‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Did Howard Cancel The Opening Night Of The Wrestling League?

The eighth episode of the show ended with Molly’s talk with Grace, which turned out to be successful as the latter agreed to invest in “Space for Everyone.” Her investment led to many billionaires coming forward to help Molly with the expansion of the project and taking it all over the country.


Spoilers Ahead

What was Molly’s biggest obstacle?

Molly was happy to bring in Grace for her project, “Space for Everyone.” Grace herself was excited to be coming to work after all these years, and she was glad to have Molly and Sofia by her side. The common factor amongst all the other billionaires was their hatred for Molly’s ex-husband, John. John, on the other hand, went public with his plan to head to space and declared his love for Molly through a very public press conference. Molly and the entire office were horrified as the investors began to back out of the project. They were under the impression that Molly and John were getting back together. As a result of his public declaration of love, the paparazzi had begun to hound Molly at her place of work and home.


Was Isaac excited about his old band?

Sofia, on the other hand, was surprised to know her boyfriend Isaac used to be in the jazz band Mood Vibrations, which is also the title of the episode. She was shocked to find out Isaac had a whole other interest a year ago, and it seems he was enjoying reuniting with his old bandmates. 

Why was Howard nervous?

Howard was in the office wearing a pastel blue suit, and he wanted everyone to refer to him as the Commissioner. This was the result of the opening night of his and Arthur’s new venture, the wrestling league. They also included Nicholas, one of the wrestlers, and developed a complete villain origin story. Nicholas was excited about the event, while Howard was nervous because he wasn’t sure if the venture would be a success or a failure.


How did Arthur save Molly from the paparazzi?

Ever since John’s declaration of his love to Molly in the most humiliating manner, the paparazzi managed to get inside the office to take pictures without her consent. Arthur barged in to save the day, as he not only shooed them away but also found a secret passageway to get her out of the office and over to his apartment for a few hours. On reaching his house, Arthur was taking care of her, for which Molly was thankful, but there was some tension brewing between them. As Molly and Arthur were about to kiss, Sofia called him and asked him to drop their boss off at the office. 

Arthur could sense Molly liked him, but since there were no words exchanged between them, he was unsure if she had feelings for him. Arthur, too, was on the verge of making a move on her, which could be a sign of his love for Molly. He also would have been cheating on Willa, which he didn’t want to do. The phone call came at the right time and saved both from making a mistake. 


What happened on the first night of the wrestling league?

On the night of the wrestling event, many things did not go as planned, and Howard was on the verge of breaking down. Luckily, Nicholas, who was used to being the steadfast leader, managed to save the day and form a contingency plan in a matter of minutes. Howard had no idea Nicholas could do such a thing, but since he had been Molly’s assistant for so long, he had contacts who would be ready to help him and, as an extension, help Howard as well. Howard, on the other hand, was losing his mind as the star player of the night decided to walk out for a gig with better pay. 

Howard had lost hope, as he felt this league was a disaster right from the start. People had paid for the gig just to watch the star player, and since the man was gone, Howard had no contingency plan to salvage but to cancel the event. Nicholas was livid at him for giving up on his dream even before it was given the wings to fly. Nicholas chased after everything he wanted, and Howard was the one who encouraged him to do so. Nicholas only reciprocated and did his job of being a friend, which made him speak honestly to Howard. Howard was on the brink of losing everything he had worked for, but Nicholas asked him to fight for it and go ahead and make a plan to sustain it. He knew if Howard had given up on it right now, he wouldn’t have the guts to restart it ever again.


Did Isaac and Sofia break up?

Sofia had a visit from Isaac, who sounded excited about his old band, Mood Vibrations. Isaac, who was a professional architect, disclosed that he was on the verge of quitting his job as the jam session with his old band members had turned out to be fruitful. He was considering quitting his job and joining the band on tour. 

Isaac played the saxophone, and he realized he needed to follow his passion, or he would regret it. Sofia was unclear on what Isaac was up to and why he was changing his mind. She was unsure how to communicate about his sudden change of plans to tour. On meeting to discuss further about the same, Isaac informed her about his plans to travel to New Orleans, and he booked the tickets for Sofia as well. 


Sofia was appalled at his move and quickly realized he and she and him were very different, and what they wanted from a relationship varied. Sofia was honest about her job, which she takes very seriously, and made it clear she cannot leave it halfway to travel with him. She politely declined his proposal to travel, and Isaac was shocked at the turn of events. 

Sofia also branded his sudden change of career as being because of a midlife crisis, and said she couldn’t uproot her career because of his changing plans. Sofia was a stable person, and she did not believe in being a wanderlust unless her job asked her for it. Isaac, on the other hand, believed in spontaneity. This was the reason for their breakup. However, it seemed Sofia always found a reason to end the relationship before anyone got hurt down the line of things getting serious. There was a history of Sofia backing out of the relationship, fearing emotional intimacy, and this could have been the same. Isaac really loved her, but this time, their relationship ended for real, and by the look of it, Isaac would not return. 


Did John die in the rocket blast?

Molly was fed up with being asked about her reconciliation with her ex-husband, John. She had made it loud and clear to her office that John was not a part of her life anymore, and she had no plan to go back with him. To her horror, she learned the rocket that carried him and the rest of the astronauts had burst into flames on the way up. Just like the rest of the world, she was under the impression that John had died in the blast, and she was upset about his death as an ex-spouse. Molly was okay with treating him as a partner with whom her marriage did not work, and she wanted to keep it that way. Molly was not in love with John, but she was upset about losing a man who she’d lived with for the better part of her life. 

Molly, however, received a phone call from John, and he asked her to meet him before he went live with the press conference. To her shock, John had not died, and he confessed to having sent a few animals on the rocket after learning of the technical snag. He made the world, and especially Molly, believe he died only in the hope of gaining sympathy and love from his ex-wife. Molly was further horrified to learn the extent to which her husband would go to showcase his so-called love, even though she had rejected him several times after the divorce. She was quick to learn he purposely made sure the rocket went up in flames to generate some guilt filled love for him after learning he had lived. 


John was probably so rich and self-obsessed that he could not hear the word no from his wife. He was used to getting things done his way by throwing money at problems. Molly was quick to realize John only wanted her back to prove he could get whatever he set his eyes on. Molly had the last laugh when she informed John about Arthur, who was just a regular guy she was in love with, which bothered John the most as she had decided to finally move on. She knew she would want a man like Arthur, who enjoyed simple things in life, and by falling for him, she’d broken a pattern. 

Did Howard cancel the opening night of the wrestling league?

The entire office, along with the audience, was at the wrestling league to witness Arthur and Howard’s new venture. Among them were Molly and Sofia, who had come down to support these two who had now become good friends of theirs. Howard walked up on the stage to inform them that the star player was out and he had to cancel the league as a result. Howard took a stand, and he had to do it to save his face and Arthur’s. He was relying on the star player for the league to work, and since it did not work, he had to take the toughest decision of his life, or this is what he made everyone in the audience assume. 


Nicholas was raging at him for his decision, but all of this turned out to be a set-up between Howard and Nicholas to get the fight started. While both began the make-believe fight, in the true tradition of any entertainment-filled wrestling league around the world, we understand that Howard acted on Nicholas’ advice and decided to keep the match on instead of giving up on it. 

Howard and Nicholas were truly friends who had each other’s backs. Howard encouraged Nicholas to tap into his Korean roots and pursue an acting career. Nicholas returned the gesture, which allowed Howard to do the right thing. The crowd, which included Sofia and Molly, was happy to understand how wrestling worked and that Arthur’s investment would turn out to be successful.


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