‘The Boys’ Season 3: Ending, & Season 4: Possibilities, Explained: Will Ryan Turn Out Like Homelander?

One of Prime’s best shows, “The Boys,” finally released the most awaited season finale of Season 3. The production team has done an outstanding job of putting up a series of this stature. Understanding why season 3 is the most important in this series is essential for the fans. This season has successfully brought so many aspects of the concerned characters. Based on this, the season finale was required to be one of the most significant. Well, “The Boys” never disappoints. The final episode of “The Boys” season 3 had its share of ups and downs, but today we will talk about what exactly happened at the end of the season finale.


Spoilers Ahead

What Has Happened So Far?

So, the conflict begins when A-Train accidentally kills Hughie’s girlfriend. Billy the Butcher and his team of wackadoodles start hunting superheroes. They all have their own vendetta against Vought International, the birthplace of superheroes. “The Boys” Season 3 talks about a super weapon that could help them kill the almighty Homelander. On the other hand, Maeve helps Butcher to have some of the temp-V solutions that could turn an ordinary man into a supe for 24 hours. While searching for the super weapon called “B.C.L. Red,” they come to know about Soldier Boy. In this process, they release him, and now Soldier Boy starts killing his old group members who betrayed him. Billy the Butcher makes a deal with Soldier Boy that if he helps in killing Homelander, Billy will help him locate the rest of his squad members. As the story progresses, Soldier Boy learns that Black Noir planned the betrayal against him, although the orders came directly from Stan Edgar.


By the end of episode 7 of “The Boys” season 3, we learned about two of the most twisted things. One is that Vought saves A-Train’s life, and now he has the heart of his arch-nemesis, Blue Hawk, so that he can run again. The other thing? Well, Soldier Boy is the father of Homelander. Now the question arises: would Soldier Boy ever kill Homelander? Because we had already witnessed the voice of a loving father while he was talking to Homelander. Also, the episode 8 trailer hinted that Soldier Boy might not kill Homelander. Is it? Let’s find out what actually happened.

The Origin Story Of Soldier Boy

After reaching New York, Soldier Boy told Billy about his childhood. After learning about Billy’s father’s toxic treatment of him, he talked about his origin story. Soldier Boy came from a wealthy background as his father was one of the richest men in the state. He was a spoiled brat who was sent to a boarding school. He was thrown out of there too, and his father told him how disappointing a child he had been to him. To seek validation from his father, Soldier Boy contacted the Vought and volunteered to become a superhero. When he thought his father would be proud of him, knowing that his son is now the most powerful man on earth, he told him that he let him down by taking the shortcut. This is why Soldier Boy always wanted to have a child to guide him in the right direction; moreover, he wanted to be a better father. This particular conversation hints at the fact that Soldier Boy might accept Homelander as his son and drop the idea of killing him. But that isn’t what actually happened.


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Why Did Soldier Boy Attack Homelander?

Homelander, too, was looking forward to meeting with his father, Soldier Boy. He always wanted to have a father, as he had always yearned for (him) since childhood. He even killed Black Noir for hiding the fact that he had a father. Homelander brought Ryan to tell Soldier Boy that they could start looking after each other as they are all family. But, right then, Soldier Boy changed his mind and said the exact same words that his toxic father once told him. He told Homelander that he was disappointed with the miserable man standing in front of him. Homelander’s desire for attention disgusted Soldier Boy in every possible way. Last but not least, Soldier Boy wanted his kingdom back; he wanted control of Vought (back), and he needed to kill Homelander to do so. There was no chance that Soldier Boy would team up with Homelander. Homelander was created in a lab, whereas Soldier Boy was a human who used Compound-V to become a superhero. So, the bond would not work between the father and the lab child in many ways. Thus, Soldier Boy attacked Homelander.

‘The Boys’ Season 3: Ending –  Is Soldier Boy Dead?

When Homelander was attacked and was about to be “nuked” by Soldier Boy, Ryan interfered with his laser beams. Soldier Boy pushed him away with his shield, and in this process, Ryan got injured. This made Butcher and Homelander so angry that they both attacked Soldier Boy. Butcher asked Soldier Boy to leave Ryan out of this and started fighting with him. On the other hand, Maeve went one-on-one with Homelander and lost her right eye. In between this, Kimiko and Frenchie made Novichok inside Vought’s lab. Novichok is a deadly vapor gas that can put a Soldier Boy to sleep. Kimiko and Starlight held Soldier Boy using all their strength while M.M. put the Novichok in and made Soldier Boy sleep. But, before Soldier Boy could sleep, he triggered another energy blast, as he didn’t want to be imprisoned again. Maeve held Soldier Boy and jumped off the building. In the end, Ryan holds the hands of his father, Homelander, and they walk off. Soldier Boy is captured again, this time by the boys, and is brought to Grace Mallory. 


Ryan: The Next Big Problem for The Boys?

At the end of the “The Boys” season 3 finale, Homelander introduced Ryan as his son to the world. The crowd cheered him, and for the first time, Ryan looked at Homelander as a father who was molding him into one of his own. Someone from the crowd called Ryan a “fascist” and threw a can at him; this made Homelander so angry that he killed him in front of all those people. Right then, he knew he had messed up pretty badly this time, as there was Ryan and the people who knew him as the sole protector. But, all of a sudden, a man (Todd, MM’s daughter’s stepfather) from the crowd shouted with appreciation that the man who Homelander killed had it coming. Homelander was stunned by this, but it was Ryan who, for the first time, knew what attention felt like. From what we see, Ryan is now finding his one true purpose, i.e., to become as strong as his father, the Homelander, which can be very concerning for “The Boys.” If Ryan becomes like him, it would be tough for them to stop Homelander as Ryan would protect his father by all means. Boys can not harm Ryan as he is a child, and also, Butcher promised Becca that he would defend Ryan no matter what. This creates a new tension as “The Boys” Season 3 ends on a cliffhanger.

Will There Be A Season 4?

Yes, there will be season 4 of “The Boys.” Homelander is more potent than ever as he got his son Ryan by his side, and now Victoria Neuman is running for the vice president, and if she wins the election, then it will be impossible to stop them. Also, we have seen how Victoria made her daughter into a supe by giving her a dosage of Compound-V. So, the combined force of Homelander, Ryan, Victoria, and her daughter will be a tough fight for the boys. There are high chances that supe-children can cause a bigger problem, although they can also be the solution.


On the one hand, Homelander will now try every possible way to make Ryan a powerful being like him who doesn’t care for anything but attention. Again, Butcher will try and save Ryan from Homelander; the only difference is that, until now, Ryan would have wanted to be protected from his father, but now he loves him more than ever. Ryan can even kill Butcher if Homelander says so. Many things will unfold in Season 4, probably the last season of “The Boys.”

Butcher’s Days Are Numbered?

For many reasons, Billy Butcher has been a character that people are confused about, and they don’t know whether they should fall in love or hate him. He is the epitome of an anti-hero. From the beginning, he has been a rigid man who fears no one, not even any superhero. Since he was taking Temp-V for a more extended period, it became inevitable that it was not a good sign. Some thought he could become a permanent superhero, but, at the end of episode 7, Starlight revealed that the compound damages the human body. Knowing what could happen, he again took temp-V, and the doctor finally told him that he might have only 12-18 months to live. From “The Boys” season 2, Butcher is losing one thing or another that he loves so dearly, be it Becca, or now Ryan, who was taken away by a Homelander, and he failed to protect him. Knowing he had left with a few days to live, he smoked a cigarette and was back in action to destroy Vought and its supes for once and for all. You can hate this guy yet get attached to him.


What Might Happen?

Butcher may have lost the more significant battles, but he somehow managed to win a war. He managed to make a brotherly connection with Hughie, and made sure that with Hughie, the rest of the boys would come together once more to fight against Vought. Although, this time, they have Starlight fighting side by side with them. It is expected that Maeve will soon join the fight, even if she has lost all her power because of Soldier Boy’s energy blast. Superpowers are always a compound-V away. Also, A-Train can join the fight, and it would be fascinating to see him and Hughie fighting together to put an end to Homelander. There are so many ironies that can happen, but will they? As it is “The Boys,” we should all keep our hopes high. 

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