‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Where Is Milo Sunter?

“Mayor of Kingstown” Season 1 ended in a massacre with so many prisoners and guards dead that it seemed no less than a civil war. Now, all the gangs are left without leaders, and this means every gang member on the outside is footloose and guns blazing. The ones who surrendered were put in a camp. Meanwhile, Milo Sunter has escaped, but Mike doesn’t know it yet, and for that matter, no one does. Will Mike be able to deal with the conundrum that is taking place all around Kingstown? Well, he is probably the only one who can. 

Spoilers Ahead

The Second Chapter

Captain Kareem Moore’s wife wakes up in the middle of the night and finds him missing. She heads to the basement, and as soon as she opens the door, a cornered Kareem starts screaming. His wife calms him down and lies with him there. Kareem is yet to come to terms with the trauma of the torture he was subjected to after being almost killed by the inmates in the prison yard. It is also where he lost his friend Ed Simmons, who was shot in the head. Back at the camp where the prisoners are being held, fights and chaos have become the new normal, and the guards aren’t doing anything to prevent them. They would rather have the prisoners kill themselves and watch the fun. No leaders, either inside or out, means that the killings are happening in broad daylight on the streets as well. The SWAT team, led by Robert, busts a drug racket owned by Bunny’s Crips gang after receiving a tip from a member of the opposing gang, the Bloods. Mike McLusky takes Iris to a seized yacht that is in the middle of a water body to make her feel better. After they spend some leisure time talking and eating, Mike receives a call from Ian, who wants him to join him at a crime scene. Iris decides to spend the yacht’s remaining seven days on it before it is put up for auction.

Kareem visits his doctor, who, after listening to his determination to return to work for his family, clears him for duty. Mike meets Bunny at his new digs. He isn’t happy with the way SWAT busted his buddies and his drug house. Mike explains that it was due to a tip, and if they knew it was Bunny’s, Mike would have intervened. As angry as Bunny is, Mike reminds him that he has to stand down. When he asks Bunny to choose a leader, Bunny reveals that the only way to do it is for someone to kill a cop. Mike advises him against it because the guards are just waiting for the thugs to take a wrong step, and they will bring down hellfire. The only way to prevent any more deaths is to halt any give-and-take of drugs or letters. They need to sort out their leaders. Mike says this and leaves. He then meets his friends at a café. Given the rise in killings in the streets, he asks them to double the forces on the streets and restrain themselves a bit. Let the gangs choose a leader with whom Mike can negotiate. Or else, killings in the open will become as common as having breakfast at Tiffany’s. He also finds out from them that Milo is missing. This concerns him a lot because he knows that Milo might just come for Iris. He heads back to the yacht, but not before Stevie asks him when was the last time he spoke to Duke, AKA Pete. The reason for the question is that the last number dialed on Duke’s recovered phone is Mike’s. Mike tells Stevie to sweep all there is to sweep, and he might just find out who killed Duke.

Revenge And Safety

Kareem returns to his duty at the camp, and the first thing he does is beat up three tied-up inmates under the supervision of the other guards, who just stand and watch the whole thing. The thugs had it coming. Meanwhile, on his way to Iris, Mike decides to meet Assistant District Attorney Evelyn Foley, who is at the coroner’s office. At the coroner’s, Mike is disgusted by all the dead bodies of the inmates lined up and killed by SWAT during the riot. Mike mentions to Evelyn that he believes that Milo has escaped and that she has to issue a warrant for his arrest. As bad as it is going to be when people find out that the most notorious criminal in Michigan has escaped, Mike knows that it is the first of the numerous steps he has to carry out to track Milo down again.

Mike arrives at the yacht and brings Iris back on land. He meets two officers who agree to take Iris to a safe location in Denver. However, Iris doesn’t want to go as she will be away from Mike. After all that she has been through, Mike is the only person she has felt safe with. So, her unwillingness is fair. He tries to convince her that she will be better off there with a new identity. Iris realizes that the reason Mike took her to the yacht was not to make her feel better but so that he could feel better about himself. Out of rage, she decides to leave with the officers, while Mike is left misunderstood.

Miriam, Mike’s mother, comes out of a store and is attacked by a burglar, who hits her, takes her money, and escapes. The burglar is eventually caught and brought to her by Ian. The kid, Marco Diaz, has been arrested for assault and armed robbery, which Miriam denies as the kid didn’t have anything on him. She tells Ian to let the kid go. Ian tries to make her understand that the kid will only do the same thing again, but she is adamant. Perhaps she knows that if the kid is sent to prison, the other inmates will kill him. Ian ultimately lets the kid go. Meanwhile, Kyle, who is at sea serving the Michigan State Police, encounters a boat under the impression that it is carrying drugs. Surprisingly, he finds that the boat is just carrying maple syrup, and the guys onboard are just trying to avoid paying the tariff. Kyle is irritated with the whole scenario, and it seems that he regrets having left his previous job, where he served alongside his brother Mike.

Season 2, Episode 1: Ending Explained – Where Is Iris?

Iris is at a house in Denver with three officers, and she is frustrated. She finds out from them that the real reason she is there is not so that she can start a new life. Mike just wanted her to be in a safe place so that Milo, who had escaped, wouldn’t be able to find her. So basically, Mike lied to her. She asks if she can go for a walk and does so despite being warned against it. It is nighttime when Mike returns to his office. Minutes later, Iris walks in and asks him if it is true that Milo Sunter has escaped prison. Mike doesn’t know, but in his heart, he believes that it is true. We do not know Milo Sunter’s whereabouts, but we can be certain that he will try to find Iris by any means necessary. So, Mike will have to keep an eye out for her. On the other hand, all gangs need leaders without whom the killings won’t stop. However, if becoming a leader requires the killing of a cop, Kingstown will become a war zone. Will Bunny and Mike figure out a way to prevent the killings? Or will they bring Milo on board?

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