‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Sarina Stop The Skin Treatment?

Viewers all around the world have been eagerly waiting for season two of Made in Heaven ever since the last season ended four years ago. It has been a long gap ever since, and the first episode is set six months later, after their office was vandalized by the fringe elements and Tara had walked out on her marriage.


Spoilers Ahead

A new auditor is on board.

Tara and Karan had to move to another makeshift office provided by the other business partner, Ramesh Jauhari, who is honest about the financial condition of the company, and it is not looking good. The situation was bound to happen due to many factors. They lost a bunch of good contacts, maybe because of the news of Adil and Tara splitting up and the office being destroyed by a political outfit. Word spreads fast in communities and cities such as Delhi, and it has a heavy impact on company turnover. Jauhari wants them to bring in more money and have bigger weddings, which will be the only way to make some financial gain.


Jauhari turned out to be an asset to the company because he could pinpoint the problem areas. By the look of it, Adil must have withdrawn his investment from “Made in Heaven” in the wake of his separation. Jauhari hires his wife Bulbul to be the auditor of the company so that all of them can cut down on the expenditure happening under the company account. Bulbul is an uncompromising lady who takes her job seriously, and she is good at it. It feels odd to see Bulbul with Jauhari because they seem like an odd pairing because of the age difference. No matter the financial background or education, a younger wife with an older husband surely raises eyebrows. Right from the beginning, Bulbul has been behind the team, and rightly so, in cutting down unnecessary costs that could hemorrhage the company. The inconvenience was bound to happen, but that is the price they will have to pay so that “Made in Heaven” does not shut down permanently. It is interesting to see the main partners not losing their minds.

Adil, Tara, and Fazia

Adil has no soft corner for Tara or her company anymore since she revealed how their CCTV footage got leaked. Tara will have to take it in her stride and realize that Adil is not a part of her life anymore, and she will have to make a lot of adjustments after several years of living in utmost luxury. The couple is applying for a mutual divorce and settlement, which is very unlike Tara, for she was willing to forgive Adil despite what he did, and she didn’t come across as someone who wasn’t willing to fight this battle for her rights. This comes across as a big change in the characterization of Tara that the writers have made. Her secret is something that happened way before her marriage and courtship days with him, so it does not affect the alimony settlement. If Tara starts her battle uphill, Adil will eventually oblige; he was the one who was caught cheating. It is only up to her to decide how she wants the money from him.


Tara, on the other hand, is affected by the split because she had to scale down not only on company spending but also on her lifestyle. She was used to living in a spacious bungalow surrounded by servants who could help her with chores. Tara was someone who wanted this luxury all around her. A sudden change hit like a giant wave, and she saw her friends from before had gone incommunicado. The same group had shunned Faiza six to eight months ago for sleeping with Adil, and now Faiza and the same friends are back to being on good terms after Tara left Adil. This is a wake-up call for her, and she realizes that they were never her friends to begin with and only wanted to stick around because of her association with Adil. Tara runs into a chef named Raghav, who happens to be a good friend of Kabir, and they immediately hit it off.

Kabir and Jazz

Kabir’s documentary is finally done, and it is highly appreciated by peers in the industry. Kabir is a talented man, and he is hoping to use this documentary to help him further with applying to New York University. Kabir remains conflicted because he feels there is more he can do, and he is willing to shoot more to quench his thirst. Even though he is in a relationship with Dilshad, there are some lingering feelings between him and Jazz. Kabir is offered to direct a documentary series by Amazon, and it only makes sense for the project to be given to him. His eye for detail and conclusive words leave a huge impact, showing how in touch he is with reality. Jazz is taken aback to see the world Kabir comes from, and she wonders if she will ever fit in here. Jazz has come to be more honest about her opinions and lifestyle, which Kabir always appreciates. Their conversations set them up for a love story brewing between the two.


Karan’s Mother

Karan’s mother is diagnosed with stage four cancer, and she is unwilling to accept any treatment, stating it is too late for it, and she has somehow given up on the thought of living. This idea of her not taking the treatment is a twisted way to use her death to gain power over Karan, and force him into doing her bidding. Devyani has been nothing but mean to her son since childhood, and she has never come to accept him as gay, even though his father and brother have accepted him for who he is. His mother makes it about herself and wonders if society will curse her for giving birth to a man who loves other men. She refuses to be happy for Karan because her toxic parenting style does not allow her to be sympathetic at any cost. She sees it as her right to impose herself on him, and Karan should oblige. This kind of pressure only makes things worse for Karan because he is reaching a point where he is unable to find ways to pacify his mother.

Will Sarina stop the skin treatment?

Sarina and Aman’s wedding will be taken over by “Made in Heaven,” The company is hoping to gain some traction from this high-profile wedding, the first one the team has bagged after a long time. The groom’s family is an opulent, quintessential Punjabi family from London who live in a colonial bungalow and want an Indo-British wedding for their son and would-be daughter-in-law.

Sarina had met Aman in Delhi, and the two of them could not wait for the wedding to take place. Sadly, she is worried about her skin color, and she makes sure to let the wedding planners know about brightening her facial color in the picture so that no one asks about it. Sarina’s condition is something common among a large percentage of women in the country who are made conscious of their skin color by their family. This insecurity becomes a part of their lives well into adulthood without them realizing how racist that thought process is. A Sabyasachi cameo helps make this episode interesting because the brand is known for inclusivity when it comes to using models of all sizes and colors as part of their campaign without overemphasizing on this subject matter. Sarina is stopped from wearing a pink wedding dress by Aman’s mother because of her skin color, and the woman does not hide that she would have preferred a fair-skinned girl, but they settled for Sarina because Aman likes her. This episode sets the tone for the kind of shallowness such families bring to the table. Education is not a benchmark for common sense, and their obsession with white-skinned girls is problematic. Sadly, there is no one to correct them at this stage, as they feed on Sarina’s lack of confidence.

Sarina’s hen party includes a spa day with her friends that will have her taking some glutathione treatments which will lighten her skin color, which Tara is visibly disturbed by. Sarina is willing to put herself through such extremes to cater to people who do not love her for who she is. This disturbing trend is a reality, and one cannot shy away from the fact that ours is a racist country. It is when Sarina’s body reacts to this treatment that her fiancé is made aware of the steps she has taken thanks to the pressure from both the families and she should look perfect with a lighter skin tone for the wedding. Even though Aman is appalled by Sarina’s move, he is made aware of how his mother was mostly responsible for her feeling of not being accepted. This is the kind of sacrifice women like Sarina are expected to make to feel welcomed into their husbands’ families.


Aman is far from realizing how his mother feels, but he understands the kind of brainwashing Sarina went through to want to feel accepted. As a gift from his side, Aman offers a photoshoot in Sabyasachi clothes to his fiancée. A token of love from him as an apology for being unaware of her state of mind, Aman is one of the very few men who love their spouses for who they are, and most women wouldn’t end up with people like him. Sarina ends up wearing the pink couture she had initially loved. This tiny act of rebellion is to let people know that nobody has the right to tell anyone they are not good enough, especially based on their skin color.

The episode ends with Tara being informed by Adil about his father’s health emergency, and on reaching the hospital, she comes across the news of him passing away, possibly from a heart attack. Adil reaches out to Tara in times of crisis, not Faiza, showing there is some unfinished liking and friendship between them, and she will only be able to handle the situation because she has been a part of the family for a while.


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