‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Mike Do The Favor Milo Asked For?

In Season 1, Episode 7 of “Mayor of Kingstown,” Milo, who was then in prison, told Mike to look for a metal case. Mike won’t be doing Milo a favor but himself by finding the case. Now, more than 6 months later, the favor seems to have resurfaced in the most unexpected manner. Also, the whole of Kingstown is facing a calm before the storm. And in the middle of it is Mike McLusky. How? Let’s find out what havoc takes place in the fourth episode of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

Metal And Mettle

A construction worker, Horace, comes across a metal case while digging in his excavator at a construction site. After finding what’s inside, he decides to be quiet about it to others and takes it home to his wife. Inside the bag are lots of bonds that are worth millions. The wife does some research on the internet and finds out that if the person who issued the bonds is alive and active, the value can be recovered.


Back in Tent City, Bunny finds out that the authorities are shipping inmates to someplace else. He decides to talk to Mike about it. He calls Mike from Carney’s phone, the guard who works as Mike’s dispatch. Mike has no idea about it and tells Bunny that he is looking into it. Mike then heads to assistant DA Evelyn’s office to talk to her about it. Evelyn tells him that the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is looking for inmates to take the fall for the prison riot and the deaths it led to. The DA is working on the release papers, which was part of Mike’s original plan that involved getting the gang leaders out as soon as there was a structure established inside Tent City, but things will take time. Mike warns Evelyn that if things go awry in Tent City, the DA will have to face serious consequences. Bunny Washington needs to be released. Period.

Kyle visits his elder brother Mitch’s grave just to share his pain and helplessness with the guy he always looked up to for guidance. With a pregnant wife and no job, Kyle wishes that Mitch was around to help him out with his situation and breaks down on his knees. After spending some time in the graveyard, Kyle arrives at Mike’s office and asks him for a real job and not a chore. Considering just how deep Mike is in all that he is doing, he needs an extra pair of hands, and Kyle is certainly prepared for anything he can offer. Only he can make Kyle feel useful right now.


The Rising Heat

As more inmates are taken away from Tent City, one of the gang leaders, Casper, approaches Bunny and questions his friend Mike’s intentions. Bunny has already assaulted a guy inside, and if the wrong person, for example, the DA, gets his eyes on him, there is no getting out, not at least for the next 10 years. This hits Bunny hard. Sometime later, Mike arrives to talk to Bunny and tells him that it is the DA who is pulling the strings. It will take some time to get him to sign the release papers, then have the judge sign them, and then finally, Bunny will be out. Bunny, who isn’t willing to trust Mike anymore but knows that he has to, warns him that there are some very dangerous people who are aiming to get him. It’s going to be payback time for Mike soon. The next day, Mike meets Kareem in front of his house and asks him if he knows about the transfers. When Kareem says that he does, Mike tells him to prevent the transfer of the gang leaders, as they cannot be moved without Kareem’s signature. However, Kareem tells Mike that it is not upto him. Mike explains to him that if he doesn’t do it, all of Kingstown will soon turn into a hellhole without anywhere safe for his kids to go.

Horace comes to a pawn shop and shows his friend, Colton, the owner, a bond. Colton tells him to burn it and the others that he has and ditch whatever dream he started to dream since he got his hands on them. He warns Horace that such papers will land him in a bad place, and there will be no getting out of it. But seeing how interested Horace is, Colton gives him a name: Joseph.


A Juvenile Therapy

Miriam arrives at the Kingstown Juvenile Detention Center to take her first class there. Ian receives her and walks her to the room. On their way, one of the guards informs Ian that all the prisons are releasing non-violent inmates to make room for those at Tent City. Miriam is there to meet Marco, the guy who jumped her (Episode 1 of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2), but according to Ian, Marco, who was released the previous week and was arrested again for jumping someone using a gun, wouldn’t even remember her. Once inside, Miriam introduces herself and, to make the teenage boys comfortable, speaks about her dead husband and her three sons, one of whom was shot dead. Listening to her, some of the boys also opened up about how their loved ones were killed too. Then Miriam, with Marco watching, mentions how she became thankful after her two younger sons survived the prison riot the previous month. She also mentions her thankfulness to the boy who mugged her the previous week but took only her cash. Marco keeps staring at her and listening.

Season 2, Episode 4: Ending Explained – Where Are The Bonds?

It is nighttime. Iris has resumed working at a bar along with many other ladies under Tatiana. She spots her next customer and starts walking to him when she bumps into a guy asking for Joseph. She points him upstairs but also warns him before walking up to her customer and introducing herself. The guy then introduces himself as Michael, AKA Mike. Iris smiles at him.

Upstairs, Horace is tied to a chair and beaten to a pulp by Joseph (Milo’s right-hand man) and his men. Joseph asks Horace where the rest of the bonds are, but Horace wants to make a deal. Big mistake. Back at Horace’s home, his wife, after waiting for quite a long time for him to return, decides to head to the police station with the bonds, where Stevie receives her.

Mike, who is at his home, gets a call from Bunny, who tells him to come to the tents immediately. Sensing the urgency, Mike sets off on his way. While in the car, he gets a call from Stevie, who also wants him to come to the police station immediately, saying it cannot wait. Mike decides to head to Stevie first and then go to Tent City and visit Bunny. He reaches the department and finds the bonds. As taken aback as he is, he tells Stevie to keep the bonds safe and have the woman go back home and wait for her husband. Mike then heads to Tent City, but when he reaches there, there is not one soul present. Mike’s worst nightmare has just come true. All the inmates and the gang leaders have been removed by the DA. And this only means one thing: all-out conflict. The fourth episode of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 2 ends with the shocking revelation of some kids discovering the dead body of a man tied to a chair at the bottom of a public swimming pool, the next day. It is Horace’s.


We have no idea where the leaders have been taken, and neither does Mike. He has to act immediately and reach out to Evelyn to find out what’s happened. On the other hand, the bonds need to be kept safe because Milo will come after them anyhow. We do not know what Horace has told Joseph, and so Horace’s wife is in danger as well. If Mike doesn’t act immediately, things will get out of hand pretty fast, and he won’t be able to do anything at all.

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