangement after the artificial insemination procedure because the contract stated he could not, in any capacity, be a part of Anvitha’s life. Sidhu allowed himself to see everything from her perspective, which made all the difference and deepened his affection for her. He did not try to rescue her, but instead, he let her go.

Anvitha’s pregnancy results come out positive, and she decides to share the news with Sidhu. She is willing to violate the contract, maybe because she started feeling his absence. On reaching the venue of his stand-up show, his friend Rahul politely asks her not to interfere in his life. Sidhu’s stand-up acts were picking up, and Rahul probably did not want anything to derail his upward trajectory in this field. Realizing she could not be the reason for his professional life going up in flames, Anvitha moves back to the UK to allow herself to have a peaceful pregnancy without anyone bothering her. Anvitha’s decision might come across as erratic but practical. She cannot be violating the contract if she expects Sidhu to stay away from her life.


Will Anvitha And Sidhu Reunite And Confess Their Love For Each Other?

Back in the UK, Anvitha is struggling to present the impeccable food that her hotel was known for. This could either be because of the pregnancy or because she is still affected by the way things ended between her and Sidhu. We feel Anvitha fell in love with Sidhu, but her morals stopped her from pursuing him. Anvitha is advised by her boss to face the challenge instead of running away.

Anvitha plans to move away to another part of the country because of her need to reflect on and process the feelings she still carries for Sidhu. Her idea of love and affection was shattered by this one person, who is relatively younger than she is. The best part is that she knows all about his flaws and is willing to take the leap of faith and love him. Anvitha saw the transformation he went through, which allowed her to see him in a different light. She misses her mother and speaks to her photograph to let her feelings out. She confesses to having fallen for Sidhu, and she considers her child to be a love child. For Anvitha, sharing this detail and being vulnerable with her deceased mother’s spirit allowed her to come to terms with her feelings. She accepted that her affection was real and that it would somehow bring her peace, even though she might never meet Sidhu again.


Back home, Sidhu is exponentially becoming a bigger stand-up comic, so much so that his father starts appreciating the line of work he has chosen for himself. He advises him to seek Anvitha because she wouldn’t have chosen Sidhu if she didn’t have the slightest bit of fondness for him. He rightly states that Sidhu never told Anvitha he wanted to be with her; instead, he claimed to want her. There is a difference between these two forms of love, which made her move away from him. She is a mature human being and would expect a grown-up kind of relationship from Sidhu. Sidhu’s father was right to point out the mistakes his son made in the pursuit of seeking her.

Sidhu heads to the UK and asks his friend Rahul, who is now his manager, to arrange for some stand-up shows around the country in the hope she will come by to see him perform. We think this was a good plan because Anvitha just needed a push that would make her look for Sidhu. Both are looking for serendipity so that they can sit, converse, and vent their feelings. Sidhu finally locates her at a local farm café, where she works as a chef, after he eats a ‘brinjal fritter’ that was exactly like the one they had eaten back home during their initial days of friendship. This memory allowed him to follow her to the hospital as she went into labor. Sidhu reaches the local hospital because he believes it is the only way to let her know his feelings for her. Anvitha is more than elated to witness Sidhu looking for her. She had mentioned him as the father of the child in the form at admission, which sealed the love they had for each other.


Anvitha gives birth to a baby girl, and the movie ends with Sidhu performing a stand-up act where his set involves the retelling of how he met his wife, Anvitha. Their meeting was bizarre, but it is always meetings like this that turn into something beautiful. Sidhu named his tour Miss Shetty, Mr. Polishetty as a dedication to the love the two share with each other. Sidhu and Anvitha, through the runtime of the film, came across as people with opposite personalities who found common ground, which is love and understanding. The two of them finally took the advice of their respective parents seriously. Anvitha dared to take the leap and got married because she trusted him enough, and Sidhu accepted his wife for who she was. Anvitha technically earns far more than Sidhu does. Their willingness to go beyond their obvious differences and seek companionship is what makes their partnership a winner.

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