‘La Brea’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: Where Did Ty End Up?

Previously in La Brea seasons 1 and 2, we were introduced to the story following a giant sinkhole opening in the middle of Los Angeles that transferred people from the present era to the prehistoric age. In the midst of all this, Gavin Harris, the head of the Harris family, turned out to be a time traveler who could destroy the time travel portals and bring everything back to normalcy. Throughout the two seasons, a lot of events unfolded, and a lot of survivors lost their lives, but Gavin remained steadfast in his mission to find a solution to this catastrophe.


In the end of La Brea season 2, we saw Gavin’s wife Eve get separated from the rest of the survivors and transported to a different timeline. Scott, one of the survivors, met a little kid named Petra, whose mother used to be an important figure working for a military base in LA. Meanwhile, the bond between Veronica and Lucas grew, and we came to find that Veronica was pregnant with Lucas’s child. Now, in the first episode of the third season, let’s see how things progress in the lives of these survivors.

Spoilers Ahead


Who Is Sierra?

Season 3 concluded with Gavin and his group of survivors ending up in the pre-hominid era, where they managed to survive an attack by a T-rex. As Eve was lost elsewhere in a different timeline, Gavin’s sole mission became to find her. Gavin once again had some visions of having breakfast with his family and enjoying quality time with them, but he couldn’t find any relevance to this vision and ignored it, thinking it was just a flashback. Meanwhile, Levi reunited with Gavin and gave him a laptop to find out if he could contact a military base that Petra had previously talked about. Scott managed to collect some potatoes to produce electricity so that they could operate the laptop. After successfully establishing communication with the military base, Gavin found out that Eve had probably been captured by those people at the base. As he became eager to know more about Eve, a message from the base appeared on his screen, saying that Gavin needed to find Sierra to rescue his wife.

Gavin couldn’t remember who Sierra was, so he sought help from Sam, but Sam asked him to focus on his visions and communicate with Levi to get some help. Putting all the previous arguments aside, Gavin finally talked to Levi and learned that those flashbacks were from Izzy’s birthday, which was when Gavin had started having visions. Levi, who had also been invited to Izzy’s birthday, could remember that Gavin went outside for a moment and came back home upset. Gavin put some pressure on his memories and found out that he had spotted a woman named Sierra outside of his house. Sierra was from the military base where Gavin used to work, but due to his recurring visions and travels back and forth in time, Gavin had forgotten everything about that. He could finally remember that Sierra had revealed her true identity, saying that she was Maya Smith, who was none other than Petra’s mother. Gavin quickly told Levi everything about Sierra and asked him to find Petra. Both went in different directions to find Petra, but when Levi managed to locate her, the two of them got attacked by the people from the base. Gavin arrived at the spot and found that both Levi and Petra had been kidnapped by those people.


Did Riley Survive?

Josh and Riley grew closer, and Josh finally expressed his love for Riley. Riley also accepted that she had fallen in love with Josh, but before they could focus more on their romantic activities, they got attacked by a dinosaur. In order to protect Josh, Riley risked her own life and was severely injured. Josh soon took Riley back to the settlement, and Sam began to tend to his daughter, but without medication and proper equipment, Riley’s condition deteriorated, so Josh and Sam decided to use a portal and travel to a futuristic timeline where they could save Riley’s life. Gavin, Scott, and Ty also managed to find the portal, but Gavin asked Josh not to make a hasty decision and let Sam travel to the future with Riley, but Josh wasn’t ready to listen. He jumped into the portal, taking Riley with him; however, the portal not only took them but also Ty and threw him into a different timeline.

Did Lucas Survive?

In the end of La Brea season 2, we saw the group had elected a leader, who turned out to be Lucas. Lucas might have been a heroin addict in the past, but he realized his responsibilities since he had lost his mother in the previous season. Lucas took on the responsibilities of the group and became a sensible leader. He was also very excited about Veronica having a child, but neither of them were very confident that they would be able to bring the child to life safely. However, both of them took a leap of faith and decided to welcome the child. Meanwhile, Lucas was taking all the pressure on his own shoulders and didn’t want to make Veronica tense, but Sam asked him to be more honest with his partner to build their relationship in a healthy way. Lucas was initially hesitant, but he fell sick and realized that he couldn’t always be the protector that he tried to be, as sometimes he also needed the love and care of his partner. Veronica nursed him all night and was finally able to bring him back to good health. Lucas and Veronica shared a kiss and dreamed of their happy future together.


Where Did Ty End Up?

At the end of La Brea season 3 episode 1, we saw Ty wake up in the middle of a road and get blinded by the lights coming from a vehicle. The vehicle stopped in front of him, and a man emerged from the car. As the man asked Ty why he was lying on the road, Ty opened his eyes wide and looked around to find that he was in Los Angeles. As he asked the man what date it was, the man replied that it was the year 2021. Ty realized that he had been portaled back to the timeline of 2021, a few days before the sinkhole was opened in the city. Ty’s appearance in 2021 would probably bring a change as well as an end to the constant opening of the sinkholes. Let’s see how that pans out in the upcoming episodes.

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