‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: How Was Silas Killed?

Two years after the events of Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 3, Bass Reeves is now well on his way to becoming a legendary lawman in the Wild West. He had the tactics, the courage and the sheer will to impose the rule of law on Native territory. Murderers, robbers and all other delinquents had taken cognizance of him and it was here in the fourth episode that we see him getting deeper into hell, at the risk of becoming a monster himself after facing so many monsters. Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 4 focuses primarily on the time when Bass was out working with ex-robber Bill Crow, collecting himself an impressive collar. Embodying the spirit of the law, Bass was now on the verge of not knowing right from wrong and leaving it all up to the Almighty.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Bass Change His Name?

Bass Reeves showed up at an old white woman’s home in a rural county, and it seemed he had given up the badge. He seemed like an impoverished fellow dressed in rags who needed a place to stay. The lady, fierce and untrusting at first, allowed Bass in after he told her that his name was Joseph, and he knew the Bible by heart. The lady let Bass in thinking he was some bum in search of work and a shed. Her two sons Darryll and Wylie showed up, and immediately there was a rush of life-threatening scenarios for Bass. The old lady tried to calm her sons down and although it looked like Darryll would shoot Bass, he didn’t. Later, the two sons got drunk, and when they got up, they found themselves in cuffs, with Bass pointing a gun at them. Bass hadn’t given up the badge after all. He was using an alias, so as to not alert Darryll and Wylie as they came to rest in their mother’s house. In two years, Bass had made a name for himself, arresting dangerous men in the most lawless places. Hence the tactic to go ‘undercover’ worked and he arrested the two wanted men Darryll and Wylie. 


How Did Jennie Deal With Edwin?

While Bass was out working, constantly traveling and risking his life, Jennie was at home managing the five kids. She had Sally, the eldest daughter, to help with the chores, but Sally too had found a distraction in Arthur, the young boy. Going to church was the only thing that gave Jennie solace, and helped her recover from the anxiety she sometimes felt in the middle of the night thinking about Bass’ safety. In earlier episodes, she had been pestered by Edwin, an advocate for the ‘Black Nation’ solution. Now Edwin had come into the church as well, giving speeches and influencing the all-black congregation. They were being persuaded by him, but Jennie wasn’t sure, same as before, that his ‘solution’ was going to do anybody any good. In a formal setting she could not refuse Edwin’s wife’s invitation to have a chat with Edwin. Jennie was the wife of the Native Territory’s most feared lawman after all. Edwin’s plan was to build the nation by occupying the Seminole and Checotah land. Jennie tried to curb his enthusiasm, pointing out that the Natives’ opinion had to be taken into consideration, and she just didn’t see a ‘Black Nation’ fostering. People were poor and desperate for some security and what Edwin was asking of the people was to trust him blindly, not knowing his plan of action. She hoped for Edwin to not cause unnecessary problems in the region, but Edwin seemed like a persistent man who would not stop until he got a majority behind him. 

How Was Silas Killed?

Bass had arrested Darryll and Wylie and added them to the collar. He had just one man left to arrest before he took the cohort to Fort Worth for the trial where Judge Parker would decide their fate. Bill seemed to be a handy companion but he sometimes got a little careless and a bit flustered when trouble came. He almost let a prisoner kill Bass, as he had not tied him well enough. The murderer had taken a life and would have taken Bass’ as well if it had not been for Bass’ alertness. Bass almost beat him to death and chided Bill for not paying attention. Bill’s inattentive mind became a problem for Bass when he shot Silas when he tried to escape. Bill wasn’t even aiming properly; it was as if he had shot Silas as a reflex. The bullet hit Silas’ vital organs, and he didn’t survive. Bass was livid with Bill as Silas had to be brought in alive. He was just a horse thief and had also given up the name of the main man Jim Webb. Bass didn’t want to kill him but since Bill couldn’t control his finger on the trigger, Bass had to take Silas’ letter found in his pocket to be delivered to Grace, Silas’ wife. 


What Did Bass Find At Silas’ Place?

Carrying such criminals safely from one place to another was such a draining task that Bass wanted to go home. But he had taken an oath, and he wasn’t about to back out of his duties. Not having slept soundly for so many moons, he thought Silas was to be his last arrest, but now he had the task of giving the letter to Grace. He reached Silas’ place and saw that Grace was a blind woman who must have depended on Silas for the daily bread. Bass was dumbstruck and he gave the letter to her. Bass didn’t even hoard money from unlawful means so that he could have given some of it to Grace. Helpless, Bass lingered for a bit and had to leave as there was nothing more to be done there. Sleepless yet alert, Bass decided to go back home but he heard suspicious sounds on his way back. Could it be Mr. Sundown, the legendary slave owner, who was like a ghost and had never been caught? Minco, Bass’ native helper had wanted Bass to lay low, as there was a handsome bounty on his head. Criminals were looking for him, and Bass knew it. Surely, he would survive, but ‘how’ remains the question that may be answered in the next episode of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

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