‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers: How Did Garrett Montgomery Die?

Lawmen: Bass Reeves is turning out to be a series that is interested in a very impressionistic portrayal of Bass, the heroic and lawful figure of the Wild West. Each episode focuses on a period, or rather, a specific event in Bass’s life, showing us an important stroke of the brush that helps complete the final portrait. The previous episodes had portrayed Bass’ tortured beginnings and his meeting with Deputy Linn, which gave him a chance to become a deputy himself. Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 3 focuses on the event that made Bass learn that this was truly a harsh world and that upholding the law wasn’t as ‘clean’ a duty as he thought it was. There were tough decisions to be made. He was even warned at one point that if he became a deputy, he wouldn’t survive for long, and if he did, he would become cynical and jaded like Deputy Linn. The road ahead was tough and full of challenges, but Bass wasn’t going to budge. Meanwhile, there was a fifth child on the way, and he had to consider the financial side of it too.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Bass Become The Deputy?

After Deputy Linn hired Bass as a posseman in the previous episode, Linn got him a chance to meet Judge Parker, who had heard about Bass’ ‘earnestness’ and wanted to appoint him as the Deputy in the Indian territory. That was because, for one, Bass was not a white man, and his skin color became important in the matter as Parker needed someone the Natives could trust, but more importantly, Bass had proved he was quite handy with a gun. Parker thought he might actually catch the bad guys, unlike the previous oldies who celebrated if they got out of a gun showdown alive. Bass met Judge Parker, who gave all the necessary details and informed Bass of all the dangers the job entailed. He asked Bass to reconsider if he wanted to, but Bass had made up his mind. He didn’t hesitate a second, took an oath on his bullet-ridden Bible, and was officially appointed as a Deputy U.S. Marshal.


How Did Bass Find Bill Crow?

Bass’ first assignment was to apprehend a man named Bill Crow, who was creating a lot of problems in Checotah, the Indian Territory. But first, he needed a posseman. Soon he found Garrett Montgomery, who agreed to accompany Bass on his mission. Though Garrett was a seedy fellow, it looked like he would help Bass for the money. Bass didn’t know any better and thought he wouldn’t cause him any problems, but soon he did. Bass had an inkling that Bill Crow wasn’t working alone. He was wanted for the robbery of a German’s stagecoach, and there were sure to be other men involved. In fact, Bill Crow was connected with the Underwood gang, headed by the fierce Huff Underwood. Garrett helped Bass in Checotah, and Bass found the Underwood gang members. Almost on the verge of a shootout, Bass’ negotiation skills helped him get information out of the gang members about Crow’s whereabouts. Bill Crow was just a pawn in the bigger scheme, but Bass had to apprehend him as his job assignment was to get him to Fort Worth for trial. There was nothing against Huff Underwood just yet. So Bass arrested Bill, knowing full well that the Underwood gang would be coming after him.

How Did Garrett Die?

Garrett was always a little annoyed by how Bass operated. Bass had an integrity that just didn’t sit right with him. He had arrested Bill and was now on his way to Fort Worth. Garrett might have worked with previous deputies who might have had a tendency for taking bribes from their prisoners, but Bass was resolute. Bill Crow knew where the Underwood gang had hidden their loot, and he was willing to give the location away if Bass would release him. Garrett was ecstatic to hear the news, but seeing Bass unmoved in his resolve, he grew frustrated and planned to kill him. Bass grew wary, but not because of Garrett, it was because of the Underwood gang, who had come to save their man, Bill Crow. Before Garrett could shoot Bass, he ended up dead, having been shot by one of the members of the Underwood gang. Bass barely made it out of the woods alive, but he was successful in taking Bill with him. He arrived at Fort Worth without a scratch, hoping to take down the Underwood gang some other time. Bill Crow’s trial was about to begin when Bass noticed a boy in court who once needed his help, even before Bass had become the deputy.


Why Did Bass Try To Persuade Judge Parker?

Bass had seen that boy, named Myson, on the day he was to meet Judge Parker for his official appointment. The thought that was going through Bass’ mind, seeing him in court again, was that nobody had helped the poor boy all this time. Myson was on trial for murder. He had killed a man, albeit accidentally. Myson was starving and had sneaked into a shop to get his hands on some food, but he was caught. In defense, Myson pushed the man away, who was inclined to kill him. Bass knew it in his bones that Myson had pushed the man, but not with the intention of killing him. But how could he prove that to Parker? Bill had once mentioned that Parker was a cruel judge who put most of the prisoners on death row, not considering the circumstances in which the crime occurred. Parker was indeed a harsh judge. This was proven when Bass tried to persuade him to be lenient on Bill Crow, but Parker’s visage showed his unwavering intention of punishing those who had chosen the criminal path. In Myson’s case as well, Bass could do nothing and simply watch Parker sign Myson’s death sentence. Bass returned home with a heavy heart, on his way to becoming a hard-boiled deputy, just like Linn. He expected the criminals to be unreasonable and cruel, but even the lawmakers were sometimes merciless. Bass had much to reconcile, but for now, he had Jennie to take care of, who had just given birth to their fifth child.

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