‘Marry My Husband’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Was Su-Min Arrested?

Marry My Husband‘s final episode screams of a good life waiting for Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok. Both their fates have been interchanged with other characters, letting them lead a content life. Su-Min will, however, try her best to ruin Ji-won’s life, as she is not as happy in her own life. Su-Min will get the results of her actions and end up spending the rest of her life in the cellar. Yu-ra will also learn a lesson for all the misdeeds she has done, eventually wiping out all of Ji-won’s arch enemies. How will Ji-Hyeok and Ji-won prove Su-Min’s hand in Min-hwan’s murder? Will Ji-won and Ji-Hyeok end up getting married? Let’s find the answers to these questions in the ending episode of Marry My Husband.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Yu-Ra Arrested?

During the investigation of Min-hwan’s murder case, Yu-ra was taken in for interrogation. She, however, denied her part in the incident, but when she came out, Ji-Hyeok’s grandfather asked her to resign from the company. When she refused to do so, Ji-Hyeok confronted her and said that he had proof against her for trying to murder Ji-Won. He brought in Jeong Man-sik, and when he testified against her for an attempt to kill Ji-won, she was arrested. Ji-Hyeok had managed to save Hee-sook and Man-sik with aid from Yu-ra’s personal assistant after she had attempted to kill them both to destroy all trails to her crimes. Maybe Man-sik had helped Ji-Hyeok by testifying against Yu-ra out of gratitude towards him for saving his life. 


Did Mrs. Yang And Ji-Hyeok Receive A Second Chance At Their Lives?

After Min-hwan passed away, taking away Mrs. Yang’s ill fate, she started regaining her health. All her friends were by her side at the hospital after her successful surgery, and that is when Mr. Lee said that he had managed to put a restraining order on her husband, which would keep him from pestering her further. Mrs. Yang thanked everyone for helping her attain a second go at her life and helping her lead a better life. Ji-Hyeok also attained a second chance at life when his fate got passed over to Yu-ra. She had gotten bail and had been planning to flee the country. Just as she was driving her car to hurry and reach the airport, she noticed that her car had stopped working. Eventually, ly Yu-ra met with an accident, the same way as Ji-Hyeok had in the past, and lost her life. It is possible that Ji-won caused the brakes of her car to fail so that she could help pass Ji-Hyeok’s fate to Yu-ra. 

What Chemistry Developed Between Hui-Yeon And Eun-Ho?

Ji-won helped Eun-ho get a job at U&K to sustain himself until he was able to open a restaurant of his own. Eun-ho developed an affection for Hui-yeon while working with her on the meal-kit project as a chef for the factory manufacturing recipes. After Hui-yeon let him know about her feelings for him, he reciprocated, saying he liked her as well. All the friends were seen merrymaking and celebrating all their victories together, and in the process of associating and getting to know each other more, the two fell deeper and started dating. 


Why Did Su-Min Attack Ji-Won?

Ji-Hyeok warned Ji-won that Su-Min would eventually try to get back at Ji-won and attack her to get her revenge. As expected, Su-Min came to Ji-won’s apartment to kill her. Just as Ji-won opened the door, Su-Min knocked her unconscious with the help of a taser. When Ji-won regained consciousness, she saw Su-Min pouring oil all over her apartment. Su-Min told Ji-won how much she hated her for trying to push her into a trash can while leading a good life herself. She further told Ji-won that she would turn herself in after a few days and would tell the authorities that she had killed Min-hwan in self-defense, and then everyone would sympathize with her. Later, Ji-won managed to free herself and beat Su-Min to a pulp. She pinned Su-Min down, saying that she was already expecting her. She further said that all of Su-Min’s activities and her confession of murdering Min-hwan had been recorded on the hidden camera installed in her room. 

Was Su-Min Arrested?

Ji-Hyeok had already kept an eye on Su-Min while she was on the run. He had already heard the news that she had bought thinner to set fire to Ji-won’s apartment. When he wanted to increase the security of Ji-won’s apartment, she said that she would handle the situation all on her own, facing Su-Min. Ji-won learned self-defense skills and installed hidden cameras, preparing herself to combat someone she once called her best friend. Su-Min was eventually trapped and arrested for murder and attempted arson. 


While Su-Min was in jail, she again started her manipulation game, trying to convince others that it was all Ji-won’s fault and that she was innocent. She dreamt that the late Min-hwan had come to meet her in jail, asking her to hand over the benefit of 1 billion won worth of his life insurance to Ji-won. The dream made Ji-won go ballistic as she started acting completely deranged, asking everyone why everyone preferred Ji-won over her and begging the authorities to let her go. Su-Min could not believe that Ji-won could lead a good life without her. She was unable to realize that her actions and jealousy had made her drift away from her close ones. Min-hwan must have realized his mistake after passing away, appearing as an apparition in Su-Min’s dream to help him get rid of his guilt so that he could peacefully pass on to the afterlife. 

Was Ji-Won And Ji-Hyeok Eventually Getting Married?

While Su-Min was suffering inside the prison cell, Ji-won was leading a happy life with Ji-Hyeok. They eventually got married and started a new life together. After spending a few years of a successful marriage together, Ji-won was made the director of U&K’s Second Chance Foundation in 2016. The company aimed to make donations to society to uplift people who had made mistakes during their first chance. Ji-won had planned to open this organization to ensure that people who had been feeling lost after the first go at some event in their life could be supported and given a second chance. She herself understood the pangs of failing in the first attempt and hence came up with this idea: to help society. 


Marry My Husband‘s ending took place a year later, when Ji-won gave birth to twins and was seen doing a good job as a parent, with Ji-Hyeok by her side. The two had formed a beautiful family together, planning to stick by each other’s sides for the rest of their lives. They were thankful for the second chance that they had attained. Ji-won thanked her father for sending Ji-Hyeok into her life as a part of her allowance, helping her to lead a healthy and prosperous life. 

What Will Happen In The Second Season?

The first season of Marry My Husband highlights the importance of choosing a good life partner for oneself. Our futures depend on the person that we choose to be with, paving the way accordingly. Even though there are no official announcements on the release of the second season of Marry My Husband, the audience eagerly awaits updates. If a second season is to be made for the series, Su-Min is sure to make a return and target Ji-won and her family. She will not rest in peace till she has ruined Ji-won for leading a better life than her. Su-Min’s jealousy towards Ji-won is eternal and will not fade as long as she is alive. It is likely that Su-Min’s hatred for Ji-won will result in either of their deaths in the next season of Marry My Husband.


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