‘Megalodon: The Frenzy’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did CRATUS Defeat The Megalodons?

The action-thriller Megalodon: The Frenzy is a film directed by Brendan Petrizzo. The cast includes Caroline Williams, Eric Roberts, Jessica Chancellor, and others who have helped in the proper execution of the film. The attack of the supposedly extinct sharks, the Megalodons, take the lives of many across California and wreck severe damage on some ships and submarines. After sustaining damage, the naval ships U.S.S. King and U.S.S. Fragasso manage to protect CRATUS, a research submarine and help it escape. The movie seems to have drawn inspiration from films like The Meg, Jaws, Open Water. Shark Night, and others. Replete with thrills and action, the movie is bound to keep the audience glued to their seats till the end. Will the CRATUS be able to manage its way past the lurking dangers under the depths of the ocean? Let us find out!


Spoiler Alert

What Happens In The Film?

The Megalodon attacked the naval ship U.S.S. King in California, and in defense, they deployed their best naval forces to resist the attacks. They apply their anti-shark attack strategies to get control over the situation. There are also a lot of rampant shark attacks on the coastal areas, and the naval forces try their best to reduce casualties. The U.S.S. King’s crew sustained severe injuries, including Captain Lynch and Commander Moore. Moore had tried attacking the Megalodon with a coup de grace, in turn attracting their ferocious attacks. The commander, Keith Sharp, comes to action, promises the crew safety, and sends out a distress beacon. With limited ammunition, the crew fears that they will not be able to fight the monsters for too long. Meanwhile, we take a peek into CRATUS II, a submarine underwater to do research to tap into a limitless source of geothermal energy. They start drilling into the waterbody, but as they go deeper, they notice a huge Megalodon rushing towards the mini-submarine of Dr. Riley. Kurt and Kristy, the junior researchers, ask her to come back, and she returns after shooting the creature with a laser. After coming back, they discuss that it could have been a blue whale, which was 187 feet in length. Later, Dr. Hilton comes in and says that it was not a blue whale but a shark. He also states that a shark as big as a blue whale has to be the Otodus Megalodon, which supposedly went extinct 3.5 million years ago.


The scenes keep shifting between the CRATUS and the U.S.S. King throughout the film. The U.S.S. King keeps trying their best to fight the creatures and keeps shooting at them on sight. The creatures also keep attacking the ship and wrecking it. They find out that the Megalodon is around 200 feet and about one-third the size of the ship, and they can not hold up longer. The creature hits the U.S.S. King at Fort Bragg and keeps attacking it when Keith calls in an S.O.S. plea to U.S.S. Fragasso. There is again a shark attack in Puerto Vallarta, killing a lot of people, about 3000 miles from the CRATUS. The back-to-back shark attacks concern a group of researchers, and they come up with a plan to reduce the damage.

How Did CRATUS Decide To Tackle The Situation?

When they studied the megalodons near the CRATUS, the scientists say that they were trying to assess whether the station was a threat to them. While Dr. Hilton is very impressed with the intelligence of the creatures, Riley is concerned about the attacks that they might make. Just as everyone decides to lower the floodgates to survive the attacks, Riley demands they be kept open to trap a megalodon. She wanted to study the reactions of the creatures so that they could deal with the situation better and reduce the number of deaths. While there’s some initial hesitation, they end up agreeing to Riley’s proposal and decide to trap a megalodon. Hilton comes up with the idea of attracting the creature with electromagnetic energy, as they are drawn to it. They manage to trap a megalodon that is around 120 feet by closing the floodgates. They discuss the risks associated with it and come up with ideas to escape if the situation gets worse. They plan on escaping through the well pipe in their mini-submarine. They, however, contemplate the risks and state that if the seismic pressure builds up in the pipe, then that could result in a blast leading to a tsunami.


The CRATUS reached out to the U.S.S. King for their help in eliminating the creatures. The U.S.S. King, in turn, asked the U.S.S. Fragasso to assist them in the mission. Meanwhile, there is another attack in Oceanside, California, raising greater concerns. The CRATUS is then contacted by the U.S.S. Fragasso, and just as Riley starts giving out information to them, Hilton stops her, saying that she was giving out confidential details. The team later decides that someone has to go down and release the Megalodon from the floodgate. The U.S.S. King is attacked on their way to rescue the CRATUS, and they fight valiantly till their last breath. Later, we get to see that the scientists reveal that the Megalodon that they had trapped was pregnant and hence, very aggressive. The other males were attacking the vessels nearby just to protect their breeding grounds.

How Did They Escape The Attack Of The Megalodons?

They plan on attracting the creatures to the CRATUS and then blowing it up with explosives to kill the creatures and escape in their mini-submarine. However, they cannot set off any explosives until the well is turned off to prevent a tsunami in Hawaii. They come up with the idea that one of them has to go down and decouple the well pipe from the rest of the equipment, and Kurt takes the responsibility. The researchers rig their submarine with explosives and plan to blow up the creatures by attracting them with radio signals. Kurt gets killed trying to distract the megalodons. Just as they embark on their mini-sub to escape, Kristy says that she has left the detonator in the CRATUS. As they go back, the female Megalodon gives birth, and the pups, being 20 feet in size, attack them. They contacted the U.S.S. King to help them with some distractions. The U.S.S. King sets out on their expedition to rescue the civilians, even if that meant losing their own lives. They try distracting the other megalodons from attacking the CRATUS by firing at them. After escaping so many creatures, the scientists finally find a way to trigger the explosion, and they do it, killing a lot of the megalodons. With a lot of damage to their submarine and depleting oxygen supplies, they resurface in the water and find land. They finally manage to be rescued by a ship approaching the island.


Final Words

The drilling on the surface to extract geothermal energy by CRATUS was responsible for triggering the creatures that were thought to be extinct. Why did they decide to attack humans one fine morning? The radio signals must have been a cause of disturbance to their breeding grounds, making them look at humans as threats. Would they not have tried to protect themselves from intruders, wreaking havoc on their homes? The Megalodons have been shown to have attacked people, but the reasons triggering them have been blissfully omitted. The creatures have been acknowledged to be intelligent, but their mindless attacks have not been explained in depth. An insight into the causes triggering the calamitous situations that we bring upon ourselves would have been an eye-opener for the audience. However, the film was an entertainer, and the thrill that we feel while watching it is beyond expression.

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