‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Where Is Mike McLusky?

At the end of Episode 7 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Kyle finds Iris in a bar and tries to inform Mike. Unfortunately, he has left his phone in his office and has gone somewhere. Mike has meanwhile caught Gunner, leader of the Aryans, bringing drugs inside Anchor Bay and warns him to end it. He also has to talk to Ben Morrisey of Robert’s team, who was responsible for the “heart attack” letter Robert received earlier. Meanwhile, Bunny and Raphael have been shifted to a new room with a cooking facility, among other things. For the time being, Mike’s attention should be on Iris, as she can lead him to Milo. Let’s find out what happens in Episode 8 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

The King Is Back

Mike is at a bar drinking and trying to drown all the stuff that has been going on with him of late. He has come to the bar after more than 2 years, and the lady at the counter is the granddaughter of the guy Mike used to know, Billy. Sadly, he has passed away. Mike drinks his last peg and gives his car keys and gun to the lady, telling her to keep them in the safe he knew Billy had in the bar. He will return for them soon. Saying this, he leaves.


Back at their new room in Anchor Bay, Bunny gets a keyboard for Raphael, who is overjoyed. He then tells Raphael he is getting out “today.” The keyboard is a parting gift. The expression on Raphael’s face changes. He acknowledges it and gets back to his cooking, preparing his last meal with his friend. Bunny reminds him that he will run the show inside the prison after Bunny leaves. Homies don’t break even when they do.

Kyle returns home to ask his mom, Miriam, if she has spoken to Mike. She has also been trying to reach Mike with regards to Jacob from Juvie, but she hasn’t been able to and tells Kyle the same. Kyle tells her to remind Mike to call him if she speaks to him. Kyle will do the same for her. He then leaves to look for Mike. No one apparently knows where Mike is.


Mike is roaming the streets on foot with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. Bunny, who is back in the neighborhood, tries to reach him too but ends up sending a voicemail, asking Mike to join the party and raise a toast to Bunny’s return to the hood. Sometime later, Kyle visits Bunny at the party, intending to talk to him about Mike’s whereabouts. Bunny reminds Kyle that this is how it feels when a loved one goes missing all of a sudden, not knowing if he is alive or dead. Surely, Bunny has had this feeling again and again for a long time and is taking pleasure in seeing a cop going through the same. He tells Kyle that he will reach out to his source inside Anchor Bay, presumably Raphael, and see if he has heard anything about Mike.

Charlie’s Snap

On the pretext of taking Charlie (from the mental institute) to the dentist (“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2, Episode 7), Ian brings him to Ben Morrisey’s house. Ben has no idea what’s going on. His wife and child are away. Ian gives him Charlie’s file, which contains all the crimes he has committed. These include homicide, home invasion, dismemberment, rape, and many more. And now Charlie knows where Ben lives. This is thus a tactic by Ian to persuade Ben to retract his accusation against Robert (“heart attack letter”). Ian tells Ben to make the call and tell the authorities that he cannot testify. Having no way out, Ben makes the call. As Ian and Charlie are leaving, Ben yells at Ian, reminding him of Robert’s actions (of killing innocents) and how it will get Ian into trouble soon. Ben then begins abusing Charlie, addressing him as a rapist, among other things. This provokes Charlie, who, without any thought and before Ian can react, grabs Ben by the neck and snaps it. Ben falls on the porch, dead. Ian immediately tells Charlie to take Ben’s body inside the house. He then takes Ben’s wallet and ravages the room. This would make it seem as if there had been a break-in. He and Charlie then leave in his car. Ben’s death was not in the plan, and Ian knows that once word gets out, heads will turn. Thankfully, when Ben made the call, he didn’t mention Ian’s name. So he is safe for now.


Miriam is at the Juvenile Detention Center, asking for Jacob Reed, but his name is not in the system. Unfortunately, he has been transferred to a different section of the building. She has to book a new appointment for next week if she wants to meet him. Meanwhile, Mike has been moving from one bar to another until, at one bar, he meets Allison, the wife of a policeman, Terry, who died in the prison riot.

Ian and Charlie are by the river. Charlie is sitting on the ground, having an iced drink, and staring at the river. Ian, who is standing behind Charlie, pulls out his gun and aims it at him. There shouldn’t be any clue that can lead to the truth behind Ben Morrisey’s death. Charlie tells him how one shouldn’t talk to people the way Ben did. Ian acknowledges it. Charlie also thanks him for the drink. Ian is unable to pull the trigger and puts the gun back in his holster.


Robert’s Clearance

It is nighttime. Kyle is at the bar with Stevie and Robert. Robert informs him that the investigation against him is over. It seems Mike did what he said he would, and Robert is finally relieved. That’s when Kyle’s phone rings up. It’s Bunny on the other side, who informs Kyle that there’s no word on Mike so far. Kyle tells Bunny to let him know if Mike calls. Kyle updates Stevie and Robert about Mike. Stevie suggests that they check the hospital. That’s when Ian walks in and finds out that Robert has been cleared. He doesn’t tell her about Ben. They all raise a toast to the occasion.

The next day, Mike wakes up at Allison’s place. She has been talking to someone on the phone about Mike but disconnects the call as he walks into the room. He tells her that he has to leave. She wishes him well and tells him to take care. It is time to get back to work. As Mike starts walking, a car starts following him while maintaining a distance. Mike notices this.


Season 2, Episode 8: Ending Explained – Does Mike Return?

Kyle and Ian are at Mike’s office. Rebecca and Rhonda are also there. Rhonda has been sent by Bunny to bring Mike to him. But Mike is nowhere to be found. Ian hears a buzzing and follows it. It’s Mike’s phone that’s vibrating inside his desk. The caller is Miriam. Kyle receives the call and tells his mother that there is no news on Mike. Maybe something did happen to him.

In a different part of Kingstown, Mike speeds toward Billy’s bar, where he takes his gun back from Billy’s daughter. He tells her to lock the door behind him and comes out of the bar, the gun in his hand. The car speeds towards him as he tries to find the right corner. He finally manages to shoot the driver, and the car hits a pile of cement blocks. He looks at the driver, a white guy, for a few seconds and resumes his walk. After walking some distance, he sits down at a roadside bench. That’s when a man walks up to him and greets him. It’s Milo.


We have no idea what will happen now. Mike has met Milo. He will probably ask Milo for Iris. So, it seems that there is still time for Mike to return to his office. Ian has accidentally gotten Ben Morrisey killed. We have to wait to find out whether the others find out about it, and if they do, what their next course of action will be. Bunny is back in the neighborhood. Raphael is running things inside Anchor Bay. Miriam has no idea what’s going on with Jacob. It’s all bleak until someone takes a step to do something.

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