‘Killer Fortune Teller’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Shane And Olivia Survive?

I’m a big believer in tarot cards and fate guiding us, but after watching the film Killer Fortune Teller by Peter Sullivan, I’ve got to say that it’s kind of sketchy how some people exploit these beliefs for personal gain. The movie follows Shane, a wise businessman in the pharmaceutical world. Just like his father, Shane becomes a tarot card believer after meeting Maya Priestley, a tarot card reader. Some of her readings start to benefit Shane and his company, leading him to put blind faith in them. However, Shane’s sister, Olivia, is totally against this new belief system. Not only that, but she’s also skeptical of Shane’s new girlfriend, Natalie, whom he dreams of marrying. Is Olivia right to be suspicious? Will fortune-telling turn out to be a blessing or a curse for Shane and his company? Let’s dive in and find out together!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Shane Start Believing In Maya? 

We meet Shane Settle, the CEO of Settle Pharmaceuticals, and his sister Olivia. Even though Olivia is smarter and always overachieves, their father left the company to Shane, which seems to make Olivia a bit sad. Despite this, she’s a protective and supportive sister, always guiding her somewhat gullible and irrational brother, even when she doesn’t approve of his life decisions. Olivia’s skepticism about Shane’s maturity and business choices leaves her worried all the time! So, what does Shane do? He goes to attend fortune teller Arabella Prescott’s sessions. But instead of meeting Arabella, who’s off meeting other clients, he meets Maya, the tarot card reader. While Shane’s dad was a big believer in this stuff, Shane himself is pretty skeptical and doesn’t really buy into it. However, Maya advises him to keep an open mind, so he decides to give it a shot. During the tarot card reading, Maya tells him something intriguing. She says the cards indicate that he’ll face challenges, but these challenges will bring new opportunities for him and the company. She mentions a certain death that will actually lead to a brighter future for their business. That very night, something shocking happens! Irving, the CEO of Biosergix, gets murdered. Now, Biosergix was Settle Pharmaceuticals’ biggest competitor and rival. With Irving gone, it looks like the fortune-telling might have been right. Without any major competition, Shane and his company could expand their pharmaceutical business more easily. This turns out to be good news for Shane. In a twist of fate, death actually brings luck his way! So naturally, he starts believing in all this tarot-reading stuff.


How Did Tyler Die? 

After Irving’s death, Shane was ecstatic at their business growth during the celebration party. Even though he wished the circumstances were better, he felt it was fate. Olivia, on the other hand, didn’t believe in any of this. She hated the idea, but she couldn’t do anything to challenge her brother’s blind faith. At the party, Shane met Natalie. She was stunningly beautiful, and needless to say, it was love at first sight for Shane. After chatting for a while, Shane learned that Natalie was a freelance reporter who knew all about their pharmaceutical business and their famous drug, Tranquilify. She had been stood up on a blind date but was happy to have met Shane. The feeling was mutual. As Shane started believing in tarot card readings, he wanted to make sure Natalie was the right choice. So, he went back to Maya for another reading. Maya told him that Natalie was perfect for him in every way. She would bring him luck, fortune, and happiness. Maya even said that proposing to Natalie would be the best decision ever. Shane was thrilled! With this in mind, Shane and Natalie grew closer very quickly. They didn’t waste any time. Shane took Natalie on a private jet to her favorite location and proposed. She said yes, even though they had only known each other for a short while. Olivia was skeptical about all of this. She couldn’t understand how Shane could blindly trust a woman he had just met and base his decisions on tarot card readings. So, she sent Tyler, another colleague from the company, to investigate Maya and find out what she was up to. The moment Tyler walked in, Maya sensed something was off, spotting the Settle Pharmaceuticals logo on his bag. What did Maya do? She spiked his tea with a drug that ended up killing him.

Did Shane And Olivia Survive? 

Olivia had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right with Natalie. She couldn’t trust her and wanted to protect her brother Shane. So, she called her detective friend, Rita, and asked her to run some DNA tests on Natalie to see if she had any criminal history. The tests revealed that Natalie’s real name was Janice Augustine. Even though Janice didn’t have a criminal record, Olivia couldn’t understand why she had changed her name. Olivia knew Shane wouldn’t believe her because he was blindly in love. She thought the one person Shane might trust was Maya. So, she met with Maya and shared her suspicions, hoping Maya would talk some sense into Shane. But here’s the twist: Maya and Natalie were actually in cahoots! They were sisters out for revenge against Settle Pharmaceuticals. Why? Their mother passed away when they were kids because of the Tranquilify drug made by Shane’s father at the company. They had been faking the tarot card readings to gain Shane’s trust. Along the way, they murdered Irving and Tyler to make their lies more believable. Natalie’s plan was to marry Shane and then kill him to get his family’s money, which she thought was only fair. When Maya found out that Olivia knew their secret, she sent Natalie to attack her. Olivia survived the attack but suffered a concussion. She knew Shane would be their next target. Olivia, with Rita’s help, went to Shane’s house to warn him. When they arrived, they saw Maya trying to inject Shane with something. Olivia quickly tackled Maya from behind, and when Natalie tried to attack Olivia, Rita grabbed her and took her down. Together, Olivia and Rita saved the day and rescued Shane from Maya and Natalie’s deadly plot!


During Killer Fortune Teller‘s ending, both Natalie and Maya are charged with third-degree murder. It was a relief to know that justice would be served. But that’s not the only good news. Shane realized that Olivia was much more deserving than him when it came to making business and life decisions. She had always been the overachiever, not him. So, he thought it was only fair for the company to be in Olivia’s name. He told Olivia that she would be the new CEO of Settle Pharmaceuticals. Naturally, Olivia couldn’t believe it, but she gracefully and happily accepted her brother’s decision—after all, it had always been her dream!

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