‘L’uomo Sulla Strada’ (2022) Ending, Explained: Did Irene Forget Her Past And Move On?

L’uomo Sulla Strada delves into the haunting question of what happens when our worst nightmare becomes a reality. For Irene, her life is turned upside down when she loses her beloved father in a hit-and-run accident. Even after ten years, the haunting image of her father’s lifeless body remains etched in her mind, and the tragedy has left her forever changed. This heart-wrenching experience has left Irene with a deep sense of loss and an unquenchable thirst for justice.


Irene becomes obsessed with finding the person who took her father away from her, but her memory fails her, and she cannot recall the driver’s face. However, fate has other plans for Irene as she accidentally falls in love with the very man who caused her so much pain and sorrow. This unexpected twist of fate throws Irene into a tumultuous emotional journey as she grapples with conflicting feelings of love, anger, and revenge.

Spoilers Ahead 


What Happens At The Swimming Competition? Does Irene Hate Her Mother? 

Irene is a gifted swimmer who has always had a competitive spirit and strives for excellence in everything she does. However, she finds it increasingly difficult to stay focused on her goals as she battles with inner turmoil. When her fifteen-year-old rival, Caterina Taddei, beats her in a crucial race by a difference of 300 points, Irene’s frustration and anger become uncontrollable. She loses her cool and lashes out, causing Caterina to suffer a nosebleed. There is no doubt that the traumatic loss of her father has caused a profound transformation in Irene, turning her from an innocent child into a defiant and rebellious teenager.

Irene’s once-loving relationship with her mother has crumbled in the wake of her second marriage. With her stepfather in the picture, Irene finds herself unable to connect with her new family and is often rude and dismissive of her stepsister. Her resentment and anger towards her mother’s new life have resulted in a complete loss of interest in activities that once brought her joy, such as swimming and school. Now, Irene spends most of her time holed up in her room, lost in the virtual world of video games. Her mental health has taken a hit, and she feels as though her mother never truly cared for her or her father. As the weight of her emotions continues to drag her down, Irene struggles to find a way to heal and move forward, haunted by the memories of her once-loving family.


Does Irene Find A Job? Who Is Michele?

Irene’s decision to leave her home and stay with her aunt proves to be a turning point in her life. Her aunt provides her with a safe haven and encourages her to explore new interests, including yoga. During one of her visits to her aunt’s yoga class, Irene has a chance encounter with a woman named Milana. As they strike up a conversation, Irene learns that Milana is a foreman at a construction factory. Driven by a desire to take control of her life and find a sense of purpose, Irene takes a bold step and asks Milana for a job. To her surprise, Milana agrees on the spot, offering her a position in transportation.

Despite Irene’s success as a responsible and reliable employee, there’s an ominous feeling that creeps up on her whenever she’s around her boss, Michele. She notices how he’s constantly watching her, keeping a close eye on her every move, but Irene can’t quite put her finger on why it is so. Little does she know, Michele has his own struggles with the past. His teenage years were marred by a turbulent phase of drug and alcohol abuse, and the memories of those dark times continue to haunt him.


What Happens Between Irene And Agata?

Agata is Irene’s coworker in the same department, but for some reason, she seems to have a grudge against her and often causes trouble. One day, Irene receives the shocking revelation that her boyfriend, Loris, is already married when his pregnant wife confronts Irene, telling her to stay away from him. Seizing this opportunity, Agata insults Irene in front of everyone, fueling her already overwhelmed emotions. Despite Irene’s attempts to remain calm, Agata continues to harass her, going as far as to reveal that she is the one who slashed Irene’s bike tires. In a moment of uncontrollable rage, Irene attacks Agata, but fortunately, Michele steps in just in time to intervene and take Irene away.

Irene hurries to her locker, her heart racing with anxiety as she packs all her belongings. She can’t shake the feeling that her job is hanging by a thread after the altercation with Agata. Just as she’s about to leave, Milana arrives with some reassuring news. With a gentle smile, she tells Irene that Michele has decided not to fire her, but instead, he has transferred Agata to a different department.


What Happens Between Michele And Irene?

As Irene leaves the factory, she notices Michele tailing her once again. When Michele loses her at the next turn, Irene is already one step ahead of him. With a sense of curiosity and suspicion, Irene catches Michele in the act and demands to know why he has been following her. Michele confesses that he likes to spy on people because it makes him feel invisible, but he quickly shifts the conversation to a more positive note by asking Irene about her passion for swimming. He encourages her to pursue her passion, telling her that she has a gift that should not go to waste. In an effort to connect with Irene, Michele opens up about his own lack of passion, explaining that he works in his father’s construction factory because he doesn’t have anything that truly drives him.

Days turn into weeks, and Michele and Irene’s get emotionally connected. Despite Milana’s warning to stay away from the married man, Irene can’t help but be drawn to him. They spend more time together, talking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. As they get to know each other more, Michele’s troubles seem to fade into the background, and he becomes more content and happy than he has been in a long time. And for Irene, being with Michele helps reignite her passion for swimming, which had been lying dormant for so long. As Michele’s wife goes out of town, they find themselves growing even closer, sharing happy moments that make them both feel alive. It’s a period of happiness and excitement that neither of them has experienced in a long time.


Does Michele’s Wife Find Out The Truth?

Laura (Michele’s wife) returns from her trip and immediately notices a change in her husband’s demeanor. Michele, who has been in a state of depression for a long time, suddenly looks happy again. Laura knows what this means: Michele has been spending time with Irene. The next morning, Laura tells Michele that she is pregnant, hoping to test whether he still cares about her. But her plan backfires when Michele’s reaction is not what she expected. Frustrated and upset, Laura can’t help but lash out at Michele. She demands that he stay away from Irene, reminding him that she is the daughter of the man he killed years ago.

However, Michele is undeterred. He knows that Irene is in a lot of pain, and he wants to help her get her life back on track. But Laura can see right through him. She knows that Michele is falling in love with Irene and that he needs to take drastic action. In a tense confrontation, Laura tells Michele that he needs to fire Irene immediately. Michele is torn: on the one hand, he knows that he is responsible for Irene’s problems, but on the other, he can’t deny his feelings for her.


Irene’s Confrontation With The Truth

The camera pans over the crowded swimming pool, with the sound of cheering and splashing water echoing in the background. Irene is in the pool, determined and focused. As she touches the wall at the end of the pool, the crowd erupts in a thunderous roar. She has won the swimming competition, and her eyes scan the crowd until they land on Michele. He is there, smiling at her with pride and admiration. As the night wore on, they found themselves lost in each other’s company, sharing intimate moments, but it didn’t last long.

Michele’s heart is heavy as he drives Irene to the place where Irene’s father was killed. Irene’s mind is filled with doubts and questions, wondering why Michele has brought her to such a tragic place. She can’t help but ask him how he knows about this spot. As they stand there, Michele takes a deep breath and reveals a shocking truth that he has been keeping hidden for so long. He is her father’s murderer. Irene’s eyes widen in disbelief, and she steps back, not sure if she can trust him anymore. Michele’s mind is flooded with memories from the past as he looks at Irene’s face. He remembers seeing her for the first time on the day of the accident when he had taken her father’s life. 


The flashbacks from that day intertwine with the present, making Michele feel like he is reliving the moment all over again. Tears well up in Irene’s eyes as she struggles to comprehend what she has just heard. The man Michele has grown to love is the one who has taken her father away from her. She doesn’t know how to react, whether to hate him or forgive him.

‘L’uomo Sulla Strada’ Ending Explained: Does Irene Forget Her Past And Move On? 

Irene’s mind is in a whirlwind of emotions as she leaves Michele in the forest and walks to the town. Her heart is filled with anger and betrayal toward him, but at the same time, she can’t help but feel a sense of loss and confusion. The first thing Michele does is head straight to meet her mother, hoping to find some solace and comfort. Without a word, Irene falls into her mother’s arms, apologizing for her arrogance and stubbornness. Her mother listens patiently, her heart heavy with the knowledge of what has just transpired. But then her mother delivers some unexpected news that leaves Irene speechless.


Michele has surrendered himself to the police. Irene doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad. On the one hand, she feels relief that he has taken responsibility for his actions, but on the other, she can’t help but feel a sense of loss. She has grown to care for him deeply, and the thought of him being behind bars is too much to bear. Her mother holds her tightly, offering comfort and support as Irene’s mind races with conflicting emotions.

Five years had passed since that fateful day when Michele turned himself in to the police. Irene’s life has changed in so many ways since then. She is now working as a swimming trainer, a job that she loves, and has built a strong relationship with her stepfather and stepsister. Irene has worked hard to move on from the past and has finally found some peace in her life. But sometimes, life has an unexpected way of bringing back memories from the past, even when you least expect it. It is a typical day when Irene notices a familiar poster of a restaurant while walking down the street.


The sight of it brings back a flood of memories from the past. Irene remembers the day when Michele revealed his dream of opening up his own restaurant one day. As she stands on the doorstep of Michele’s restaurant, Irene’s heart races with anticipation. Michele stands before her, his eyes filled with tears. Irene smiles back at him, hinting that they will certainly get back together someday. Despite everything that has happened in the past, she knows that there is still a chance for them to find happiness together, and Irene is ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

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