‘Mathagam’ Ending Explained & Finale Episodes 8-9 Recap: Who Was The Mole?

Mathagam is easily one of the most gripping police dramas in the OTT space. In the previous episodes, Padalam Sekhar found two moles that were working for the police. Meanwhile, the police force were on the other side of the farmhouse, and they arrested one rogue group, which included a municipal councilor. Sekhar informs Ashwath about the mole he captured and threatens to murder the man. There is a lot to unfold as the series heads towards finale. The police must rescue the hostages and make sure there are no casualties in that process.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Seyone Killed?

Sekhar stays true to his word and attempts to murder Seyone. Sekhar had gotten hold of Guna as well, and we assume he will face a ghastly death as well. Sekhar and his men procure the bag full of money from the outhouse and set it on fire, with the intention of killing Seyone. Sekhar plans to use this murder as an example for any of his men and subordinates who might have thought of ratting him out. Sekhar probably knew the minister would no longer protect him and the men he gathered at the farmhouse. He decides to take matters into his own hands as chaos unfolds on the premises. The police breach the barricades of the farmhouse with the sole aim of arresting all the criminals. Sayanthika is monitoring the situation from a nearby lodge, and her only concern is the status of the hostages. Seyone is rescued by one of the policemen who barged into the farmhouse.


Chaos is expected since the men are hardened criminals and none of them are keen on surrendering. They assume Sekhar is working with the police to get them arrested and decide to flee with all the money. These criminals know the police are equally corrupt and they don’t think twice before hurling accusations at Sekhar.

What Is Sekhar’s Plan From Here On?

Sekhar is unable to control the disarray that is unleashed because of the police raid. His only aim is to safeguard the ‘biryani truck’, which someone from the gang drives out of the farmhouse. The ‘biryani truck’ is of utmost importance for Sekhar and Nathan. We are guessing the money Sekhar accumulated for all the men he gathered was in the truck. They probably labeled it ‘biriyani truck’ to avoid any unwarranted attention towards the contents of the vehicle. Sekhar and Nathan only want to save themselves from getting caught and arrested. Sekhar also had to consider Safia’s well-being, as he wanted to leave the country with her and never look back at the life they led here. As the police are closing in on them rapidly, Sekhar will have to abscond and abandon the elaborate plan he hatched with Nathan and Jambuk Sait.


Will The Veeraval Back Off And Let The Police Arrest Sekhar?

The minister is at Thirumaaran’s home owing to the looming threat the latter made against him. Veeraval may have considered making a deal, and that included capturing Sekhar without any political interference. Meanwhile, Thirumaaran invites a government officer to his home. This officer unearthed a  scam involving Veeraval in the hope of putting pressure on the minister.

Thirumaaran will not think twice before going after the minister, which could be his way of taking revenge for his wife’s dismissal from Sekhar’s case. Thirumaaran asks the government officer to file a complaint against the minister with a promise that he will back his claims and provide evidence that supports the officer’s allegations. Thirumaaran made this move only to inform the minister that he prefers to stand by people and the truth. The new game he mentions would probably involve backing from another minister who wants to demolish Veeraval’s career as a politician.


Why Did Guna Steal The Money?

The mayhem at the farmhouse has no end, as many criminals have now been arrested. It is an indication of Sekhar’s plans collapsing like a house of cards. The ‘biryani truck’ is hijacked by one of Sekhar’s men who takes in two policemen and Guna as captives. As expected, the ‘biryani truck’ was filled with money. Things go out of hand as the policemen are tied up by Sekhar’s stooge while he believes Guna is not capable of committing any crime.

Guna was filled with rage at how he was mistreated by the police as well as Sekhar. At this juncture, Guna was neither an asset to the police nor to Sekhar. Sekhar hired him because he knew Guna could not kill anyone. Guna was aware of the money inside the truck and he would never have such an opportunity in the future. He kills Sekhar’s man and takes off with the truck. Guna’s only motive is to be paid for the harassment his family was put through after his brother’s brutal death. He was not expecting any remuneration from the police or Sekhar any time soon. Guna single-handedly managed to bankrupt Sekhar and his syndicate by taking off with the money that would secure his future. His experience with the mafia will come in handy, as he would not want any of this money to be traced.

Are Sekhar And Nathan Caught?

Nathan and Sekhar are on the run. They are answerable to Jambuk Sait, the mastermind of this project involving a lot of money. Jambuk Sait is just a hidden figure in this show, and the makers have not given him a face yet. The buildup about the man is excellent, yet there is more to unearth about this mafia kingpin.

Nathan and Sekhar go different ways purposefully to mislead the police. After finding out Nathan and Sekhar are in close proximity to the police, the former is caught and arrested by Ashwath. Nathan is one half of the operation, and getting him arrested is only fifty percent of the job done. Nathan’s arrest will bring them closer to finding out more about Sekhar, the money, and the real identity of Jambuk Sait. With Nathan in their custody, Sekhar will not be that far away from them. Ashwath is joined by Senthil, the Kanchipuram SP, who was instrumental in pinpointing Sekhar’s exact location.


An armed Sekhar only has Safia and her brother by his side. Sekhar’s last wish is to leave the country with her and live a peaceful life. She tries hard to calm him down for the sake of the situation they are in. She is under the impression that the police might reach their doorstep at any time. Safia wouldn’t want Sekhar to make any mistakes that could cost him his life.

Senthil speaks to someone over the phone in the middle of a crucial operation. It is assumed he is conversing with his girlfriend, but this could be a ruse he came up with so that no one suspects his real intentions and identity. Their first plan to capture Sekhar goes haywire as Safia’s brother is shot by someone. Safia’s brother was possibly not the target, and the bullet found in his body belonged to the police. Police involvement in killing Sekhar was expected. There is a possibility that Jambuk Sait may be involved in this incident because at this point he would want Sekhar dead.


Ashwath negotiates with Sekhar without any weapons in hand, as there was a mistake on their end when Safia’s brother was shot. This was the police’s way to back down, which Senthil did not appreciate. With Ashwath on his doorstep unarmed, Safia begs Sekhar to surrender, as she does not want him dead. If Sekhar remains alive, Safia will be content. Safia is the only person who can control his rage and change his mind. This time, she is instrumental in Sekhar’s surrender. Sekhar surrendered primarily because Safia’s words had an impact on him. He does not know what the  future awaits him, but he is sure she will stand by him. As Sekhar was the last piece of the puzzle, his arrest was monumental, and the police planned to fast-track the case to get to know the nexus Sekhar was at the chief of.

Who Was The Mole On Ashwath’s Team?

The first season of Mathagam ends with Senthil’s junior Mehar concluding that it was someone from their team who shot Safia’s brother. She presents all the evidence in a few minutes with everything pointing towards Senthil. This cannot be considered a professional rivalry because she had hard-core proof that might have helped Ashwath and his team arrest Senthil. Senthil was indeed the unexpected mole in the team who knew a lot of information about Sekhar long before Ashwath joined the team. Ashwath initially had no reason to suspect Senthil. In the hunt to catch Sekhar, Ashwath did not question his team’s loyalty. Ashwath finds Senthil trying his best to kill Sekhar in the police van where he is detained. Ashwath and Sayanthika wanted Sekhar alive so that they could extract details about the workings of the mafia. Ashwath was able to stop Senthil from killing Sekhar.


During Mathagam‘s ending, Senthil reveals himself to be a part of a syndicate that is bigger than Sekhar and Jambuk Sait combined. This implies that there is a person above Jambuk Sait who is pulling the strings, and Senthil is their informant from inside the force. They wanted Sekhar dead because he knew every tiny detail about their network. They are also worried that Sekhar will negotiate an early release in exchange for information about his bosses. Sekhar had become a liability, and killing him could be the end of speculation about the bigger players in this game. Senthil was just one of their men who would carry out orders. Only a second season will answer plenty of questions viewers have about the people running this cartel from afar.

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