‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Robert Dead Or Alive?

At the end of the Episode 8 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, we saw Milo approach Mike. He certainly has something in mind for Mike. Meanwhile, Bunny is back on the streets. We do not know yet how he got out. Episode 9 will clear up a lot of doubts, but Mike will find himself between a rock and a hard place. What will happen then? Here’s what happens in Episode 9 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Mike Put In Check

Mike and Milo are at a café, and Milo offers Mike a deal: his bonds and $16 million in return for Iris. Meanwhile, Bunny is back in the neighborhood, and he announces it proudly and clearly by robbing a gun shop. Mike is back at his office after a whole day of staying under the radar. Kyle finally breathes a sigh of relief when he sees his brother walk into his office, but this is only temporary as Mike tells him that he has made a deal with Milo because he wants Milo gone from Kingstown as soon as possible. If they plan on doing this, they need to chalk out a proper plan. Kyle is in. He also informs Mike that Bunny is out.


Mike is in his car when he finally speaks to his mom, Miriam, who is glad to speak to him. She tells him to look into the matter of Jacob Reed at Anchor Bay. Mike then calls Kareem, who informs him that the order for Bunny’s release came from the DA’s office. Mike asks him for a favor, i.e., to keep Jacob Reed away from the general population, to which he will otherwise be shifted from juvie, while Mike finds a permanent place for the kid. Upon mentioning that it will be a favor for his mom, Kareem agrees. Only a second has passed after talking to Kareem when Mike gets a call from Ian, who wants him to come to the gun shop at Bonner immediately.

Mike arrives at the gun shop and finds out that it was Bunny and his men who cleared the whole store. Bunny is on the warpath it seems. Mike tells him that he will talk to Bunny about it. Ian isn’t convinced and wants to just bring Bunny in. Mike tells him to slow down and let him talk to Bunny first. Ian also informs him that Robert’s case has been dropped.


Man, Boy, And Baby

Mike arrives at the DA’s office and meets acting DA Evelyn Foley, who is upset, to say the least, with what’s going on in Kingstown. She didn’t get Bunny out. It was Wendy from Warwick Detention Facility (Episode 6 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2) who did it. If it were up to her, she would do everything in her power to prevent Mike and his group of cops from turning Kingstown into a war zone. She also informs him that Ben Morrisey, the guy who raised his voice against Robert’s actions, is dead. Mike didn’t know this.

Mike visits Bunny at his place and asks him about his latest stunt at the gun shop less than 24 hours after his release. Bunny tells him that for all the brothers he lost in the prison riot, someone has to pay the price. And that someone is Robert. Mike warns him that if he goes after Robert, it will be a sign of revolt against the authorities, and they will not hold back this time. It will be a war that Bunny wouldn’t want to be a part of. But Bunny is beyond reasoning now. Mike realizes this and leaves.


At the Department of Corrections, Jacob Reed, unable to take any more torture from the other criminals, throws himself under a truck and kills himself. Night falls on Kingstown. Carney informs him of Jacob Reed’s death over the phone. Meanwhile, Tracey has come to see him at his office. After he is done talking, Tracey tells him that she is leaving for her father’s house for some time. With all that’s going on and Kyle not being able to spend time at home, much less with her, who needs him more so due to her pregnancy, she needs to get away from it all. Kyle calls out to her as she leaves the office, but it is useless. Mike is on his way to his office when he gets a call from Kyle, who tells him that Jacob Reed is dead. Mike heads back home and informs Miriam about it. Miriam tells him that Jacob has a baby boy and retires to her bed. Mike cannot stay home and thus leaves. He returns to his office for the night. Mike has just laid down on his couch when the phone rings. He picks it up and hears Iris’ voice. She tells him that they need to meet the next day at midnight. She also gives him a location. Milos is in front of her, listening to every word she is saying. This is his plan, and Mike knows it.

Give And Take

The next day, Mike is with Ian and Stevie, who tell him that he needs to get Bunny to return all the guns he stole. If it doesn’t happen, the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) will only be the beginning. Peace won’t be an option, then. That’s when Robert arrives at the spot, and Mike asks him to his face if he killed Ben Morrisey. Robert is taken aback by this and snaps at Mike for even thinking that he could do something like that to someone on the same team. Mike tells him that it’s his job to ask. Ben Morrisey’s killer needs to be found because if it doesn’t happen, Mike and his team might end up taking the fall. And it won’t be easy to pull themselves out of that pit.


Mike visits Bunny and asks him to return all of the stolen guns. Bunny tells him that he will agree to do it only on one condition: if Mike brings him Robert. There is no other way out. On his way back, Mike leaves a voicemail for Robert to call him as soon as possible. Bunny knows that Mike won’t give Robert up. Mike knows this and is pretty sure that Bunny will try to get to Robert. Before this happens, Mike needs to find him and get him to safety.

Iris is in a room somewhere. Joseph walks in and tells her that he has bought her for 3 hours and tries to force himself on her, pushing her across a table that lands her on the ground along with broken pieces of glass from a bottle of champagne that was on the table. As Joseph tries to choke her with a pillow, she manages to get hold of a piece of glass and stab him in the neck. Once she pins him down, she keeps stabbing him until he is no longer moving. Joseph is dead, and his blood is all over Iris.


Season 2, Episode 9: Ending Explained – Where Is Robert? Is He Dead Or Alive?

It is nighttime. Mike arrives at the bar and finds Kyle, Ian, and Stevie. He asks them if they have seen Robert. He tells them to find him and get him safe as soon as they can. Mike gets back in the car and calls Robert. This time, Robert answers. Mike tells him that he is a target and asks for his “exact” location. Just then, Robert sees some bikers approaching him. He realizes Mike is telling the truth and gives him his exact location. Mike alerts the police department. He reaches the place and finds Robert in a bloodied state. He is barely breathing.

If Robert dies, a war is inevitable. No one, not even Mike, can prevent it. The authorities will send everything they have after Bunny, who is already waiting with his guns. Meanwhile, Robert’s incident will probably make Mike skip the trade with Milo that he was supposed to do the same night. Will he lose Iris then? What will Milo do when he finds out that Iris has killed Joseph? Will Kingstown drown in another war? Episode 10 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 will have a lot of answers and a lot of bloodsheds, it seems.


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