‘Locked In’ (2023) Plot, Story, Cast, Character & Where To Stream

Netflix is delivering a versatile range of thriller films and series, such as Deliver Us from Evil, The Fall of the House of Usher, Bodies, and many more, offering a dark and gothic experience for audiences worldwide to enjoy this spooky season. Joining this list, one of the most anticipated Netflix thrillers is just around the corner, about to hit our screens. Locked In, directed by Nour Wazzi and starring Finn Cole, Rose Williams, and Famke Janssen, has dropped its official trailer this month, setting high expectations for this thriller. The dark and mysterious ambience of the trailer speaks volumes and also hints at the connection between these characters.


Spoilers Ahead

Story and Plot

The official trailer for Locked In is promising and intriguing. We are introduced to these characters, Katherine, a famous television actor, and her daughter-in-law, Lina, who have a very conflicting relationship with each other. Lina is probably the one who brings Katherine to the hospital after she sustains a severe injury, rendering her unable to move her body. But there is some deep and dark mystery behind Katherine’s situation. As we are shown some flashbacks into Katherine and Lina’s lives, we get to know that Lina is a tortured wife, as Katherine taunts her all the time. Katherine’s stepson, who is the husband of Lina, is suffering from a disease called locked-in syndrome. This raises so many questions as to why Lina was married to him in the first place. Is their relationship driven by unconditional love? Or, is Lina a gold digger, which Katherine specifically believes her to be? Moreover, there are some other important characters as well. The family GP, Dr. Robert, probably has some kind of romantic attraction towards Lina, hinting at a possible love triangle in the film. And we are all well aware that if there is a love triangle, there is going to be a lot of drama.


Probably this love triangle will be the central focus of the narrative, causing things to take a dark turn. Katherine may be a catalyst for these negative happenings at her house, or she might just be a victim of all this. It’s yet to be known if Lina’s character is the antihero of the story or if there is some climax awaiting us in the film.

However, we get to know about another interesting and important character in the film, a nurse who tries her best to tend to Katherine. But she is a little bit interested in finding out the reason why Katherine ended up like this. Probably with the help of the nurse, the audience will also unravel the mystery behind this dysfunctional family as soon as Netflix releases the film.


Cast And Characters

Rose Williams is an English actress previously seen in the TV series Reign and several films such as The Power, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, and many more. She is playing the character of Lina in Locked In. Being married to a guy who was unable to provide everything she wanted, Lina’s mental health is gradually being affected. Even though her husband has the titular syndrome, Lina herself is living like a prisoner locked up inside a cell. She cannot part ways with her husband for a second, as she is afraid she might lose him. Her relationship with Katherine is also very questionable, which suggests that in the mansion, Lina has no one to connect with.

Famke Janssen is a familiar face previously seen in several film series like X-Men, Taken, and Knights of the Zodiac. Famke is playing the role of a wealthy, famous, and glamorous actor, Katherine, who lost her husband as well as the entire property that was given to her stepson Jamie. Since then, Katherine has been envious and has a sinister mentality. Although Katherine was the one who took Lina in after her mother’s death, Katherine never provided her with the love and care she needed.  After Lina became her daughter-in-law, things got even crazier as Katherine became Lina’s nemesis.


Finn Cole, previously known for his performances in Peaky Blinders, Dreamland, and TV series like Animal Kingdom, is portraying Jamie, Katherine’s stepson and Lina’s husband. Jamie fell in love with Lina in his childhood and eventually tied the knot. But is Jamie able to provide the love and comfort Lina desires? We’ll find that out in the movie.

Alex Hassell, who is famously known for his character Translucent in The Boys TV series, is also seen in various other films like Violent Night, The Miniaturist, etc. Alex is playing the character of the family GP, Dr. Robert, who is probably another love interest of Lina in the film Locked In. Seemingly, Robert might be the actual antagonist of the film, or someone who also works for Katherine. Let’s find the answers to these queries from the film.


Anna Friel, previously famous for her roles in films like Land of the Lost, Marcella, Monarch, and many more, is portraying the kindhearted and curious nurse who wants to know what went wrong in Katherine’s family, prompting Katherine to suffer from such injuries. In the film, we’ll get to see why she is so obsessed with knowing about Katherine’s family. Probably an incident from her past is connected with this situation, prompting her to dig deeper. The rest of the mystery about these characters will be unraveled once the film hits Netflix screens.

Where To Watch

Locked In is coming to Netflix on November 1 to immerse us in this mysterious setting with these shady characters. We are intrigued to know more about Lina and how she would be able to navigate through such mysterious surroundings. To get to know more about the characters, their journey, and the mystery behind Katherine’s situation, we can only wait a bit for its release on November 1st.


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