Fabiana Cantilo And Charly Garcia In ‘Love After Music,’ Explained

The Netflix original Argentine drama Love After Music is a dramatization of the life story of Argentine musical icon Fito Paez. Fito Paez’s incredible journey, from growing up to being globally recognized, has been beautifully portrayed in the series. With music, poetry, and rhythm, the series is an amazing experience, especially for music lovers. This series provides insight into Fito’s life and musical career, as well as some significant individuals in his life. The woman Fito fell in love with and the first musician he ever collaborated with. They are both well-known and significant personalities in the Argentine music industry. One of them is Fabiana Cantilo, an Argentine rock and roll singer who was once the love of his life. And the other, Charly Garcia, one of the most pioneering musicians in Latin American music, was Fito Paez’s mentor, fellow vocalist, and close friend, and Fabiana Cantilo, an Argentine rock and roll singer, was once the love of his life.


Spoilers Ahead

Fabiana Cantilo

Fabiana Cantilo, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1959, was gifted from an early age. She started pursuing music when she was 8 and eventually received major breaks, such as singing and performing for Charly Garcia. Later, once Fito joined the group and became a proficient pianist, he developed feelings for Fabiana. The Fabiana we see in the series is a free spirit. A gorgeous, outgoing young woman who cares only about music, Fito was afraid to approach her with a romantic proposal since she had a lot of friends at the time, but they eventually got together and spent a significant part of their lives together. At the same time that Fito and Fabi were in love, Charly Garcia, through whom Fito met Fabi, didn’t approve of their relationship. Charly had a soft spot for Fabi, and it was clear that their connection was more than just friendly; knowing Fabi fell for Fito was difficult for Charly. But, as we can see, Charly never became much of a stumbling block in Fito’s path to a better life. With Fabiana’s company, Fito was able to pour more emotion and excitement into his creations, resulting in some of his greatest work.


However, Fabiana had health difficulties that were not adequately addressed in the series. She used to go to physicians and even abuse drugs, showing that her mental health was not in good shape. Fito, on the other hand, stood by her side during her darkest moments, although both of them were aware that their romantic connection had grown rusty. Compared to Fabi, who liked to host parties, invite her friends around, and sing loudly, Fito was calmer and more dedicated to his music.  He didn’t want any kind of distraction while composing music. Since neither of them could ever find permanent mental serenity, their relationship began to deteriorate. The two of them mutually decided to end their relationship, which ultimately benefited both of them. But while the label of their partnership was gone, their friendship and connection remained. Fito used to hug his best friend, Fabi, before going on stage, even after he was in a serious relationship with Cecilia. Their connection remained lovely and healthy, which they both treasured for the rest of their lives.

Charly Garcia

Legendary musician Charly Garcia grew up listening to classical and folk music and subsequently experimented with a variety of musical genres and subgenres. Sui Generis, one of the folk-rock bands he established, released numerous successful albums. He had a distinctive style for rock & roll, and occasionally throughout his discography, we see him mastering several genres, including pop, folk rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and others. Although his portrayal in the series occasionally appears to be problematic, he was always a man of honor and an ethical musician. He had a profound grasp of music, which is why he was the one to discover Fito Paez and ask him to perform for him. His music took on a new depth once Fito joined him. Charly produced several masterpieces with Fabiana and Fito by his side, although occasionally, when performing on stage, Charly displayed some behavioral oddities. He was envious of Fito’s ascent to prominence and the manner in which he used to attract the audience’s attention, but Charly resolved to admire the fact that Fito was an indomitable talent. When Fito received an offer from a production house to produce his solo album, he was unable to devote his whole time to playing for Charly, which Charly not only understood graciously but also backed Fito in composing his music. Throughout the series, we saw Charly by Fito’s side through his ups and downs and when Fito worked his magic in the studio. These two artists had a great deal of respect for one another and refused to let rivalry destroy their connection. Fito and Charly collaborated and supported one another when it came to creating songs and making history because that’s what true artists do.


Love After Music is one of the most aesthetic dramatizations depicting the musical world of Argentina in the 1980s, focusing on the most progressive musical icons like Fito Paez, Charly Garcia, Spinetta, and Fabiana. This series does a fantastic job of capturing the bonds these artists shared with each other, both in personal and professional life. The 1980s are depicted in aesthetically stunning cinematography, which will surely make you nostalgic and more interested in knowing about these musicians. During the 1980s and 1990s, when music and culture underwent significant upheaval, Fito Paez successfully established himself as a musician, and having these influential people in his life aided his rise to popularity. Therefore, the narrative of Fito Paez would have been incomplete without them.

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