‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does DA Sign Bunny’s Release Papers?

In episode 5 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, we saw that someone stole the bonds from Kensington Police Department. At Anchor Bay, Big Hush kills Luis, the leader of the Mexicans. It wouldn’t take much time for the fire to spread. Mike has to balance Milo’s whereabouts and Bunny’s release and figure out a solution to both as soon as possible. While Episode 6 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 doesn’t explore the Milo scenario, matters at Anchor Bay get worse. Here’s what happens.


Spoilers Ahead

The Warwick Deed

The authorities are sending the inmates as free labor to factories all across the state. Mike arrives at the Warwick Detention Facility and meets Wendy (Season 2, Episode 3). He asks Wendy for a favor. She needs to find a way to get the DA’s attention and have him sign Bunny’s release papers. The reason he asks her for this favor is that re-election will take place soon, and the DA and his people need funds, most of which are provided by Wendy. She agrees. Mike promises to return the favor.


Anchor Bay Attack

At Anchor Bay, Big Hush, Raphael, and two other guys (one of them a young boy) are talking about Bunny. This is when one of the guards (the one who hit Bunny) uncuffs a white inmate. Raphael notices this, but before he can react, the guy rushes toward them with a knife and kills the young boy. He barely manages to stab Raphael when Big Hush pushes him to the ground, and he and Raphael start kicking him, their hands tied to the table they are sitting at. This is when the guards intervene and pepper spray them in the eyes. The situation at Anchor Bay is getting worse by the minute.

Mike arrives at his office and gets a call from Kareem Moore, who tells him that Bunny should be released on the same day. Mike needs Kareem to find out for certain and wants him to move Bunny out of solitary confinement and back to general prison. Anchor Bay is pro-Aryan, and Kareem is yet to find out who is the one pulling the strings (and got Luis killed). Mike decides to visit Anchor Bay and asks Kareem for someone he can talk to. Kareem says yes.


Home Or Not

Tracy sees Kyle building sheds in the house’s backyard. Upon asking him, he reveals that they are for his mother’s gardening tools and other such things. As Kyle gets back to work, Tracy keeps staring at him. Maybe Kyle is just trying to find purpose, if not as a cop, then as a son and a husband.

Heart Attack Letter

Mike meets Ian, Robert, and Kyle at their usual meeting place, Don’s Diner. Robert has received a “heart attack” letter and needs to lawyer up, according to the DA. Mike believes that the DA is not behind it because inmate testimony isn’t going to cut it for Robert. So, someone else has rolled on him. Mike tells Robert that it must be a SWAT guy who did it and wants him to try and find out who it was. Meanwhile, Mike gets a message from Kareem. His visit to Anchor Bay has been arranged with Bunny for the next day. The name of the guard in charge of Bunny is Davidson (the same guy who hit Bunny). Ian fixed a meeting with Kyle for 9 p.m. the same day. After the meeting, as Mike and Kyle leave together, Kyle brings over a duffel bag from his car to Mike’s. Inside are Milo’s bonds. So it wasn’t Milo who stole the bonds from the Kensington Police Department, but Kyle. He bribed the security guard in charge of the evidence room. 


Later that night, Mike warns Kyle to notify him or anyone else before pulling such stunts. They pull over outside the guy’s (Davidson’s) house. Mike takes the gun and tells Kyle to come after him if he doesn’t return in five minutes. Davidson opens the door and sees Mike McLusky. Mike tells him straightforwardly to back off from Bunny Washington, but Davidson isn’t ready to listen. He tells Mike to leave and shoves him toward the door. The very next moment, Kyle enters with a gun and pistol-whips Davidson on the nose twice. He warns Davidson to listen to what Mike is telling him if he wants to live. Mike makes his final statement to get Bunny sent to general prison. After this, Mike and Kyle leave. Kyle returns home drunk, having completely forgotten that he was supposed to have a meeting with Ian, who is already waiting for him. Miriam is still awake, but before heading to bed, she asks Ian to give her some time alone with Kyle. Miriam needs to ensure that her son is doing well. Tracy must have told her about Kyle’s sheds that he is building without any apparent reason.

No More Words

The next day, Carney brings Bunny out of his solitary confinement at Anchor Bay. Bunny has had enough and assures Carney that he will soon take charge of the whole Anchor Bay situation. Carney brings him to the kennel, where he finds Mike, who tells him that he is going to be released the same day. Unfortunately, Bunny no longer believes a word out of Mike’s mouth. However, he has moved the target from Mike’s back to someone else’s but doesn’t reveal whose. He is done answering Mike. Mike asks Bunny not to do whatever he intends to. Bunny doesn’t reply but turns and goes back in.


Miriam visits the juvenile facility as she usually does, where she meets a kid who asks her to reach out to her son, Mayor Mike McLusky. He wants to be helped or moved to a safer place so that he can serve his last year and get out of prison without getting into any issues that will only add to his sentence. Miriam tells the kid that she will talk to Mike.

The DA Deal

Mike enters a restaurant where DA Lockett and assistant DA Evelyn are eating together. Mike asks Lockett to take care of his end of the deal now that the streets are clear. However, Lockett isn’t bothered. Mike knows that it wouldn’t turn out well for Lockett if he doesn’t keep his word, but he doesn’t say this to his face. Rather, he tells Lockett that Milo is alive, and if he wants Milo, the most notorious criminal in Kingstown, he needs to sign Bunny’s release papers. Lockett tells Mike that he didn’t know that Milo was free, and even if he was, it was the Department of Corrections’ issue, not the DA’s. Mike reminds him that the common people don’t know the difference and will blame Lockett because he is the face everyone knows. Evelyn knows that Milo has escaped, and if the assistant DA knows, it is only natural for the DA to know about it as well. So if he admits to not knowing, no one will believe him and even blame him for being in the dark about such a dangerous criminal roaming the streets. Mike says this and leaves. Evelyn remains a silent spectator to the whole conversation. Surely now, DA Lockett will sign for Bunny’s release.


Season 2, Episode 6: Ending Explained – Does DA Lockett Sign Bunny’s Release Papers?

At Anchor Bay, Carney informs Kareem that the Tent City inmate whom Kareem beat and who was admitted to the hospital after a seizure has passed away. This will turn many heads toward Kareem, something he cannot afford at all. Carney hands him a false report he has made of the inmate. Kareem keeps the report to himself.

Bunny and Raphael, along with many other prisoners, are working at a license plate factory in Anchor Bay. Bunny notices Gunner, leader of the Aryans, approaching him. Gunner tells Bunny that the guy who attacked Big Hush and is working in that factory as well wasn’t sent by him. The guy was on his own; he was certainly told by Davidson and his men to attack Big Hush and his folks. Gunner has ordered his men to take the guy out. And in a matter of minutes, Bunny and Raphael hear a loud thud followed by a scream. The guy’s hands are chopped off by a piece of equipment.


Mike is at Bunny’s place on the porch when he gets a call from Bunny. He tells Mike that the path has been cleared, and all that Mike has to do is get his release papers signed by assistant DA Evelyn. Mike isn’t able to figure out what Bunny means by saying that the path has been cleared. Meanwhile, at some parking lot, DA Lockett is shot to death.

The DA is dead. This is going to be another issue that Mike McLusky will have to tackle, as he was the one who last spoke to him about the deal with the gang leaders. And it will only make things worse on the inside and the outside. The conflict is about to turn into a full-scale war between the higher authorities and the criminals. Meanwhile, no one knows where Milo Sunter is.


Episode 7 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 should show what Milo is planning to do. There is no Intel about Iris either. She seems to have vanished into thin air. Now that the DA is dead, Evelyn will seemingly take charge as the acting DA. We have to wait to find out if she signs Bunny’s release papers. Also, we will see what steps Mike takes regarding the death of DA Lockett as soon as he finds out that it was Bunny who got him killed.

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