Yui Kurosawa In ‘Let’s Get Divorced,’ Explained: Why Did Yui And Taishi Separate From Each Other?

Yui Kurosawa, the protagonist of Let’s Get Divorced, desires a life free from the overwhelming fame she has achieved. Despite her success, she grapples with the consequences of her choices, which lead her down a path of sadness. The series follows Yui’s extraordinary journey as she embarks on a quest for love, hoping to heal the wounds from her difficult past and unfulfilling marriage.


Spoilers Ahead 

Yui’s Past

Yui’s journey through childhood was far from ordinary, shaped by the complexities of her mother’s unconventional choices. Growing up as an illegitimate child in a family with multiple step-siblings, Yui and her older sister Ai found themselves shouldering responsibilities beyond their years. Together, they took on the daunting task of managing the household and tending to the family’s snack bar. Yui’s mother, Tomii, never married but continued to have children with different men, creating a tumultuous environment that weighed heavily on Yui’s young shoulders. Amidst the challenging circumstances, Yui’s love for her mother never wavered. She understood the difficult ways in which Tomii manipulated her to secure financial support for the education and well-being of her other children. 


Yui’s compassionate nature led her to provide assistance, even after she got married to Taishi. Her in-laws extended their support to Tomii, further deepening the dependency she had on them. However, when Yui made the difficult decision to separate from Taishi, she faced unexpected and heart-wrenching opposition from her own mother. Tomii, driven by her own need for financial stability, emotionally blackmailed Yui to reconsider, pleading for her to hold on a little longer.

Yui’s Connection With Taishi

When the paths of Yui and Taishi intertwined, it was as if the universe conspired to bring them together. Yui, with a heart yearning for affection and a new life that deviated from her painful past, found solace in Taishi’s kind nature and unwavering dedication. His presence soothed her deepest wounds and awakened a hope she thought was long extinguished. Yui’s childhood had been marked by a lack of love and affection, leaving her with a deep void that seemed insurmountable. So Yui saw the potential for a different life—a life where love was not scarce, and he began to fill that void, gradually erasing the scars of her past and offering her the affection she had longed for. When their relationship faced opposition from Taishi’s parents due to their political background, it created additional challenges for Yui. 


Yui faced the piercing scrutiny and ridicule of Taishi’s mother, who harbored deep reservations about her family background and her career as an actress. The weight of her disapproval pressed upon Yui, threatening to shatter the fragile bonds she had forged with Taishi. Despite the constant humiliation and criticism hurled her way, Yui was determined to bridge the gap and win over her in-laws. Yui’s innocence and charisma worked wonders in convincing Taishi’s father and allowed him to see the depth of Yui’s love for his son. After their marriage, Yui remained steadfast in her support of Taishi’s political career, going above and beyond despite her demanding schedule as an actress. However, the same level of support was not reciprocated by Taishi.

Yui’s Unhappy Marriage

Yui encountered a tumultuous phase when differences and insecurities began to intertwine, transforming her once harmonious bond into a nightmarish ordeal. When the news of Taishi’s adultery with Sakurako broke, Yui’s world shattered into a million pieces. The pain of betrayal pierced her heart, leaving her feeling utterly broken and lost. Despite her attempts to move past the incident and salvage their relationship, the relentless scrutiny of the media only served to amplify her anguish. The foundation upon which their love was built had crumbled, leaving her with a painful realization that the person she thought she knew so well had inflicted such pain upon her. In the aftermath of the revelation, Yui found herself torn between two conflicting desires. 


On one hand, she longed to mend their fractured bond and restore the love they once shared. Memories of happier times haunted her, tempting her to believe that they could recapture the magic that had once bound them together. Yet, beneath her yearning for reconciliation, a voice of self-preservation whispered, reminding her that trust, once shattered, is not easily repaired. The wounds ran deep, and Yui questioned whether she could ever fully trust Taishi again. As the fear of being hurt once more loomed over her, it cast a shadow on any hope for rebuilding their broken relationship. But the lack of support from both Taishi’s family and her own created a pervasive sense of isolation for Mimata, causing her emotions to become clouded and making it even more challenging for her to make the right decisions. Taishi’s mother, in particular, seemed oblivious to Yui’s emotional turmoil, perpetuating a narrative that having a child would miraculously solve their problems. 

In her perspective, Taishi’s cheating scandal was dismissed as a mere inconvenience, overshadowed by the notion that being a wife to a successful man should be a source of pride, regardless of his actions. Taishi’s mother, deeply rooted in traditional beliefs, subscribed to the idea that infidelity was an accepted norm among famous men, as if it were an unavoidable consequence of their success. She expected Yui to conform to societal expectations and wear her role as Taishi’s wife like a badge of honor, disregarding the pain and betrayal that lay beneath the surface. To her, the preservation of their public image took precedence over Yui’s emotional well-being. This disheartening lack of understanding and empathy from Taishi’s mother compounded Yui’s suffering, leaving her feeling isolated and unheard. It was a stark reminder that even within the confines of family, support and compassion were not guaranteed. 


Yui’s Bond With Kyoji

Yui’s unexpected encounter with Kyoji marked a turning point in her life, introducing her to a man whose genuine and uncomplicated nature stood in stark contrast to Taishi. Their serendipitous meeting on the street was the beginning of a connection that resonated deeply with Yui. Kyoji, an artist driven by passion rather than materialistic pursuits, captivated her with his sincerity and the validation he provided. When Yui discovered that she was pregnant, it presented a challenging situation for her. Despite the child not being Kyoji’s biologically, he expressed his readiness to accept and care for Taishi’s baby because of his love for Yui. However, the revelation of Yui’s infidelity in the magazines shattered the fragile bond between her and Kyoji. 

Yui deliberately disclosed the news of her own infidelity because the magazines also revealed Taishi’s cheating scandal. But Yui was fed up with everything and she wanted to expedite the divorce process, but it had unintended consequences, exposing Kyoji’s personal struggles and their relationship to the public eye. While the revelation was difficult for Kyoji, he remained committed to supporting Yui and her unborn child, despite the judgment and scrutiny they faced. Kyoji’s dedication and his ability to see beyond societal norms endeared him to Yui. His actions were often puzzling, but Yui appreciated his lack of expectations and his ability to think beyond conventional boundaries. 


Yui and Taishi found themselves united in the general elections, their realization of each other’s significance and the impact Kyoji had on bringing Yui back from her dark place began to shift the dynamics once again. Kyoji, who had never been concerned about Yui’s marital status or societal opinions, played an instrumental role in their journey. Despite their deep connection, Yui ultimately made the decision to leave Kyoji. She yearned for autonomy and the ability to determine her own path, not wanting someone else to dictate her choices. Kyoji, respecting her wishes, did not attempt to hold her back, allowing Yui to follow her heart’s desires.

Yui’s Separation From Taishi

The journey of Yui and Taishi in Let’s Get Divorced showcased the transformative power of honest and vulnerable conversations, ultimately leading to a mutual understanding and acceptance of their decision to part ways. In the aftermath of their separation, Yui embarked on a journey of personal growth and she gave birth to their son, Yoji, and despite Taishi’s mother’s insistence on taking custody of the child, Yui firmly stood her ground. She was determined to provide a different future for her son, one filled with happiness and freedom. As time passed, Yui’s acting career flourished, garnering international acclaim and recognition. 


Though she had no intentions of rekindling her romantic relationship with Taishi, they developed a strong friendship based on mutual respect and understanding. Yui observed Taishi’s sincere reflection on his past mistakes, which touched her deeply. In a heartfelt moment, Yui made a promise to Taishi. She vowed that if she ever decided to marry again, she would choose him over anyone else. This declaration signified the profound bond they shared, rooted in their shared history and the growth they had undergone individually.

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