‘Love Like A K-Drama’ Episodes 5, 6 And 7 Recap/Review: Trouble In Paradise?

I suppose Love Like A K-Drama is a direct result of the monstrous global success of Netflix’s Korean dating show “Single’s Inferno.” As your resident skeptic, I will admit that I do feel quite invested in this show; call it collateral damage if you will, and there’s quite the drama to go over in the second set of episodes that just dropped. The premise alone had me confused for the first four episodes until I started to understand what was really happening. Dating show-newbie problems, maybe. I’ve started to understand why people get so absorbed in these things because, you know, I’ve been rooting for a pair, and now they’ve suddenly drifted apart, and I’m here hating on the guy and hurting for the girl. Quite a disappointing turn of events really. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

Episode 5 takes us straight into the shooting of the mini-drama “Love Sketch” with Ayano and Tae-Gyun. It seems like they’re getting along just fine, and in fact, despite Tae-Gyun getting a chance to partner up with Rio earlier, he’s come back to Ayano, even giving her a present off camera. His poker face is quite hard to read, but we can imagine these are signs that he does, in fact, like her back. There’s no denying their chemistry in the drama, and it looks like sparks are definitely flying between these two. Honoka, on the other hand, is spiraling as she sees their steamy romance unfold. Somehow, this mini-drama has allowed Rio the perfect opportunity to get close to Dong-Kyu because the other girls have minor roles in the episode too (how convenient). Additionally, Ji-Hyuk and Won-Shik go out drinking, being the two guys that nobody is interested in (oops). As the episode progresses, we learn that Rio believes she has real feelings for Dong-Kyu because she can’t even look him straight in the eye. Big reveal: Won-Shik is now interested in Nozomi because she helped cheer him up a little. Ji-Hyuk seems to be stuck on Rio, who is completely unbothered by him (yikes).  


With Dong-Kyu and Rio going out to dinner alone, there’s a fire waiting to be put out. Rio appears to be one who sees everything with caution, but with Dong-Kyu, she seems to be somewhat free. The duo has a good amount of alcohol, and while one party thinks it’s simply a friendly dinner, the other believes it’s a date. Won-Shik is obviously loving this because he has the opportunity to comfort Nozomi if she needs it. On the other hand, Ji-Hyuk shows everyone his big red flag by bombarding Rio with comments about the unplanned date with Dong-Kyu while they’re both drunk (ugh). Rio is quick to brush him off, though, making it clear that she is completely uninterested in him. On the one hand, Nozomi is all smiles in front of everyone; on the other, she is absolutely devastated by the situation (why do I feel like her protective older sister? TT).

What Happens In Episode 6?

Episode 6 begins with everyone playing a game of basketball, something that’s meant to be very attractive for everyone playing and watching (meh). The girls go to the sauna to spend some time together while the boys stay hanging out, discussing their next steps. At this point, it seems Dong-Kyu is only feeling guilty towards Nozomi, which is why he’s trying to pair up with her again. Rio is very honest with the girls about how she feels about Ji-Hyuk and how she sees him as just a professional partner. For her, it’s all work and no play, so whatever happens on set, she’s never allowed herself to feel for her co-stars. At a dinner outing, Rio sits next to Dong-Kyu while Nozomi sits somewhere far from him. Ji-Hyuk apologizes to Rio in front of everyone, realizing he stepped out of line. Seeing Nozomi sad, Won-Shik asks her to meet for a bit after dinner, and she agrees. At the same time, Tae-Gyun takes Ayano out on a date, confessing that he wants to pair with her again. Nozomi is grateful Won-Shik is interested in her, but she doesn’t want to lead him on while she clearly has feelings for Dong-Kyu. The show has other plans for all of them, though.


The next day, when the pairs are meant to be picked, it’s done through fortune-telling, a “compatible with each other by the stars” moment. Now’s when the real tension begins because Dong-Kyu gets paired with Rio, and Ayano and Tae-Gyun get split up too. Ironically, Honoka and Won-Shik are paired together again, something very unexpected for the both of them, and Ayano gets paired with Ji-Hyuk. This time around, everyone is acting quicker on their feelings, admitting that they’re already “in love” with their new partners. The magic of fortune-telling, I suppose. Won-Shik is clearly the best at flirting on the show as he pulls out his guitar for the next audition, one where the girls have to sing. Of course, young Honoka regrets having disliked him at all. On the other hand, Tae-Gyun is so impressed by Nozomi’s singing that he cries, “Wow.” This is obviously a confidence booster for Nozomi, who is feeling really down lately, so well done, Tae-Gyun. She admits to Tae-Gyun that she and Dong-Kyu haven’t even spoken since the dinner incident, and she’s starting to realize he’s not that into her (protect this girl). During rehearsals, Dong-Kyu and Nozomi keep stealing glances at each other, and it is rather obvious that this episode will go to either one of them.

What Happens In Episode 7?

The next mini-drama is about a global idol and her first manager, who fell in love and split up because of her success. For auditions, the boys have to ad-lib an introduction for the girls. Everyone does wonderfully, but the judges don’t quite like that Won-Shik and Ji-Hyuk tried to outshine their partners (rizz or no rizz, stick to the script). It is Dong-Kyu and Rio who get the roles at the end. Dong-Kyu is obviously overjoyed, and this will make him see Rio in a new light. Nozomi, on the other hand, is inconsolable and can’t stop crying. Even after the judges told her that she did a fantastic job, this is the fourth time she hasn’t been cast, so of course her morale is down. Won-Shik tries to show his concern, but she doesn’t want to be around anyone at the moment and just cries it out (with you there, sis). She has more than one thing to cry about, too.


Dong-Kyu and Rio are both great in their drama, and they’re obviously hitting it off. After the shoot is done, Rio is rather flustered, which is a first for her. Dong-Kyu, who is a couple of years younger than her (this is gold for “Noona-love” fans), believes he’s fallen for her too. He mentions how he thought she was attractive when he went out for dinner with her (beep) and feels the urge to protect her even though she’s older, even going as far as to call her a baby. At the end of the episode, Rio admits that it’s hard to read Dong-Kyu’s expressions and straight-up asks him if he wants to pair up with her. He is delighted by the question, admitting that he likes her very much. Hopefully, Nozomi will get her moment to shine soon enough.

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