‘King Of Killers’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Killed Karla And Why?

The new film by Kevin Grevioux, King of Killers, features some great thrills for action fans, as the film is full of slick action sequences. As far as the emotional weight of the movie is concerned, the film may leave you wanting. Based on Grevioux’s graphic novel of the same name, King of Killers is a film that does not know when to pace it up or slow it down. And it’s not made in a way that will ever suggest to you that the film will ever explore something more deeply. It’s a full-throttle ride that will only stop when its main character has succeeded in his mission or died trying. The protagonist of this story is Marcus Garan, a handsome guy who happens to work for an organization as an assassin. His story follows him through a lot of ups and downs, and he is left to use his skills as an assassin to take down a guy named Drakos, who is in the mood to kill all the best assassins out there.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘King Of Killers’?

Marcus Garan is a professional killer. He works for a man named Robert Xane. If Robert gives him a job, Marcus cannot refuse. Even on the day of his marriage anniversary, he is handed a job. The family man, Marcus, also had a daughter, Kimberly. He was so adept at his killing job that it never showed on his face, and Karla didn’t ever suspect him of being involved in something criminal. Somehow, Marcus always managed to keep his assassin life hidden, but on the day of the anniversary, everything changed. Marcus agreed to return and celebrate the occasion, but the job turned bad and became the biggest mistake of his life.


Why Did Karla Visit Marcus?

Marcus had planned something romantic for Karla. He acted as if he had forgotten the anniversary, but it was all just a show. Not only was he a professional at killing people and sending gory pictures to his employer, but he was also a loving husband. He hasn’t texted Karla about the change of plans. Someone, posing as Marcus, messaged Karla and told her that there was a change of plan. The change of plan was done to make Karla visit the same place where Marcus was busy executing his own plan. Karla even saw Marcus with a strange mustache, which was his way of keeping his identity hidden. She followed him, and while Marcus was involved in a shootout with the Russian guys he was supposed to kill, she came right to the doorstep of the room where the action was taking place. When Marcus opened the door, he found the love of his life, shooting and breathing her final breaths. Marcus could do nothing to protect her. He must have thought that the bullet from one of the Russian guys must have gone through the door, and that’s how Karla got shot.

How Did Marcus End Up Going To Tokyo?

Marcus Garan, the professional assassin, had finally seen what a life of crime resulted in. He lost Karla and decided to hang up his boots. There was still the question of who sent the fake message to Karla, after which she ended up in that restaurant where Marcus had to take out the Russian guys. He had Kimberly to care for now, but he was absolutely gutted at the loss of his wife, his one true love. Thankfully, Karla’s mother took care of Kimberly in Chicago. Marcus was beginning to process his grief when he received a message from a man named Roman Korza. He invited him to Tokyo for a job that would pay him a grand total of 10 million dollars if he succeeded. Marcus wasn’t interested at all, as his mind was preoccupied with Karla, but soon he learned that Kimberly had a heart condition that needed immediate treatment. He was visited by Roman himself, and after much consideration, he decided to agree and visit Tokyo for one last job as an assassin.


Who Is The Real ‘King Of Killers’? Who Killed Karla And Why?

Marcus arrived in Tokyo and found himself in between six other killers. They had all been invited by Roman for a contest. This was their job. Whoever won the contest would take away the prize. Apart from Marcus, there was Asha, whom he knew from Chicago. The rest of the killers included Dyson, Ren, André, Rick, and one other guy who was killed because he backed out. What was this contest about? Well, it turned out the hunters were being hunted. Roman worked for a feared assassin named Drakos, who had organized this contest where the killers would face him one by one, and whoever would win would be crowned the King of Killers. 

The killers already knew the consequences of backing out. They would end up dead. So, there was no real choice but to face Drakos. Everybody had their own set of skills. Asha knew Marcus, and she tried to seduce him, knowing he was no longer married. Her plan was to kill him. The fewer killers there are to face Drakos, the better her chance. The rest did not get too flustered. Asha was put in her place, and Marcus warned her never to try her seduction skills with him as he was still loyal to Karla’s memory. A lucky draw gave each of their sequences a chance to kill Drakos. Marcus was the first one to go, but Andre switched places with him as he was certain he would kill him. Drakos was on the back foot with the fierce Andre, but he used traps to overcome him. The rest were not too pleased to see Drakos use unfair means to kill André. The game was essentially rigged. If the killers didn’t know about the traps, how were they supposed to bypass them?


They rebelled and decided to participate if Drakos kept his traps but fought the remaining killers all at once. That was the only way Drakos would truly be deemed the king he so desperately wanted to be. Drakos agreed, but not without having the last word. There were five killers left, and he asked them to kill one at random, and the remaining four would get a chance to attack him at once. So, the infighting began. There was utter pandemonium, and nobody could be trusted. Drakos started to take whomever he could find to be the vulnerable one. In the end, only Marcus remained. Drakos went toe-to-toe against him, and just as Marcus was going to kill Drakos, Roman entered and ended the contest, declaring Marcus the “King of Killers.”

Marcus walked away with ten million dollars and covered Kimberly’s operation costs. The money was hers, and as Marcus had so many enemies, he needed the money to ensure that Kimberly’s future was secure, and it truly was. Surprisingly, back in Chicago, he got a visitor to see him. It was Drakos, and he told a secret to Marcus, after which his life was going to change again. It turned out that Karla wasn’t killed by the Russian guy’s bullets. She was murdered by Marcus’ boss, Robert Xane. Xane, who said Karla was like his sister, was the one who had killed her, and Drakos had the CCTV footage as proof. But why? The reason may lie in the fact that she was hindering Marcus’ life as a killer. He was getting too involved with her. When Marcus refused to take the job because of his marriage anniversary, Xane must have decided to remove Karla from the equation. No, Karla, no refusals. He couldn’t have risked his best killer becoming a true family man. This is just speculation, and there may have been other variables as to why Xane killed Karla. Maybe Xane just said Karla was like his sister but didn’t really mean it. Perhaps he was jealous and couldn’t really stand Marcus being her lover.


Marcus was geared up to go against Xane and get to the truth. Drakos wasn’t done yet. The prize Marcus had won seemed to have been given too hastily. He wasn’t really the King of Killers, as Andre was still alive. He was just presumed dead after his throat was slit, but the maniac warrior was still alive. A sequel is surely on the cards. Perhaps the whole amount will be taken from Marcus, and a rematch will be held. But before all that, Xane will have to answer for his deeds. Marcus was back with a vengeance, and he had a purpose: to get back in the killing business.

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