Leila Ali In ‘Deliver Me’ Explained: Does Leila Try To Save Billy’s Life?

Burdened with the responsibility of raising four kids all by herself, Leila comes a long way after losing her eldest son, Billy. Being the only major female character in Netflix’s Deliver Me, Leila’s primal instinct is to make sure her kids are safe. A survivor above everything else, Leila only makes decisions based on the wellbeing of her kids. She doesn’t mollycoddle her husband either, despite having that option.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Leila try to save Billy’s life?

Leila is sick and tired of Billy getting himself into trouble. Her job in the laundry requires her to work for the whole day, and that impacts her kids back home. Without any resistance, Billy ended up in Mehdi’s gang and Leila had no clue about it. Much later when Billy confesses that he wants to get out, Leila doesn’t lose her senses. She does the smart thing and supports her kid to overcome the problem. In order to do so, she had to give Mehdi all the money she had. Leila even arranged for Billy’s escape to Nigeria, and truly wanted a better life for him. When Billy got shot, the woman didn’t even know that he was not in his bed. Leila didn’t make one decision that would harm her kids, but Billy got himself in so big a mess, Leila couldn’t save him. 


What does Leila do after Billy’s death?

After Billy’s untimely death, Leila holds a strong reign over her house to protect the kids. She tells her kids to not cooperate with the police under any circumstances. She shuts Farid off when he tries to investigate. She knew very well that the danger was still looming over her head. Mehdi’s men constantly kept watch on the family, despite the police protection they had. Leila keeps her cool in moments where she could see men waiting for them while they are helpless inside the house. They eventually get to Tusse, Billy’s younger brother, and the sole witness to whatever unfolded between Mehdi and Billy and Dogge. Tusse was threatened, and Leila decides it’s enough and she tells Farid that Mehdi never stopped extorting money from them. 

Is Leila right for persuading Tusse to testify?

Tusse admits that it was Leila who had given Billy the gun. Now Leila was in a dilemma between choosing the right thing for her family or the truth. The truth would only mean Mehdi walking out as a free man and terrorizing the family for years. Leila doesn’t follow the righteous path because it’d be jeopardizing her family. She convinces Tusse that even lying in court isn’t so bad if it can get them justice for Billy’s death. Tusse is scared, but she gives him the courage to go ahead with the testimony. Tusse makes up the perfect dialogues on how Mehdi gave the gun to Dogge, and how he saw everything unfold. This testimony marked the end of Mehdi, the man who ruined this family, along with so many others.


Why didn’t Leila patch up with her husband?

Leila broke her marriage for a reason the show doesn’t tell us, but it’s evident that she made the right decision. Her husband is a man who cares very little about his family. When he comes back to find Billy dead, he blames it on Leila and claims it wouldn’t have happened if he was present. He also claims that he wanted to stay with them, but it was Leila who drove him away. All of this is mostly a bunch of fake shouting, as he’s no different than Leila thinks he is. When Billy was being threatened by Mehdi and his boys, Leila asked him if they could leave the town. But the man is nothing but selfish, and he thinks the kids shouldn’t move away from their ‘motherland.’  His unrealistic claims soon turn out to be a sham, and a few days with the family drives him nuts. When the family was kept under strict police protection during Mehdi’s trial, he decided to leave them. Tusse catches his father going out, and the ‘man’ tells his underage kid to take care of his mother and sisters. It’s unfair how Leila got a cowardly husband who never was able to support her and the family, and she did the right thing by pushing him away. 

Leila eventually gets a new start after Tusse testifies in the court. The government gives her and the family a different identity and she moves to a new country with a clean slate. Leila didn’t have control over Bilal’s demise, but she made sure none of her kids suffer the same fate as Bilal. 


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