‘Little Demon’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Where Does Chrissy Go?

At the end of Episode 9, the Merc from the Vatican manages to get hold of Chrissy, AKA the Antichrist, at Bennigan’s house while Laura thinks that Chrissy is still with her father in Hell. Episode 10 brings Chrissy face to face with her siblings, who take her to their dimension. Laura and Satan team up to find Chrissy.


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‘Little Demon’ Episode 10: Recap Summary

The Merc has trapped Chrissy but has trouble making sense of her pacified self. She is fed up with making mistakes every day and hurting someone or something. Peace for her will only come in death. But just before the Merc shoots her, three hooded figures arrive at the spot and take down the Merc. They reveal themselves to be Chrissy’s siblings. They offer to take her to the dimension where all her siblings live in peace. Chrissy goes with them, disregarding Bennigan’s request not to go. A portal opens, and Chrissy enters after her siblings. The portal then vanishes.


Bennigan informs Laura that her daughter has left with her siblings. Laura arrives at Bennigan’s house, followed by Satan. This is when Satan reveals that the people who took Chrissy are his “litter” or children. According to Satan, Chrissy has been taken to the far ends of the demicorp plan. And the only way to track them is through the labyrinth of stercus urino that tells any truth to anyone who reaches its center. But it needs a soul sacrifice first. Satan and Laura decide to sacrifice the Merc.

Chrissy is welcomed to the realm of Primus Flatus. The place is a utopia, and its people are lovable. They all welcome Chrissy with open arms. As she is given a tour of the place, a group of furries attacks them all. Furries are ancient, destructive dog-like creatures that regularly ravage the place and have killed many people. But Chrissy’s plan of killing them is negated straightaway as the people of Primus Flatus don’t kill; they only use non-lethal force to make the enemy comply. Some of them try to chain one of the furries, but it breaks free. That’s when Chrissy uses her powers to chain it and manages to bring it down.


Laura, Satan, and the Merc arrive at the labyrinth. There they meet the luduan, the spirit of the labyrinth, who asks them to reveal their truth, and they will then be shown the way. In no mood to solve any riddles, Laura and Satan try to bypass Luduan but fail to do so. The Luduan attacks them, but they somehow manage to break out of the labyrinth.

Back in utopia, the people raise a toast to Chrissy and celebrate the capture of the furry. This is when Chrissy finds out that the people intend to rehabilitate the furries by using Chrissy’s powers to supercharge the divine bonds. They can then detain the furries without harming them and begin the rehabilitation process.


Three weeks have passed. Chrissy has found a new home in Primus Flatus. Venessa, one of Chrissy’s siblings, tells her that they intend to use the divine bond machine to wrangle all the furries for rehabilitation. The war between the people of Primus Flatus and the Furries will finally come to an end. But Chrissy mentions how luring all the furries into their home grounds can be a risk. But the people are confident in Chrissy’s powers. On the other hand, Satan and Laura, along with the Merc, have been hiding in a cave, trying to figure out where to look for Chrissy. The Merc has been eating lobanda nuts that give off a scent of the main food source of the luduan. And before Laura can tell him to throw the nuts away, the luduan attacks.

Back on Earth, Bennigan decides to come to Hell and find Chrissy. She left because she felt that she had no one left to care for, but Bennigan wanted to remind her that he is and always has been her friend. He was certainly hurt by her, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t his friend. After the ritual is complete, Bennigan does arrive in Hell, but unfortunately, it seems that the Biggleheim Angels have found him. They want him to be their “little warrior.” Bennigan is overjoyed to have been asked by an angel to be a warrior.


Chrissy charges the divine bond machine, and the furries are lured in. And just as Chrissy had predicted, the furries are too many, and while some of them are caught, others make their way into town, destroying everything and killing many people. Chrissy makes up her mind and starts killing the furries one by one, not listening to Venessa and the others who ask her to stop the killing. In a spree, Chrissy kills one of her friends. People start to believe that she is just like her father, a destroyer. But Chrissy defends herself by saying that she makes her own choices, unlike those who are spending their lives in self-victimization. This makes things even worse, and she is then asked to leave Primus Flatus.

Laura, Satan, and the Merc are running from the luduan when they reach the bridge that is the dark matter end. The bridge is breaking, and if it falls, it will cease to exist. The luduan is right behind, and its weight causes the portion of the bridge on which the three are standing to collapse. Laura is hanging by the edge with Satan holding on to her and the Merc holding onto Satan. Facing obliteration, Satan admits to having spent the “least bad” time with Laura. Laura, too, admits the same, while the Merc admits how his mission to kill a child was misguided. All three are then saved by the luduan since they have revealed their truths. Now, they can ask for the truth they want to find out without sacrificing the Merc. Laura thus asks for her daughter Chrissy. The luduan reveals that she is at Darlene’s residence. This means that Chrissy is back on Earth.


‘Little Demon’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Is Chrissy Back With Her Mother?

Yes. Laura and Satan return to Earth. Laura and Chrissy hug each other while Satan is told to leave. Laura beheads the body that Satan was in. He thus returns to Hell and tells Snakes with Arms that he has found a new way to get to Chrissy, i.e., through her mom, Laura. The next day, Chrissy and Bennigan are in school. Chrissy is thankful to Bennigan for putting their issues behind them. And she tells him that all her life, she has tried to be what others wanted her to be. From now on, she will be herself. Meanwhile, Bennigan hears one of the Biggleheim Angels speaking to him from outside the school, using a dog’s body. The finale ends with Chrissy having a laugh that is quite evil for Bennigan to hear, and the viewers too. The post-credits scene shows Merc buying himself a house and starting a new life.

Season 2 of “Little Demon” will show us a new and more evolved Antichrist in Chrissy since she has made up her mind to do what she wants to do and be how she wants to be. But Bennigan is under the influence of the Biggleheim Angels, so they will use him as bait to capture Chrissy. Neither Laura nor Satan knows about this. Moreover, Satan is chalking out a new plan to have Chrissy join him so that he can bring about Maximus Dawnus. Will Chrissy be captured by the Biggleheim Angels, or will Satan use her just as he intends to? In the midst of all this, Chrissy has only one savior, her mother, Laura. She will have to do all it takes to protect her daughter.


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