‘Koffee With Karan’ Season 8 Episode 3 Recap & Review: Sara And Ananya Brings A Lot Of Humor

The third episode of Koffee with Karan had two distinct young actresses from the Hindi film industry who are trying to create a niche for themselves. Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey are only a few films old, but they have left a mark through certain films and have set themselves apart as artists who can be banked upon. Koffee with Karan Episode 3 was filled with Gen-Z lingo and humor as the new generations of actresses graced the Koffee couch this week. Let’s find out what happened in the episode through a detailed recap of the talk-show.


Sara and Ananya begin the show by speaking in detail about being workout buddies. They also talk about how they always remained friends and how the paparazzi have never been able to pin them down together, which they believe gives them a lot of relief. Even on the couch, the two converse with each other as close friends, and it is endearing to watch two contemporary actresses maintain a friendship when women from the same field are so often pitted against each other. The young women also speak about their camaraderie with Jahnvi Kapoor, who is again their contemporary.

Karan Johar did not hesitate to speak about the rumored relationship between Ananya Pandey and Aditya Roy Kapur. The two actors have been the talk of the town for a while since many pictures of them together emerged on the internet. Ananya does not go so far as to confirm or deny the relationship rumors, which makes the audience wonder if there is any truth to them. It is common for actors who are dating to keep their relationship under wraps until they officially come out as a couple. Ananya is seen blushing and making wordplay out of the films starring Aditya Roy Kapur, which confirms a lot of tittle-tattle around their association.


Ananya was also quick to change the subject and speak about her professional goals. She wants the media and Karan to ask about her films instead of digging into her personal life. Ananya seemed proud to be talking about her role in “Gehraiyaan,” and rightly so because her performance had some depth, which was surprisingly lacking in Deepika’s character.

The conversation moved to Sara and her alleged link-up with ace cricketer Shubhman Gill. For the first time on national television, she cleared the air about the rumored link-up. Sara confirmed the media are linking the wrong Sara with the cricketer. Sara Ali Khan is known for her brazen sense of humor, and her one-liners are again the highlight of the show.


The women are also asked about the infamous Ory, who seems to have become a social media sensation. Ory is a social media celebrity who is currently being seen with countless Bollywood celebrities, and no one seems to know what the man does for a living. He is rumored to be from one of the richest families in the country, but his current claim to fame is him hanging out with Bollywood hunks and divas. Sara and Ananya couldn’t be more ambiguous about the work he does.

Unlike the last episode, which was a snooze fest, Ananya and Sara brought in their A-game by speaking honestly about the failures they have faced this early in their respective careers and how they choose to be around people who keep them grounded. Sara was also brutally honest about her disdain for designer clothes because she did not find the need to drown in them or flaunt them. Sara was also candid about being seen as a more confident woman than someone who splurges on luxury brands.


The host also did not hesitate to speak about their ex-boyfriends and whether the presence of such a person led to any friction between them. Both women were nonchalant with their responses and refused to get carried away by any sort of emotion, for they were on the show for just candid chit-chat. Karan Johar and Ananya Pandey have a common history with the Hindi film “Liger,” which was a debacle on the big screen. Both addressed the very public fiasco of the film and how they chose to move past it as one of the failures of a larger magnitude. It was endearing to hear both women speak with a lot of affection about the attachment they share with their respective mothers and how they remain towering figures in their lives. The long conversations paved the way for the alphabet game, followed by Rapid Fire, which Sarah won by a huge margin.

Koffee with Karan Episode 3 was a breath of fresh air after the last one being the dullest so far. Even Karan Johar had to stop himself from asking controversial questions to the Deols because, as siblings, they are known for keeping their lives private. Sara Ali Khan brought her good old humor and good conversation skills and retained a candor nature while speaking about the life she has led so far as an actor. She seems to have rubbed off some of her penchant for good talk over Ananya Pandey because she not only gave the audience some hints regarding her current relationship status but this time around, she was willing to speak about her career and her professional goals.


The makers of the show do not hesitate to openly ask about the rumored linkups with female artists, yet the same show would refrain from asking such personal questions to male actors. The highlight of the show must be Sara Ali Khan and her penchant to be herself on national television. This is her third appearance on the chat show, and it is hard to ignore her self-deprecating humor, and her command over uplifting conversations she indulges in. It was good of Sara to bring up the subject of being one of the few celebrities who does not spend extravagantly on luxury brands, and she has a very logical explanation for it. It was awful of the makers to corner Sara Ali Khan to the point where she was borderline being shamed for not indulging in high-end brands. The actress stood her ground by being honest.

Ananya Pandey seemed more comfortable in this episode than in the last season’s awkward appearance with Vijay Deverakonda. Ananya could openly speak about being trolled for the statements she made many years ago and wanting to concentrate on the work she does rather than being questioned about her personal life. Sara was genuinely funny throughout the episode, and the camaraderie between her and Ananya seems legit. The actors would do well as a part of a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants remake if the film is ever picked up. This episode ended up being the most charming one so far. The women were themselves. It showcased a sincere side of them and will leave you with a chuckle and a burst of laughter by the end of it.


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Smriti Kannan
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