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Netflix’s big New Year Indian release is Konkona Sen Sharma and Manoj Bajpayee’s Killer Soup. This eat-the-rich thriller-dramedy is a fun and engaging show about a couple that gets dragged into a comedy of errors murder mystery. Swathi and Prabhu are a happily married, rich couple living in the small town of Mainjur, Tamil Nadu. This is a family that thrives on deceit, and all they really care about is who has the upper hand. Swathi’s big dream is to have her very own restaurant someday. 20 years have passed, and this dream still remains a dream, despite the luxurious lifestyle her husband has been maintaining. The Abhishek Chaubey directorial is a unique blend of South and North. A Hindi-language show based in Tamil Nadu that brings out the essence of Indian indie-thriller with a comedic element. It’s been a while since we saw something like this, and Killer Soup is sure to quench your winter thirst. Swathi’s big plans are upended by murder. This is when she and her lover decide to change their lives through the most unconventional methods. Watch the show on January 11 to know if Swathi eventually gets her restaurant.


The characters on the show are all absurd in some or another manner. There’s Hassan, a police officer who can’t get things done, Swathi, the housewife and poor soul who ends up getting mixed up in a murderous mess, and Umesh, a masseuse who is simply dragged around by consequences, and so much more. Every character is in the gray area here. There’s no good or bad in Killer Soup, only the middle ground. Let’s quickly dive into the main cast and characters of Killer Soup.

Konkona Sen Sharma As Swathi Shetty

Firstly, I’d like to say Konkona Sen Sharma looks stunning in this role in her cotton sarees and the sunrise “bindi” with gold jewelry that complements her features so well. She’s so perfect for this character because she’s meant to simultaneously be fierce and anxious. It’s possibly her small stature that really helps make her come across as almost fox-like. Swathi is not necessarily a kind-hearted person; she’s simply trying to takes things day by day. She’s got so much on her plate, yet her only real focus is the restaurant she aspires to open. Swathi is like any other Indian woman—stuck in the kitchen, lost in her dream world, even if she loves it all. It’s this goal she’s itching to achieve, but something or another has always come in the way of her passion. Swathi has come into privilege only after marriage, and her husband can’t stop reminding her of this fact.


Manoj Bajpayee As Prabhakar Shetty And Umesh Pillai

Manoj Bajpayee is one of India’s most versatile actors. He’s fabulous at what he does, and the double role he plays in the show is applause-worthy. He plays Prabhu, Swathi’s rich and pompous husband, who can’t handle a single business. All he’s good for is spending his brother’s money and troubling his wife while hating on her “paya soup.” Prabhu is somewhat purposeless in life, which makes him the opposite of Swathi in every way, making him rather annoying as a character. On the other hand, there’s Umesh, the innocent and poor man, Prabhu’s masseuse, who ends up having an affair with Swathi (damn). Now, Prabhu and Umesh are almost like twins, as Arvind, Prabhu’s brother, points out, but Umesh has a squint and long hair. Obviously, Umesh has his own little secrets; however, in the end, he comes across as the most naive. He’s got a gambling problem, and despite claiming he loves Swathi dearly, he uses her money, which she steals from Prabhu, on alcohol and gambling.

Sayaji Shinde As Arvind

If Sayaji Shinde is in the show, you must expect explicit language galore. The actor is highly entertaining, if that’s your vibe, of course. He plays Arvind Shetty, Prabhu’s terrifying older brother. The wealthy man has many businesses under his belt, including some illegal ones. He is a businessman, alright, because he knows exactly when to stop his brother from starting up his myriad ideas of soon-to-be failed businesses. Arvind may be wealthy in the bank; however, he is poor in family matters. He isn’t very good at showing his daughter his love for her.


Nassar As Hassan

Might I say one of the best characters on the show? Anyone who has ever seen a scrap of Tamil cinema knows of Nassar. The veteran actor shows us some of his best work as Hassan, the kind and confused detective, set to solve this convoluted case of Mainjur. Hassan is an exciting character because he’s got supernatural activity going on around him. He’s both scared of losing his job and close to retirement, so he’s got a mixed attitude that allows him to be curious and confident, which is highly entertaining.

Kani Kusruti As Kirtima

Kani’s the resident Mallu in the Tamil Nadu-based show. Kirtima is Prabhu’s assistant and secret lover. Their affair is meant to be over at the beginning of the series, but as the show unfolds, her feelings for him come back. Kirtima is quite a boring character on her own; however, she’s got the Kalaripayattu moves that make her far more interesting. She’s a character that will surprise you by the end of the series.


Anula Navleker, As Appu

Anula plays Appu, Arvind’s young and ambitious daughter. Anula plays this role with the utmost care, always making us give Appu the benefit of the doubt. Appu is not that different from most “youngsters” on Indian television today. She’s quite “basic” in that sense; however, she’s got a big role in the events of the series. Additionally, Appu wants to be an artist and go study in Paris, so that makes her infinitely cooler already. Appu is one character on the show that you want to vouch for, even amidst all the chaos.

Anbu Thasan As Thupalli

If Thupalli was a delectable soup then it’s like before you could get to the bottom of the bowl, it was taken away from you too quick. There isn’t enough of this man on this show, which is quite disappointing, seeing as how he’s unknowingly hilarious and just the breath of fresh air on this show. Thupalli is the rookie cop who comes on board when the first murder takes place. He’s an “Enthu Cutlet” with infinite energy and a rosy-eyed view of the world. Thupalli and Hassan’s banter is quite entertaining, and we love to see an old cop-rookie cop combo on an Indian show.

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