‘Little Demon’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained – Do Chrissy And Laura Find Their Breaks Useful?

At the end of episode 8, Chrissy goes to stay with her father, Satan, in Hell after a huge fight with her mother, Laura. “Little Demon” Episode 9 takes Chrissy and Laura to separate ways. While Chrissy gets a taste of what Hell really is, Laura finds herself away from her responsibilities and enjoys some me-time. Will their experiences give them a new outlook on life? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Little Demon’ Episode 9: Recap Summary

Laura wakes up from a nightmare in which she and Chrissy are hit by tsunami waves. Satan makes an entrance on a jet-ski and takes Chrissy with him, leaving Laura all by herself. This nightmare makes Laura decide that she has to bring Chrissy back from Hell.


Laura is at Darlene’s sea beach. Darlene wanted Laura to have some peace. She reminds Laura how she needs to respect Chrissy’s boundaries. So it’s a good thing that both Chrissy and Laura are on their own because they both equally need it. Thus, Laura casts a spell that will blow up her heart if she texts or calls Chrissy in the next 24 hours. She goes outside and stares at the sea. This is when she notices a vague dark figure for a split second before Dorlene gives her a jump scare. Dorlene invites her to a bonfire at the beach. But Laura is disinterested, to say the least, and sighs. She is probably missing Laura but can’t do anything about it.

Chrissy has been having a great time in Hell, flying on a cockatrice, with no dishes to deal with and “no dictator” (her mom Laura) giving her orders all the time. Satan, too, is giving her all the freedom she wants, and seeing his daughter’s excitement, he too decides to have some drugs and fun. Chrissy finds out about the hottest club in the metaphysical realm, Raponga, from a woman. She and a group of Moth Boys (they literally look like moths with arms and legs) are headed there. Chrissy decides to visit the place too.


Laura is sitting outside the beach house with a bottle of beer. She observes a group of people, including Dorlene, around a bonfire on the beach and decides to join in. The group, comprising Dorlene, Durlawn, Dirlane, and Dave, is discussing a famous show called “Sh*t Wives of Myrtle Beach.” During their conversation, Durlawn mentions a sea hag that took one of Durlawn’s friends. The sea beast roams the beach and feeds on loneliness and human flesh. As Laura leaves the bonfire, she receives a text from Satan saying how she is enjoying Hell. The message was sent to make Laura feel jealous, which she does. She decides to reverse the spell she cast on herself earlier so that she can get Laura back safely. As she waits by the sea for lightning to strike her, a part of her ritual to reverse the spell, a wave hits her and pulls her into the sea. Under the sea, a dark figure tries to grab her, and in trying to flee, Laura hits her head on a rock, losing consciousness. When she opens her eyes, she is on land. It was the sea hag who saved her. She also gives Laura the picture of Chrissy, she dropped in the sea. The entity is a woman who seems to be nice and well-behaved. She offers Laura a swim in the sea and a dive under. With nothing much to do and 24 hours to spend, Laura agrees. Once under the sea, the sea hag licks Laura’s neck and gives her gills to breathe underwater. Laura’s trip thus begins.

Laura and the sea hag visit the Kraken, who gives them some drugs that they both take and have fun getting high. After that, they save some sea monks from the Vodyanorwens, pirates of the abyss. The sea monks give them a bottle of hooch as a gift. Back at the sea hag’s place, as they have food and drinks together, Laura tells her about how she feels like she doesn’t deserve happiness as she really hasn’t been able to provide her daughter with happiness. The sea hag shares her story of how she felt guilty as the mom of her first litter. She didn’t know anything about motherhood and spent her time two-timing. But later on, the shame she felt turned into a compass that she used to course through life. And took a further toll on her. Thus, she makes Laura understand that she needs a break and to stop blaming herself. An emotional moment forms between the two, and then they end up making love under the sea, away from the world and its judgments.


Chrissy arrives at Raponga and is surprised to see the ambiance that is all-out music, dance, drinks, and chaos. Among all the demons, she sees the lady she met earlier, along with the Moth Boys, dancing. She, too, starts to dance. Suddenly, she notices the woman going into the washroom and follows her. Upon entering the washroom, she sees the Moth Boys feeding on the woman’s corpse. Before Chrissy could escape, one of the boys hit her with a dart. She is half unconscious as she tries to call her dad for help. Back at his place, Satan is at his all-time high on drugs and has absolutely no idea that her daughter is calling her. His phone keeps ringing. Chrissy somehow pulls herself up and manages to run and come out of the washroom, followed by the Moth Boys. She then tries to contact her mom, but Laura is busy with the sea hag.

Laura and the sea hag are in bed. They are showing their tattoos to each other. After some time, Laura, with sadness on her face and perhaps a little bit of guilt, tells the sea hag that she has to go back. The sea hag drops her on land. This is when Laura finds the missed calls from Chrissy. She makes up her mind to go and check on Chrissy. But the sea hag tries to stop her, telling her to give herself some time. Laura calls her selfish and leaves. But before she can make her way back home (from Darlene’s beach house), she hears a cry from the sea hag. It seems that Durlawn and the others have captured her and are about to kill her. However, upon finding out that the sea hag also watches their favorite show, “Sh*t Wives of Myrtle Beach,” they not only let her go but accept her into their group, finalizing their next meet. Before leaving, the sea hag gifts Laura a tattoo on her arm. If Laura wants to meet her, all she has to do is press the tattoo and call her five times. The sea hag then bids Laura goodbye and dives under the sea; the hope of meeting again is visible in both of them.


‘Little Demon’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Does Chrissy Survive the Moth Boys?

Chrissy is about to be eaten alive when she finally turns on them. She realizes that she can take care of them herself and beats the Moth Boys to death. After that, she returns to her father’s place on the cockatrice. Satan is woken up by Snake with Arms, and he sees Chrissy leave Hell and return to Earth. She is clearly angry with her father for not answering her call and doesn’t wait for any explanation. Chrissy decides to go to Bennigan’s place, perhaps the only place where she can find some peace.

Laura returns home and meets Darlene, who asks her about Chrissy. Laura tells her that Chrissy will return when she feels like it. Meanwhile, Chrissy reaches Bennigan’s house. She uses a spare key to enter after no one answers the door. They know she is coming. Upon entering, Chrissy finds Bennigan and his family tied at the hands and mouths. She is shocked and tries to free them when a man in black enters the room. It is the mercenary who has been planning to kill Chrissy for a long time (since the beginning of the show). The episode ends with the man declaring himself Chrissy’s “archnemesis.”


Episode 10, AKA the Season Finale, will finally have the Antichrist fight her archnemesis. However, the fight won’t be easy for Chrissy, and she will need all the help she can get. Perhaps, we will finally see Laura and Satan come together as husband and wife to protect their daughter. But the mercenary will surely have many good tricks up his sleeve for not just Chrissy but her parents too.

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