‘Paruvu’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Were Sudheer And Pallavi Dead Or Alive?

It is interesting to watch many shows and movies focusing on the caste system. It is not surprising to know the caste system is still rampant in many parts of the country, and it is the norm to ask people about their surname to know their caste as if there is an encyclopedia they have memorized that would separate one surname from another. Paruvu, the brand-new Telugu language Zee5 Global show is about a woman and her fight for her right to stay married to a man of her choice. All of this happens amidst a murder and the chain of events that follow.


Spoilers Ahead

Who did Jahnavi elope with?

Paruvu began with a young couple, Vikram and Jahnavi, eloping from their hometown in the hope of living together. Both belonged to two different castes, and their respective families belonged to rival political factions. Ramayya, the leader of the right-wing political party, was keen on making sure the girl was rescued, and he sent his men, including Chandrashekhar, aka Chandu after them. Vikram’s family had also sent people looking out for them, hoping the boy remained safe. Vikram was attacked after safely moving to a lodge with Jahnavi. 


Why was Chandu livid at Pallavi?

A month or two after Vikram and Jahnavi’s incident, Pallavi and her husband were being escorted to her hometown by Chandu, her cousin, in the wake of her uncle’s death. The deceased was an influential person and was the only man in her family who had accepted her marriage to Sudheer. Chandu was verbally aggressive towards Pallavi because she’d decided to marry a man of her choice who belonged to another caste. Chandu and Pallavi had not been on good terms ever since. Pallavi was not sure why she was being escorted by Chandu as she felt he was planning to kill her and Sudheer. Pallavi was also pregnant with Sudheer’s child, which could drive Chandu or her family to eliminate them. 

Who killed Chandu?

During one of their pit stops at a deserted road, Pallavi was confident Chandu had made this stop to kill them and asked Sudheer for a way out to save themselves. Sudheer, who was trying to pacify a pregnant Pallavi, but her harsh words led to him knocking Chandu out who died on the spot. A terrified Pallavi and Sudheer moved his body into the trunk and began to plan so that they were not traced and arrested for his murder. On the way back, they were stopped by SI Chakravarthy and ASI Babji. Both had known Chandu and wondered why they did not find him in the car. 


Who did Swathi think kidnapped Chandu?

Swathi, Chandu’s fiancée, tried to contact him, but his phone was unreachable. She began to worry, as it was unlike him to go incommunicado. She reached out to Chakravarthy and other accomplices of Chandu, who claimed he had gone for Ramayya’s work after having met Pallavi and Sudheer. She found a lot of loopholes in the answers she received and went on a hunt to find out about her fiancé’s whereabouts. Swathi approached Ramayya, but he couldn’t get in touch with Chandu either, which Swathi thought was a ruse. She discreetly got the details of Ramayya’s grandson Akhil and planned to kidnap him, as she suspected her fiancé may have been kidnapped by the politician. Swathi was successful in kidnapping Akhil and which forced the political leader to look for Chandu, who had disappeared. 

Why did Pallavi and Sudheer move to a guest house?

Pallavi and Sudheer’s first course of action was to move the dead body to the guest house they had rented. Though they were constantly bothered by the caretaker and watchman of the house, Sudheer was successful in disfiguring Chandu’s face using acid found in the kitchen. They were able to get rid of every trace of evidence that could connect them to Chandu’s death. 


What was the point of coming to Pallavi’s home?

Pallavi and Sudheer wanted to get rid of the digital trail, which was Chandu’s phone. They were unable to unlock it, and the only person she remembered who could open his phone was his nephew. To meet the nephew, Pallavi decided to attend the funeral of her uncle, only to be mistreated by her family, especially her father. Pallavi’s family did not think twice before taunting her about her decision to marry a man of another caste, which they claimed caused a major embarrassment to the family. Amidst all the negativity being thrown, a pregnant Pallavi was able to unlock the phone, but a sunstroke caused her to faint, and she was immediately moved to her bedroom in her parents’ house. 

What was Sudheer’s plan of action?

Sudheer wanted to keep track of the car Chandu used and create evidence to prove Chandu had visited some secondhand car dealers. Just like George Kutty in Drishyam, fabricating evidence was the only way to keep the police and Pallavi’s influential family away from finding out who killed Chandu. Sudheer soon learned of Pallavi’s sunstroke, and on his arrival, the man was ostracized. Swathi was in town, and she suspected Sudheer along with Ramayya. Pallavi found Chandu’s phone near her, and she changed the location of the phone using a fake GPS app to mislead everyone looking for him. Sudheer was asked in detail by SI Chakravarthy about the kind of conversation they had with Chandu before parting ways. 

Who killed Vikram and Jahnavi?

A few months before, Vikram and Jahnavi’s elopement had become a major issue within hours, and everyone was looking for the couple. Ramayya’s rival party leader, Bose, asked him to spare the couple to receive sympathy votes from the latter’s community. Ramayya quickly understood his gains and requested that Chandu make sure the couple were alive. To his shock, Jahnavi was killed, and Vikram tried to run away. Within minutes, Vikram was shot and killed as well, and Chandu was blamed for the murder. 

How did Ramayya learn of Sudheer?

Ramayya’s search for his grandson Akhil went nowhere until he learned of Sudheer through SI Chakravarthy. Chakravarthy shared the details of Sudheer’s meeting with Chandu to Ramayya. Ramayya made sure to get in touch with him in the hope of finding information about the man in question. Sudheer and Pallavi were taken aback, as Ramayya was a dangerous man to play with. 


Why was Swathi killed? 

Ramayya asked Chakravarthy to find out what Chandu was up to before he met Pallavi and Sudheer. He learned Chandu had gotten himself a gun. The politician also brought Swathi and Sudheer face-to-face to discuss the details of his brief meeting with Chandu. Swathi had an instinct that Pallavi and Sudheer were involved in Chandu’s murder. As expected, Sudheer revealed a lot more, which helped Swathi conclude that he killed Chandu. However, Ramayya was unwilling to believe Swathi’s version of events and killed her after learning Chandu had a gun on him, which he inferred was meant to kill him. Apart from Swathi, a mute and dumb man named Krishna was also killed by Ramayya’s men as they tried to rescue Akhil. This death further caused friction between the two castes. Subhash and Bose of the rival party had different opinions on how to handle this matter. Bose revealed he had known Subhash’s role in killing Vikram to garner more sympathy votes for their party.

Who was Queen Kavya?

Queen Kavya was a late addition to the show, and she comes across as a powerful don who Ramayya had to answer to. Since she and her men were also looking for Chandu, another network was unearthed, though not many details were revealed about it. It was also understood that Kavya may have funded Ramayya’s election campaign, and Chandu had something that Queen Kavya wanted. 


How were Sudheer and Pallavi caught?

Sudheer decided to use a small time worker from a cemetery to swap Pallavi’s uncle’s body with Chandu’s. This was the only way out to make sure no suspicion comes their way as the police would never unearth her uncle’s remains. Though Sudheer’s work was done, he sensed there was someone around. It could have been his guilt that made him overthink. Sudheer wanted to survive, as he said to Pallavi, because he was from a poor background, unlike his wife. 

SI Chakravarthy visited them at the guest house and revealed his version of the investigation that brought him to levying charges against them for the Chandu. He learned of blood on the car and other discrepancies thanks to the caretaker/watchman, who informed the police about Sudheer and Pallavi’s odd behavior. Pallavi tried to harm SI Chakravarthy, which further angered him, and he kidnapped Sudheer to kill him. SI Chakravarthy also wanted a closure to the search of Chandu. 


Did Pallavi’s family help her?

Pallavi begged her father to help her save Sudheer from Chakravarthy. However, she did not reveal why he was taken and claimed there was some confusion. It was bizarre that her father was willing to believe Pallavi even though she had been away from the family. Her father was livid, but her cousin Radha was the one spewing venom against Pallavi, although she pretended to be good to her earlier the same day. Cousin Radha discreetly revealed that she was a witness to Sudheer swapping bodies in the cemetery. Pallavi’s father got in touch with Babji to locate Chakravarthy to rescue Sudheer. Her father came in to help long after the hatred he had for his daughter and son-in-law. It proves they were willing to help them in times of dire need. Pallavi’s pregnancy may have been the cause of the change of heart. 

Cousin Radha’s anger was met with Pallavi’s disdain for the caste-based discrimination she was raised on. Even though the matter was hardly resolved, the ice was broken. Radha, however, blackmailed Pallavi to give her newborn child to her, and in return, she would not submit the video as evidence against Sudheer. Radha may not have known who the body belonged to, but since the activity was carried out in the middle of the night, she assumed it was important. A life for a life, as claimed by Radha. It was unclear if Pallavi agreed to this deal. 


Were Sudheer and Pallavi dead or alive?

Sudheer was on the verge of being killed by Chakravarthy. The police officer had been in shock since he learned of their role in Chandu’s death and probably wanted revenge.  Sudheer knew this was the end of his ruse, but Chakravarthy was stopped by Babji, who located the former on a cliffside. Babji tried to make sense of the situation and was not ready to believe Sudheer had a role in Chandu’s death. Babji sympathizes with Sudheer after watching how the latter was treated by his in-laws. Chakravarthy pushed his junior away and intentionally brought out casteist slurs. This proved he was just like everyone else. Chakravarthy was also a casteist man who looked down upon Babji and Sudheer. This was probably also the reason why he wanted Sudheer dead, as he’d dared to kill Chandu, who belonged to an upper caste. 

Out of rage, Babji ran Chakravarthy’s car over the man himself and killed him instantly. The past twenty-four hours had been overwhelming for Babji, as he had witnessed a lot, including the death by suicide of Vikram’s father. He was aware all these incidents, which included keeping Sudheer at bay, were related to caste. His ego could not take it anymore, which led to Babji killing Chakravarthy. An injured Sudheer woke up at a hospital with Pallavi by his side. In a matter of seconds, Sudheer was taken away by a bunch of kidnappers who worked for Queen Kavya. Pallavi was shocked as she’d felt the whole ordeal was far behind them, with key people who knew of Chandu’s death, including Swathi, out of the picture. Kavya, however, was not aware if Chandu was dead or alive. She may have wanted something or information from him, which made her go after Sudheer and Pallavi. It was probably Ramayya who may have informed Kavya of the couple having met Chandu.


Paruvu ends with Sudheer being taken away by Kavya, leaving Pallavi to pick up pieces of the crime they committed. This also sets the show up for a second season, and Pallavi, at some point, will reveal she and her husband killed him. 

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