Meenakshi Iyer In ‘PI Meena,’ Explained: What Happens To Tanya Maniktala’s Character?

Meenakshi Iyer’s character in PI Meena has been efficiently handled by the skilled actor Tanya Maniktala. We can see the other efficient works of this actress in films and series like A Suitable Boy, Flames, and others. The dreamy-eyed character, Meenakshi, or Meena, holds our attention as she embarks on a journey to uncover a murder mystery. Her dreams of becoming a good investigator gain wings as she plunges into a dangerous mission of resolving the case at any cost. The compassion and empathy within her are almost contagious, as we feel a sense of inquisition brewing within us until there is justice for the loss of a young soul. Will Meena be able to find the cause of Partho’s murder? What lengths will she go to so that she can unveil the mystery? Let us find out what happens to her in PI Meena Season 1.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Motivation For Meena To Pursue The Case?

Meena’s inquisitive mind had compelled her to think that Partho’s death was not just an accident, but was a murder. Partho’s mother, Chandana, must have seen empathy in her eyes for Partho, which makes her seek justice. She had no reason to take up a case that would be of no monetary benefit to her, but her empathetic nature motivated her to resolve the queries of a mother who had lost her son. There was also a family angle that played a role in the motivation. Meena is reminded of the day when her family met with an accident, resulting in her losing her mother, and her brother, Joy, slipping into a coma. She almost frequently referred to herself as “the reckless sister” because she had been driving the car on the day of the accident. We are made aware of the emotional burden that she was bearing. She also learns of Partho’s mother’s suicide after the incident, which gives her an emotional jolt and makes her think of the plight of her own family. She shows a strong outward persona but is very vulnerable on an emotional level. The incident stirs up a sense of morality in her to seek the truth and help Chandana and Partho get justice. It is possible that she could have seen her own brother in Partho, nudging her to make the decision to solve the mystery.


What Risks Did She Undertake To Solve It?

There were constant threats and attacks on Meena’s life so that she could be silenced regarding the case. She, however, does not sit idle but goes on with her investigations, which proves her fearless mindset and her willingness to stick to something that she has taken up. Despite several threats from Tridib, she stood strong by the case, trying to prove her point to the world. The challenges could not dominate the inquisitive spirit and determination that she had within her. She had found a new meaning to her life by delving into an important investigation that involved a serious case. She used to initially think that her job was not good enough, but now that she had found a meaning to her work, she would not sit idle. She had taken the risk to go and meet Dr. Andrew Rakhaw in Littnong to find out more about the virus that had spread there. Her risk-taking mindset is made clear when she puts her life in danger to take the sample for a test with Dr. Nair, and does further research to find out about the virus. Dr. Nair had mentioned to Tridib that there was something about the girl that made people do things, which further highlights her charismatic character. This brings to the forefront her willingness to help others and get people informed, even if that meant going beyond her ways. Her empathetic nature and willingness to help others and save thousands of people rings right through the series. She tries doing the things that should have been the responsibility of the Government. Her character points a finger at the faulty authority that is in charge of our well-being. 

The risks that Meena takes upon herself to save the lives of others are worth mentioning. Her investigative mind does not let her sit quietly, and she runs around collecting evidence from Dr. Basu, Dr. Rakhaw, and others. Her inquisitive mind helps her find out about the involvement of Mrs. Chopra and Tridib in the outbreak of the pandemic. Meena again risks her life to go and meet Andrew, where she is attacked. She had become so suspicious of everyone around her that she had for a moment thought Dr. Andrew to be the murderer. Meena takes the responsibility of saving people on her shoulders by using her existing sources, bringing out her caring nature. She contemplates several conspiracy theories to get a hold of the actual culprits and finally posts those theories on the dark web. Despite knowing of a terrorist organization being involved in the case, she does not step back out of fear. Her desperation to go to the root of the problem only got bigger with time, along with a growing determination. 


Why Was She Not Ready To Commit To Subho?

Meena is not seen taking a single break for herself throughout the eight episodes of PI Meena. She is aware of Subho’s interest in her and does her best to support him as a friend, but she does not commit to him. She tells him that she is not ready for a relationship because she has a brother to take care of. She was afraid of what would happen if her brother outlived her, as there would be no one left to take care of him. She was also scared that she would not be sad if her brother would die before her, because he was leading such a miserable life. 

Meena is an extremely career-oriented and focused character who does not find any interest in the cases of infidelity that she usually resolves. Partho’s case had given her new hope to understand her investigative capabilities better. She doesn’t want to distract herself by getting involved in an unnecessary romantic affair with Subho. There are also chances that while investigating Partho’s case, Meena caught some feelings for Dr. Andrew, keeping her from committing to Subho. Dr. Andrew’s passing was not well accepted by Meena, and there is an emotional surge in her, which is quite unlikely for the character.


Final Words

The character of Meena is extremely bold and has a fearless attitude. She is never ready to compromise on things that she might consider wrong. She works as a private detective for a company, and her job is to provide their clients with information about the infidelity of their partners. She takes all her cases almost too personally and gets emotionally involved in them. She gets herself into trouble while trying to help others, but her empathetic nature does not let her give up on a cause too soon. She is seen getting into trouble when she gets involved in the case of RS Jain’s daughter, Madhu. She goes out of her way to investigate the matter and finds out that Madhu’s fiance was a debauch. She advises her not to get married and is threatened by the members of the Jain family to stay out of their matters. We sometimes get tired looking at her relentless effort in the cases she takes up and wonder if the character is ever tired and needs rest. We catch one of her colleagues, Adi, telling her that the efforts that she puts in are not worth her paycheck. She is so overworked that she does not seem to have a personal life, and the people around her are too sweet to deal with her regular temperament issues. The character is extremely hard-working and keeps running in one direction until she reaches her goal. PI Meena’s director has been able to present her well-rounded character to us, which is sure to leave an imprint on our minds! 

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