‘Karmma Calling’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Was Karmma Caught By Indrani?

Disney+ Hotstar is on a spree, releasing many shows that are official remakes of shows from the West. Karmma Calling is the brand-new addition to their library of remakes, and this one is adapted from ABC’s drama Revenge. Karmma Calling is the story of a woman who is out to get not just one rich family but many others associated with them who were responsible for wrongly convicting her father of crimes he never committed. Determined to exact revenge on the people who have now become rich and influential, she is hell-bent on breaking their arrogance one step at a time.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Ahan Kothari?

Karmma Calling began with Ahan nowhere to be found by his family, friends, and Karmma on the night of the engagement. As the party began, Indrani Kothari, the groom’s mother drew all the attention towards herself. Meera Kothari, Ahan’s sister, found his unconscious body on the beach. Just minutes before Ahan was found, Indrani asked Karmma about his whereabouts. Ahan being found poses many questions about who committed the crime and what the motive behind harming the heir to the Kothari industries was.


Who Was Karmma Talwar?

Karmma Talwar was a young, up-and-coming businesswoman who, many months before Ahan’s incident, moved to Ali Baug and rented a bungalow next to Indrani’s mansion. Karmma Talwar’s real identity was Ambika Mehra, the daughter of Satyajeet Mehra. She was on this side of town to exact revenge for the wrongful conviction of her father, as a result of which he was thrown in jail for many years and eventually died. She had memories of her father being taken away and years later she was rescued by Zane Khan, an entrepreneur. Zane owed Ambika’s father a debt for believing in him and investing in his company, and in return, he wanted to deliver the letters written by her father in which he mentioned the series of incidents and the names of the people who were responsible for his jail time. These letters also requested that she move on, and never think of the families that ruined his life.

Ambika’s opinion of her father changed after reading those letters. She soon formulated a foolproof plan to exact revenge on the people who were responsible for destroying her family while Kothari and their accomplices flourished and became rich. Posing as Karmma, she wanted to walk into the lives of Kothari and unravel their secrets to the world as they put up a façade of a happy family to the world.


Who Were Her Targets?

Indrani and Kaushal Kothari were directly responsible for the bank scam, and they made her father a scapegoat. The bank scam cost many people their savings, for which the Kothari group held Satyajeet responsible by planting evidence and making many people falsely testify against him. Karmma wanted to exact revenge on Indrani for her false testimony by cleverly exposing her husband Kaushal’s affair with her best friend, Dolly. This destroyed the trust Indrani had in her spouse and Dolly.

Karmma’s next target was Nikhil Sethia, one of the richest wealth managers who was not only her father’s best friend, but he chose to deceive Satyajeet for a better pay and position with Kothari Industries. She managed to run his company into bankruptcy by making him and his wealthy clients invest in a bogus company based on a rumor she started.


Karmma also targeted Muzammil Sayyed, the lawyer who built a strong case against her father. The man was a Rajya Sabha MP and a frontrunner for the post of the law minister of the country, all because of Kaushal Kothari’s power and influence. Karmma made sure she anonymously blackmailed Muzzamil into stepping away from the political campaigns, or they would release the video of his intercourse with a minor for the world to see. Muzzamil stepped away out of fear of losing respect and dignity on a public platform.

Karmma’s last target was Sunita, the healer who began her journey as a caretaker at the children’s home. Sunita, as a caretaker, traumatized Ambika and constantly brainwashed her into believing her father was the traitor who was responsible for the deaths of many due to the scam. The woman constantly isolated the little girl and refused to help Ambika. Sunita, who claimed to be good at helping people heal from pain, was brought under Indrani’s wing. She soon became a full-time spiritual healer who helped many women of Indrani’s stature. She was in possession of many secrets, which women shared with her.


During a fundraiser event hosted by Indrani, Karmma leaked the video of Sunita’s spiritual sessions with her clients, including her and Indrani’s confessions that were supposed to be confidential. Karmma manipulated the situation in her favor, as none of these sabotages could be linked to her, and Indrani was having a tough time locating the culprit.

Why Did Indrani Ostracize Dolly?

Indrani was livid at Dolly for going after her husband, and there was no option left but to ostracize her friend from society and make her pay for the mistake she made. Indrani was also made to believe it was Dolly who placed cameras in Sunita’s healing room to sabotage Indrani and the healer in that process. Dolly’s video with Sunita was conveniently not present in the leaked footage. Sunita personally signed her book, which was gifted to Dolly, and this was used as evidence against Dolly and her intention to ruin Indrani’s reputation. Sunita unfortunately became a scapegoat and was arrested for filming her clients against their permission.


Were Indrani And Satyajeet In Love?

A large part of the show is conveyed through flashback scenes that involve a very young Ambika living with her father. She has memories of Indrani visiting her father, which she considered friendship. Soon, it was revealed that Indrani wanted to exit her marriage with Kaushal as she fell in love with Satyajeet. He believed in Indrani and was willing to take the plunge and be her life partner.

Satyajeet’s arrest was the test of her love for him, and she was willing to give testimony in his favor. Satyajeet was also informed about the same as the case progressed, but on the day of the testimony, she changed her mind which sealed Satyajeet’s fate. Years later, Indrani still felt guilty about testifying against the man she loved, and her memories revealed Kaushal arm twisted her into providing false statements to save his company and marriage. Indrani had confessed to Sunita about being in love with Satyajeet after all these years.


What Was Dolly’s Plan?

Dolly had plans to not just get back the bungalow she had previously owned, which now belonged to Karmma as she was on the warpath to get back at Kaushal and Indrani for keeping her at bay. Dolly was aware of Kaushal’s offshore accounts and shell companies, and she used this information to get herself an apartment from him.

Dolly tried to come back into the social circle by actively taking part in many fundraisers, and she was trying hard to rekindle her friendship with Indrani, while she was in no mood to forgive her best friend. At the charity benefit for the victims of the bank scam that sent Satyajeet to prison, Indrani was touted to be felicitated for her role in uplifting the victim’s  families. The irony here is that Kaushal had created a charity organization to support the victims of the scam and that would soften the blow to his company’s image.


Dolly was close to exposing her best friend’s role in the scam, and the guilt-ridden Indrani, to retain her image, offered her friendship. Indrani had no plans to keep her promise and abandoned her, only for Dolly to reach home drunk. Believing Dolly was a threat to Kaushal and Indrani, the latter’s bodyguard, Sameer threw Dolly from her apartment, landing her in a coma. Dolly also had vital information against Karmma. Dolly had come across a picture of Karmma posing as a waitress at an event years ago. Zane, who had placed a camera at Dolly’s home, made Karmma aware of the intel. Dolly eventually comes out of a coma, and there is a possibility she could be the reason behind Indrani and Karmma’s downfall.

Was Karmma In Love With Ahan?

Karmma’s bigger plan against Indrani was to make sure her older son, Ahan, falls in love with her. Ahan was instantly attracted to Karmma, and the couple spent a lot of time with each other. Karmma was basically manipulating the situation in her favor to make sure Ahan was far away from the reins of his controlling mother. Karmma’s only intention was to destroy Indran. Karmma did not love him, but Ahan chose to move away from his father’s company because he wanted to figure out who he wanted to be instead of having his life given to him on a platter. Karmma encouraged him to do the same and he chose to work as a waiter at a local café run by Karmma’s friend Vedant. Ahan and Karmma went through their usual ups and downs during their courtship; one of the reasons was her closeness with Vedant. Vedant confesses his love to Karmma, but she is honest enough to refuse him and reveal her love for Ahan. This would mean she was either in love with Ahan, or she did not want to distract herself or give any reason for Ahan to break up with her.


Was Karmma Caught By Indrani?

Karmma’s relationship with Ahan was only to irk Indrani further. She was expecting the matriarch to react, which would further bring Ahan and herself closer. Indrani was in a peculiar space, as she could not place who Karmma was. This intelligence was important to break the relationship, which was Indrani’s specialty, as per Meera and Ahan. The show ended with Indrani’s bodyguard, Sameer, finding dirt on Karmma by holding Zane hostage. Sameer was a loyal man, and by the end of the first season, he was not on good terms with Indrani and Kaushal, as he had become a liability after Dolly’s fall. Sameer was hell-bent on proving his worth to make sure he would get his job back. He received information on the real Karmma Talwar through the orphanage she lived in, and he learned of the identity swap carried out by Ambika Mehra to carry out this charade to fool the Kotharis. Sameer was very close to exposing Ambika when he was attacked by the real Karmma Talwar, who seemed to have begun her own crusade. The real Karmma probably wanted to confront Ambika. This meeting would either result in the women coming together against Kotharis, or the real Karmma would threaten Ambika with exposing her identity. 

On the night of Kaushal and Indrani’s wedding anniversary, everyone in the family was aware of the façade the couple was putting up. Indrani and Kaushal were used to pretending all their lives, and continuing it came easily to both. Meera and Ahan brought their respective dates, Adarsh and Karmma. Indrani was not comfortable, but she was forced to welcome them. As the night got awkward, Adarsh was made to feel like an outcast. Adarsh blurted out the truth about his status being the cause of friction between mother and daughter. Adarsh burst out after a long time, as he saw how people like him were treated by Indrani and Kaushal. Even though Ahan and Meera were on the path of becoming people who weren’t like their parents, Adarsh’s anger was justified, and Meera agreed with him.


In Karmma Calling‘s ending, Adarsh also revealed how Karmma was stringing Vedant along. Ahan was livid, as he believed it to be true even though Karmma tried to explain the situation. The Kothari heir was insecure, and it finally showed up during the argument. Ahan wanted to propose marriage to her, but the tides had changed, and this put Karmma on the backfoot as she was unable to come to terms with Ahan’s insecurity and jealousy. She was probably afraid Indrani might use this against her, and the plan she had concocted could fall apart like a house of cards. Only the second season will shed light on their relationship, as the show began with their engagement. This indicates a lot happened between these two incidents, and Indrani may have found some dirt on Karmma.

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