‘Lupin’ Part 3 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Does The Revenge Of The Countess Of Cagliostro Mean?

Lupin part 3, episode 7, picks up where episode 6 left off. We saw Claire inside her closet, trying to hide herself and her son from Keller. She came up with the idea of sending a voice message to the house telephone, addressing her son, whom she thought might be home. She also said that she would be late as she’d been held up at the hospital, but an uncle would soon come home to check on him. Keller understood that nobody was home, so he took off. Assane brought Mariama to his hideout, where he asked his mother why she hadn’t come to meet them earlier. Mariama explained her tragic story to her son, saying that she had worked as a laborer in Senegal and wanted to earn enough money to travel back to Paris, but her employer was a thief who didn’t pay her the money she deserved. Therefore, she decided to steal the money but was caught in the act and imprisoned. It turned out that both Mariama and Babakar were betrayed by the upper-class people who exploited them, taking everything away from them.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Assane Get Manon Out Of Prison?

The next morning, Claire called Assane on Alex’s number and straightforwardly told him that she knew Alex was Assane. She needed his help because Keller’s men were after her. Assane finally met Claire and Raoul without any disguise and brought them to his hideout. Claire met Mariama and discussed leaving Paris to settle somewhere else. Claire asked Assane to let her join him on the run, and Assane agreed to it. But Mariama knew Assane wasn’t going to run away. She asked her son if he was really planning something and if he wanted to enlist her mother’s help. Assane hatched another scheme to blackmail a minister by finding some dirt on him and forcing him to let Benjamin out of prison. Assane assumed the identity of a colonel, Ali Abdelkarim, who fought with a French colonel in Chad.


As Ali was only 13 years old then, it was easy for Assane to assume his identity. He managed to trick the homophobic colonel, who later invited him to a gathering. He introduced Assane to the minister of the interior, who found Colonel Abdelkarim’s face very familiar. However, Assane managed to change the subject and presented himself as a medal-winning colonel, which cleared the doubts of the minister. Later, out of everyone’s sight, Assane managed to sneak into the minister’s office while Mariama, who was there dressed as a waitress, created a distraction. With the help of a stethoscope, he was able to unlock a safe and grab the mobile phone of the minister. Assane and Mariama met downstairs, while a security guard spotted them.

To evade the capture, Assane, taking his mother along, escaped through a tunnel way. Assane had the minister’s phone in his possession, which had all the details of his communication with the underworld. Assane called the minister from that phone and asked him to do a favor for him; otherwise, his corruption would be exposed. Having no other option left, the minister had to comply with Assane’s demands, which were to get someone out of prison. However, instead of Benjamin, Assane got Manon, Keller’s assistant, out of prison. He told Manon to help him arrest Keller. Manon was initially hesitant because she didn’t want to betray Keller, but Assane explained to her how evil Keller was. He never cared for the kids he taught how to fight; instead, he wanted to teach them violence and theft, only to use them to his own advantage. Manon realized the fact that Keller had used and exploited her as well, so she agreed to help Assane by getting involved in his plan.


Going back to the flashback scenes, we saw exactly what happened between Assane and Keller, which turned Keller against him. Keller forced Assane and Bruno to loot a jewelry shop for him, which Assane and Bruno didn’t want to do. Nevertheless, compelled by Keller’s threats, Bruno and Assane carried out the heist, but the authorities began to chase them. To elude the police, Keller forced Bruno to pull out his gun and shoot an officer, but after successfully leaving the officer behind, their car crashed and overturned in the middle of the road. Assane and Bruno ran away from there, while Keller was arrested by the police. Assane made a call to Claire, asking her if she would run away with him. Claire met Assane on a bridge and they decided to settle down together.

How Did Assane Get Keller Arrested?

Assane texted Guedira a location from the Lupin story “The Black Pearl.” Guedira swiftly understood that Assane wanted him to come to that location to retrieve the Black Pearl. Meanwhile, Manon called Keller to meet her at that location, where Keller arrived only to find Assane waiting for him. Assane confronted him and asked him to give him the Black Pearl; otherwise, the police would arrest Keller. Keller handed the black pearl over to Assane and tried to flee the scene, but he was soon arrested by Sofia. Assane hid the black pearl inside a rose and gave it to a woman, saying that his date didn’t show up. While the lady was leaving the area, Bruno wanted to take it back, saying that he was the date of the guy who gave her the rose. The lady handed the rose to Bruno, who now had the black pearl in his possession. However, as Guedira arrived there, Assane showed up, surrendering himself. Guedira told Assane that he was as good as Lupin, while Assane told him that nobody could be like Lupin. Assane had to break his promise to Claire that he would run away with her, so, bidding his goodbyes to his family through a letter, Assane embraced his prison sentence. But he also secured Benjamin’s release with the help of Guedira.


What Did The Ending Signify?

Assane’s other request to Guedira was to supply him with books in his cell. Assane had a bag full of books, among which he picked his usual read, Lupin, but while he was reading the book, the jailor came to his doorstep, giving him an envelope, saying it was from his neighbor. As Assane opened the envelope, he found a picture of his childhood self with a book in his hand, titled “The Revenge of the Countess of Cagliostro.” The concluding moment of episode 7 revealed Hubert Pellegrini, who was nowhere to be found throughout Lupin part 3, was the one who sent Assane the envelope. Hubert was in a prison cell right next to where Assane was. Hubert’s appearance in the final moments of the show set the stage for the renewal of another season of Lupin, where he might be appearing as the antagonist once again.

For now, we can speculate why “La Cagliostro se Venge” is important to Assane’s storyline. In this story of Arsene Lupine, Lupin fell into a trap, which was organized by someone whom he blindly trusted, from within his inner circle. At the end of the seventh episode of Lupin, when we hear Hubert Pellegrini and Mariama say a line from the book, it is clear that Hubert Pellegrini is planning something similar so that someone very close to Assane is seemingly going to betray him.


In the concluding scenes of Lupin Part 3, Benjamin, Mariama, and Juliette Pellegrini are shown, and we can anticipate, probably one of them may take revenge on Assane by betraying him. Benjamin, who was forced to go to jail because of Assane’s betrayal of him, may join Hubert Pellegrini to get revenge on Assane. As we saw him coming from a wealthy background, it can be anticipated that Benjamin’s father might be a close friend or accomplice to Hubert. Or it might be Juliette Pellegrini who may betray Assane, because, in Part 2, Assane unmasked Hubert’s true identity by using Juliette, after which he had no further relationship with her, which might be a reason for Juliette to plot an act of revenge against Assane. Alternatively, it could be Mariama who might not actually be Assane’s mother, but a con hired by Hubert to frame Assane. Surely one of these three will go against Assane in the next part of Lupin and more mysteries will be unraveled in the upcoming storyline. 

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