‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Adhira Agree To Marry Anik?

The first episode of Made In Heaven Season 2 ended with Sarina and Aman getting married amidst the tension caused by her skin color, which was a point of contention for Aman’s mother. His acceptance of his fiancée is the kind of partner support people are looking for. Adil loses his father, and Tara is right by his side at this time of distress.


Spoilers Ahead

Adil’s Predicament

With Adil’s father passing away, Tara finds herself staying at the Khanna home for the first time since she left, and his mother is attached to her. Tara tries her level best to be civil with the family because of the amount of time she has spent with them. Tara has been understanding so far and has no intention of getting back with Adil, even though she and Faiza cannot be in the same room anymore.


Tara has a hunch from the prayer meeting that Faiza is pregnant, and she is livid. She wanted to have a baby with Adil in the hope of getting a grip on him and his property. If she had a child with him, she would have gotten a bigger settlement than she is being given now, and as her mother states, she is being offered peanuts compared to what she deserves for what she’s been put through. Tara is a manipulator, but she also has the right to ask for her share of the money. This is the case with many women in India who file for divorce. Alimony is always a stingy topic that leads to bitter divorces. This scenario is being set up for Tara to finally perceive that Faiza’s pregnancy is a betrayal of trust by Adil, and she can now ask for a bigger payout in the name of infidelity.

Adil’s father’s will is read out, and he is shocked to know that his father has a daughter named Gauri. He cannot believe his father lived a dual life, and that nobody bothered to make him aware of it, especially his mother. He is unwilling to give his half-sister the percentage of shares allotted to her. Adil’s state of mind is going through a whirlwind as he is being hit by news after news. After his father’s passing, the revelation of Gauri’s existence makes him wonder if the girl is after his money. After being with Tara, Adil is afraid of having unknown women closer to him. The sense of betrayal is still raw, and Gauri is on the list of people he will have to deal with. He will consider buying out her shares in the company to keep her at bay.


One cannot overlook the uncanny resemblance between the life Adil lived and that of his father before him. Adil might not have known about his father’s infidelity, but hopefully, his father’s betrayal might give him some perspective on how he treated Tara and his ex-fiancée before her. Tara reconsiders the settlement she agreed to as a part of a mutual divorce and asks for half his wealth. Faiza’s pregnancy was the trigger point. Adil is hit with yet another breaking news story, as he is not ready to see Tara go all guns blazing on him. The two of them are deeply flawed people who are better off staying away from each other.

Karan’s Dilemma

Karan and his family convince his mother to begin the treatment because, unlike her, they want to keep her alive as long as possible. Despite her opinion of him and the life he leads, Karan is a good son and is making sure to be there for his mother all the time. His mother emotionally blackmailing him into marrying a girl while she is sick is another level of toxicity that’s beyond what Karan could fathom. His mother is a prime example of many parents who guilt-trip their children into doing things their way. This brief scene between the mother and son is disturbing because the mother is selfish, and she is willing to use her sickness to manipulate Karan into getting him married to a girl. She does not realize she was willingly ready to ruin the lives of her son and a young woman for her happiness. Karan, despite being an obedient son, does not cater to just anything his ailing mother demands, but he is making sure to be there for her in this time of distress, something she does not appreciate. Karan begins taking hard-core narcotic drugs in the hope of getting rid of the pain he is in. So far, there isn’t much stress in his professional life, but his mother’s unwillingness to accept him is breaking him systematically.


Meher Joins Made in Heaven

With Shibani leaving Made in Heaven a long time ago, the company hired Meher as the production head. Meher is a trans woman who has gone through gender reassignment surgery. She was previously Manav. There is nothing much spoken about her in this introductory episode of hers except the fact that she is single and is on her way to concentrating on her career. Her sexuality is never questioned by anyone, and the team is accommodating to her and treats her like a regular employee, which is exactly what she wants. Meher’s inclusion is a way to highlight how trans men and women deserve to live a normal life and have a normal job. Hopefully, her presence on the job will make it easy for many in the community to be looked at with a normal gaze. Also, more power to the producers for hiring an actual trans actor to play this role.

Jazz’s Family Woes

Jazz receives a distressing video from her brother, who is in rehab stating regular torture at the hands of hospital employees and this is doing far more damage to him than his withdrawal symptoms were. Kabir takes her to a state-of-the-art rehab center, but this is something Jazz cannot afford with the meager salary she earns. It is a reminder of how rehabilitation facilities and mental health counseling are still not affordable to a massive portion of society. This is something the hospital industry should work on so that people who are in dire need of help are not bogged down by a lack of financial backing. This is why it is usually the rich who can afford to go to rehab, and many, like Jazz and her brother, will have to find ways to arrange for a large sum to make sure they don’t relapse. The initial amount is paid by Nadeem, her friend.


Why does Adhira agree to marry Anik?

Anik is a nationally famous life coach who talks about intimacy, communication, and being the right kind of partner for their respective husbands or wives. Adhira was a supermodel and actress who had many offers in her kitty, but right now she was busy working with him. Anik comes across as someone good at projecting his love for Adhira to the people, and from time to time, he keeps surprising her publicly, which seems cute at first, but the viewers wonder if there is something he is trying to hide behind the happy couple facade. To some extent, it does come across as a PR stunt because he is a minor celebrity, and everything he does he shares with the public so that he remains the talk of the town.

Bulbul was quick to understand from the broken tooth story of Adhira that she is probably being abused by him, and Adhira is in a situation where she cannot speak up against her fiancé. Bulbul was trying to explain that Adhira is in a trauma bond kind of situation where she is unable to get out of the relationship even if she tries to. Nobody can see what Bulbul is trying to warn them because there seems to be no signs of his abuse on her body, or even if it is emotional abuse, they believe Adhira should come out and speak up. But slowly, they can see the signs that Bulbul was talking about. Anik was instrumental in picking her outfits and wanted to make her look desirable to the people who would be coming to the wedding. This is probably his way of letting the world know what a catch he has. This is a kind of validation he seeks.


Viewers are shown the signs of physical abuse, as there are visible marks on the back of her body. Adhira seems to be stuck in this relationship, and either she will have to pull out of it, or she will have to walk out on her own. She is most likely in fear of being alone if she leaves Anik. This is an example of how abuse victims end up allowing themselves to self-critique, and how they do not think better of themselves because of the trauma. The writers did a good job of talking about the kind of abuse people face at the hands of their partners. His secret comes to the forefront when he beats her up rather viciously because she auditioned for a film. Even though she rejected the offer on account of him, he claims to feel betrayed by her. There was no end to his manipulation or justification for his action, which is a classic example of how an abuser operates. They end up blaming the victim for their own anger outbursts but will be quick to get into defensive mode as well.

Adhira’s father cancels the wedding because he couldn’t possibly see his daughter being put through trauma. Anik comes by her room at midnight and emotionally manipulates her into believing that he needs help and that he cannot do any of this without her by his side. Anik is again showcasing an abuser trait by claiming they need a woman by their side to rectify their issues instead of taking responsibility and starting therapy. Because of the trauma bond, Adhira ends up marrying Anik even though everyone present at the wedding is distressed by the sight of an abuser getting his way by the end of the day. This episode projected how a serial abuser works on his victim, and it will resonate with many viewers who have been victims of domestic abuse.


The episode ends with Bulbul being right about Anik. She was able to see the man for who he was because she was a victim of domestic abuse, not at the hands of Jauhari. It is implied that Bulbul was married to someone else and that man inflicted burn injuries on her, which is difficult to look at. It projects that abuse leaves a permanent physical and mental mark on the victim.

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