‘Love Like A K-Drama’ Episodes 8 And 9 Review/Recap: A Twist Or An Obvious Solution?

After watching the previous episodes of Love Like a K-drama, I said I felt a little invested in the show because I was starting to feel for some of the cast members. After seeing the latest episodes, I’m taking that statement back. It almost seems as if, just to add more drama, the showrunners decided to pick a certain couple for the episode, trying to force everyone’s favorite ship to sail (they really were my favorites TT). Until now, the show has been progressing slowly with little to no drama. This time around, things are heating up, and people are slowly starting to lose their cool. I suppose this is the reason most people watch reality TV—the “drama,” but in these last two episodes, it really comes across as forced.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 8?

With only two mini-episodes to shoot, the pressure is entirely on Nozomi to get the chance to be in one. For the first time, everyone’s getting to choose their partners, meaning if anyone is picked twice, they’ll just have to audition twice. Ships are rocking everywhere, and ultimately, there are six pairs to audition instead of four. Nozomi gets a clear picture of Dong-kyu’s point of view, leaving her and us absolutely devastated. This man really went from telling her that he’s got eyes for no one else to flipping sides in about a second after spending time with Rio (ugh!). On the other hand, Honoka is desperate to be with Won-shik again, who has now fallen for Nozomi. Then there’s Ji-hyuk, who has suddenly inserted himself in between Ayano and Tae-gyun, something that Ayano couldn’t have seen coming. You could say Ji-hyuk and Honoka are the losers of the lot (maybe not such a bad thing, though).


Nozomi and Dong-kyu spend a day together because they’re meant to be rehearsing, and they talk it all out. Dong-kyu reiterates that he’s interested in Rio, leaving Nozomi completely heartbroken. At least she knows not to hope for anything (I want to pull my hair out). Ayano has the brilliant idea of taking JiH-yuk and Tae-Gyun to the beach, which makes Tae-Gyun feel a little bit insecure because it’s their little date spot. Tae-gyun lightens the mood and takes Ayano out for a coffee. When she’s back with Ji-hyuk, she admits to seeing him as a big brother (tssss, that would’ve hurt). In the meantime, it is revealed that Dong-kyu and Rio are pretty much a couple at this point, touching hands and stealing kisses while being drunk with everyone (my little Nozomi TT).

Supposedly, it’s rather obvious to the judges that Won-Shik isn’t so keen to work with Honoka or that Dong-kyu has feelings for Rio and not Nozomi (where’s the acting bros?). Nozomi even cries while acting with Dong-kyu, giving it her all and making it quite certain that she’s the only leading lady to consider. With the boys, though, neither of them has shown enough dedication for the judges to be certain who to pick.


What Happens In Episode 9?

Finally, Nozomi has the chance to shine as the leading lady, along with her partner, Dong-kyu. The judges believe that if Dong-kyu used the same elements he did with Rio while acting with Nozomi, he would make a decent partner. Everyone is left quite stunned, especially Rio and Won-Shik. Rio claims to be happy for Nozomi, but she’s also upset that Dong-kyu is her chosen partner, considering how close they used to be before. She reveals that her feelings for him have gotten stronger over the last few days, which is why this is more painful for her. What she isn’t realizing is that he’s completely loyal to her too. Won-shik can’t stop crying for doing a bad job and getting called out by the judges while Ji-hyuk comforts him (the poor guy has nothing else to do after all).

The mini-drama turns out okay, and Nozomi is obviously the highlight (going to be on the Dong-kyu hate train for a bit, thank you very much). During the shoot, Dong-kyu really maintains a distance from Nozomi, his arms crossed, making it very clear that this is a professional relationship. Nozomi sees all this as kindness from Dong-kyu because, according to her, he’s trying to let her down gently (why is she so pure?). Even the producers and directors can tell that Dong-kyu isn’t really in it, which is quite unfair to Nozomi. Still, they wrap up the shoot with good feelings toward each other, and the chapter closes for Nozomi. We get to see a recap of their relationship on the show, which makes the jury cry (oh, boohoo). Now it’s time to move on.


It looks like the drama isn’t done just yet, and this time around, the girls have to choose their partners again. Ayano and Rio are set on their partners, which is easy for them, but both Nozomi and Honoka are eager to work with Won-Shik. Nozomi has let the others walk all over her for a bit now, and she’s finally making a firm decision. It’s only fair that she’ll pick the guy who’s interested in her. On the other hand, Honoka wants to express her true feelings for Won-Shik too. Who will get to work with him? We’ll only know next week, but until then, we’ve got some clips of all the girls crying and Honoka being frustrated by the outcome, so it may appear that the girls are favoring Nozomi.

The second episode is titled I’m Rooting For You Two, because during the audition, Nozomi told Dong-Kyu that she was rooting for him and Rio. I suppose the show is also somewhat pushing for us to take Nozomi’s side in all this so that both girls get something from the whole experience. It looks like Rio will be apologizing to Nozomi for what’s gone down. Who will get to be the last couple for the 6th and final mini-series and how will things pan out for Honoka and Ji-Hyuk? We’ll find out next week on Love Like A K-Drama

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