‘Lupin’ Part 3 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Mariama Reunite With His Son?

Previously, in Lupin episode 5, Assane confronted Guedira and asked for his help in rescuing his mother from the kidnapping gang led by Keller. But even though he promised Guedira he’d turn himself in, he once again evaded their capture by tricking the cops. Lupin Part 3, Episode 6, opened with Benjamin talking to Assane on the phone. Benjamin told Assane that Claire was aware of his fake death but had no idea about Alex. Assane wondered how Claire could have the information but decided to be more cautious. In this episode, Guedira and Sofia desperately try to find and imprison Assane, but it remains to be seen if they can achieve their goal.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Claire Come To Know Who Alex Was?

In Lupin Episode 6, Claire learned about Alex’s true identity. In childhood, when Claire, Assane, and Bruno used to watch football matches together, they used to celebrate the game over fries and ketchup. But Assane had a weird habit of putting the ketchup bottle upside down inside the fridge. Back in the present timeline, when Alex was invited to Claire’s place for dinner, Claire intended to come closer to him to share a kiss, but Alex didn’t let her. Even though it broke Claire’s heart, she forgave him, realizing Alex probably needed some time to open up. However, in the morning, when Claire opened the fridge, she was shocked to see the ketchup bottle was kept upside down. It didn’t take a moment for her to realize that Alex was Assane, who was keeping a watch over his family in disguise.


Claire went to a mall and called Alex, while Assane was also there. But Assane noticed Ferdinand was following her, intending to kill her. Assane came up with another plan and put something from the mall inside his pocket. As Claire managed to get out of the mall and Ferdinand kept following her, he was obstructed by some security guards who thought Ferdinand was stealing something from the mall. Ferdinand had been tasked by Keller to put an end to Claire and Raoul, which he was unable to do. He was also told to keep an eye on Mariama, but Mariama, being a clever woman, managed to trick them by plotting her escape.

How Did Mariama Reunite With His Son?

Mariama set up a scene by hanging a rope out of the balcony to make it look like she had escaped out of the balcony, while she hid herself underneath the bed. Keller was infuriated to see Mariama wasn’t there, so he unleashed his fury on Ferdinand by throwing him out of the window. Meanwhile, seeing an opportunity, Mariama sneaked out of Keller’s place, rescuing herself. Ferdinand was severely injured because of the fall, but soon some cops rescued him and sent him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, Ferdinand revealed that Keller was the one who had the black pearl in his possession and threw him off the balcony. The cops informed Sofia, who finally had the lead to bring the black pearl safe to its rightful place.


Assane began to plan to find Keller and put him behind bars. Keller was a big influence in their childhood and was behind everything from inciting fights between them to influencing them to steal. He would force these young boys to commit crimes, but Assane never wanted to harm anyone for no reason. Mending their broken friendship, Bruno and Assane became close again, and even Claire joined them, but Keller arrived at their moment of joy and started bossing around on them. Claire protested to Keller’s face, but this angered Keller even more, causing Assane to apologize to him on her behalf to protect Claire.

Meanwhile, Mariama, who was now out on the streets, needed some money to reach out to her son. She managed to steal a purse, and with the help of the money, she traveled to their old apartment, where she used to live with her son and husband. But as she knocked on the door, she found a white, arrogant guy living there now. She found it very troubling to reach out to her son, so she went to “The Objector” headquarters and contacted Fleur about publishing an advertisement for her son, Assane Diop, in the newspaper. Fleur contacted Guedira, asking him to guess where Assane or Arsene Lupin might go for a music concert. Guedira, after brainstorming a while, came up with a name, The Mysterious Mansion in Opera Garnier, because that’s where Lupin usually went to listen to music. Fleur decided to keep Mariama over there so that she could meet her son. But Mariama had her own way of doing things.


In the meantime, Assane couldn’t reach the basketball center to watch his son’s match, but Raoul decided to start the match without his coach. He had the confidence that even in the absence of a coach, their team had the potential to win the game thanks to their coach, Alex, who taught them well during the practice.

Meanwhile, Assane, in another guise, went to the Mystery Mansion, but suddenly, from under a manhole, a very familiar tune that he heard in his childhood reached his ears. Babakar used to listen to this beautiful melody and reminisce about his wife. The song evoked nostalgia in Assane’s mind; he had tears in his eyes. Hearing the song, he managed to find the underground metro station, where, on the platform, someone was singing the song. On the platform, Assane found Mariama waiting for her son. She hugged him, seeing her son after a long time. Assane and Mariama got onto the train, while Guedira, who chased Assane to the platform, missed another chance to capture him. Assane nodded at him, showing his sense of gratitude, but Guedira worried if Assane would actually keep his promise by turning himself in or if he would once again trick the authority. On the other hand, Keller, who wanted to take revenge on Assane by killing his entire family, arrived at Claire’s house. Claire and Raoul, being able to sense someone inside their house, hid in the closet. In the seventh and final episode of Lupin, part 3, let’s see if Claire and Raoul managed to protect themselves from Keller. 


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