‘Karmma Calling’ Cast And Character Guide 

Karmma Calling, the brand new Disney+ Hotstar remake of the ABC show Revenge, is filled with many characters that have plenty of reasons to sabotage each other. They have shades of gray and would cross any line to make sure their plans work and their goals are achieved. Some have issues with their parents while others purely want to harm the rest. Here is a list of characters from Karmma Callingthat explains their motives and actions. 


Indrani Kothari

Indrani Kothari is portrayed by the very famous Raveena Tandon, who ruled the Hindi film industry throughout the 1990s. Incidentally, she plays the role of a yesteryear actress as well who was considered one of the best in the industry. With her marriage to an ultra-rich businessman, Kaushal Kothari, in Karmma Calling, she has cemented herself as a powerful woman in the social circles of Ali Baug. Ali Baug is far away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Apart from her palatial home, which consists of her family, they are surrounded by households as rich as theirs, and the circle dictates the social standing of men and women. Indrani comes across as a control freak who considers herself the queen of the social circle and hosts some of the best parties.

Despite her power and influence, she has a tough time keeping her family together. Her daughter, Meera, who is a social media influencer, has grown distant. Her son, Ahan Kothari, loves his family but is tired of his mother controlling every aspect of it. Indrani’s life is shaken up when Karmma Talwar moves next door without her knowledge. This puts her on the back foot, and she tries to find out more about the new woman.


Indrani’s friend Dolly was the previous resident of the bungalow, but her difficult divorce forced her to move away. Indrani, for the first time, has a tough time bringing the situation under control when she learns Dolly has been having an affair with her husband all this time. Incidentally, Indrani married Kaushal after their brief affair while he was married to another woman. As a woman of strong stature, Karmma’s presence unsettles her, as she cannot find any dirt on her. A flashback reveals Indrani’s family was responsible for Karmma’s father, Satyajeet Mehra, being arrested under false charges and being wrongfully convicted.

Further into the series, Indrani’s affair with Satyajeet and her role in giving false testimony against him are revealed, which antagonizes Karmma, whose real name is Ambika Mehra. Life around her is not the same anymore, as she managed to figure out the pattern of someone sabotaging her allies, which includes a Rajya Sabha MP and a self-proclaimed healer. Her relationship with her daughter and son is also further estranged. The show began with Indrani demanding that Karmma let her know where Ahan is. This proved there is some animosity between Karmma and Indrani leading up to the engagement of her son to the woman in question. A lot needs to be uncovered, and only season two will answer several questions that emerged by the end of season one.


Karmma Talwar And Ambika Mehra

The show begins with Karmma explaining why the actions of people determine their fate more than the gods they pray to. Namrata Sheth plays Ambika Mehra, who poses as Karmma Talwar and claims to be the CEO of a company, which makes her eligible to rent and later purchase a bungalow in Ali Baug. By doing so, she becomes Indrani Kothari’s neighbor and the queen of the social circle. Karmma Talwar rattled Indrani Kothari when she moved in without her being aware of it, making the woman question her position as the most influential person in the neighborhood. Ambika Mehra is in town with a new identity and history, only to take revenge on people who wronged her honest father, Satyajeet Mehra. She has formed a detailed plan on how to take down the people who were responsible for filing bogus charges against him, which led to a verdict that went against him. Her father had ended up dying in prison.

Karmma receives plenty of letters from her father describing the identities of the people who are responsible for him receiving jail time for a crime he did not commit. It includes her father’s banker friend, a lawyer turned Rajya Sabha MP, and a self-proclaimed healer. Her revenge plan for Indrani Kothari included revealing her husband’s affair with her best friend and making her son Ahan fall in love with herself. Karmma’s plans are tight-knit, and no one could find any trail that could point fingers at her. Several flashback scenes shed light on her childhood after her father’s conviction, which traumatized her for years and led to this detailed revenge plan, even though her father’s letters strictly instructed her to move on because the past cannot be changed.


Karmma is hell-bent on punishing the people who snatched her childhood away. Karmma is aware of the affair between her father and Indrani. Despite her father’s conviction, Indrani never bothered to look for his daughter. Karmma is a one-woman mission who is after Indrani, her family, and the business her husband owns. She wants to beat them at their own game and is on the warpath to fulfill her goal. Karmma and Ahan soon become a couple, and he is impressed by the fact that she is apprehensive about the relationship because of his family. She did not come across as eager to date Ahan, which helped them come closer as a couple. There is no clarity as to whether she actually fell in love with him, as she had no plans to hurt him in the process. 

Vedanta And Adarsh Kohli

Vedanta and Adarsh Kohli are siblings who owned Café Bombil in Ali Baug and they witness the rich acting like privileged brats. Piyush Khati as Adarsh Kohli and Rachit Singh as Vedant Kohli can only dream of becoming as rich as them, but so far, they are striving to be someone other than the residents of Ali Baug. Vedant Kohli was the older sibling and was more grounded compared to his younger brother, Adarsh “Dash” Kohli. Vedant, just like his father, had the responsibility of paying off all the loans he had taken to start Café Bombil. Vedant plans to move to Lakshadweep and possibly start a business on the island, but all of them come crashing down because of his father’s debts. He accepts his destiny would be to run the café with his family. Unfortunately, his father died, and the brothers took it upon themselves to run the place in their father’s memory.


Vedant met Karmma Talwar and remains doubtful of her identity. Unbeknownst to him, Karmma Talwar is Ambika Mehra, his childhood friend, taken away after her father was convicted of a bank scam. Vedant always felt a weird tension and connection whenever he conversed with Karmma, but he never figured out the reason behind it. Even though he confesses his love for her, Karmma walks away, stating her love for Ahan. Vedanta is not pained by her rejection and chooses to move on, eventually agreeing to hire Ahan as a waiter at his café.

Adarsh, on the other hand, made acquaintance with Meera Kothari, Indrani’s younger daughter, and soon they fell in love. It is Adarsh who tries to pacify Meera and help her understand Indrani’s predicament as a mother. Adarsh is the most affected by his father’s death, and this incident was responsible for him helping Meera find a middle ground with her mother instead of further causing rifts. Adarsh helps Meera, and she soon comes to terms with his life as a child of middle-class parents. He is never condescending to Meera but helps her understand her privilege and get in touch with herself instead of allowing herself to be smothered in luxury. Vedant, on the other hand, forms a friendship with Karmma, which is a cause of concern for Ahan while Adarsh and Meera were becoming stronger as a couple.



Dolly is the ex-wife of Viresh, a businessman. They were previously Indrani’s neighbors, who had to vacate the palatial home in Ali Baug because of a bitter divorce as a result of Viresh’s affair. Performed by Waluscha DeSousa, Dolly was Indrani’s best friend, and she took that relationship very seriously. Dolly is heartbroken over the fallout of her marriage so much that she was contemplating moving to her hometown in Gujarat just out of pure embarrassment. Indrani requested that she stay back and face the world with dignity, as the woman had done nothing wrong. To everyone’s shock, Dolly’s affair with Indrani’s husband, Kaushal is revealed and the man had shared too much business-related information with her. There is  a chance she came across these details because of her proximity with Indrani as well, which helped her tally the numerous illegal dealings Kaushal was involved in.

As Indrani is made aware of the affair thanks to Karmma, Dolly’s only source of friendship is lost, and she is pushed out of the social circle in Ali Baug. Dolly, who has nothing to lose, uses her mistress card and arm-twisted Kaushal into giving her an apartment in the city. Dolly is smarter than Indrani, as she could find her way back into the social circle her best friend frequents. 


Dolly is the first one to find out Karmma’s real identity a few years ago, and she was close to blackmailing the young woman herself. Dolly has plans to reveal Indrani’s role in the bank scam that wrongfully convicted Satyajeet Mehra when her friend offered her a deal she could not refuse. Indrani offers her friendship, but to Dolly’s shock, it is only a fake promise that devastates her. Dolly’s not-so-smart moves cost her life as she is thrown out of her apartment by Indrani’s bodyguard. Thankfully, that puts her in a coma, and earns the sympathy of Kaushal. Dolly could regain consciousness in the second season, and she might be close to exposing Karmma and Indrani and the crimes they committed.

Satyajeet Mehra

Rohit Roy essayed the role of Satyajeet Mehra, who is only seen in Karmma Calling in several flashback sequences, and the memories Ambika has of her father from childhood. Satyajeet comes across as a man who easily believes in people and has a generous nature. He was responsible for hiring certain people in Kaushal Kothari’s company, which eventually led to Satyajeets’s downfall. Satyajeet was in shock as he was made a scapegoat in the bank scam that involved Kaushal and a bevy of allies, which included powerful litigators that could turn the wind. It is revealed that Satyajeet was a widower, and there was no mention of who Karmma’s mother could be.


Satyajeet, throughout his time in prison, writes and stores a bunch of letters, only to be given to his daughter Ambika  after his passing. The letters describe the chain of events that led to his arrest. Satyajeet was gullible and naïve, which is why he requested his daughter to not seek out the Kothari family. Many flashback sequels revealed that people who put him in prison at one point were close to him, yet they chose to betray him for the sake of money, power, and influence. Nikhil Sethia, Kaushal’s current wealth manager, was one of them. Satyajeet and Indrani were also having an affair, but as Kaushal realized the case could cost him his company and legacy, Indrani was forced to falsely testify against her lover. Satyajeet Mehra ended up dying in prison, but his death and the letters left behind causes mayhem in Karmma’s life, and she chooses to take the path of revenge.

Ahan Kothari

Varun Sood as Ahan Kothari is the oldest son of Indrani and Kaushal Kothari. The family comes across as perfect from the outside, while on the inside, they are a typical dysfunctional Indian family. Ahan, being the older child, has the pressure of taking over the company after his father steps down, and there is a lot of responsibility associated with such power. Ahan is not sure if he wanted to take the path his father took, but sharing his ideas would cause mayhem in the family. Ahan is studying at Harvard, but he claims his parents make every decision for him, and he is given no room to breathe or choose a school of his choice. Ahan was previously an alcoholic but was slowly becoming sober for the sake of his family and friends.


Ahan is willing to be a changed man for Karmma and they soon begin dating. The young man is floored Karmma’s grounded nature and they fall in love. Ahan understood Karmma is not after his money, which allowed him to take the bold step of walking away from his father’s business. He intended to work from scratch to understand the value of a job and experience. Ahan began working as a waiter at Vedant’s Café Bombil.

His best friend Krish, who secretly has a crush on him, is not happy with his decision but chooses to stay by his side. Meanwhile, Karmma is a supportive girlfriend from the beginning, and she allowed him to chart his own path for himself. Ahan is proud of himself, but it was his insecurity that led to the first major falling out with Karmma. The show begins with Ahan’s unconscious body being found by his sister. Either killing or injuring Ahan is part of Karmma’s bigger plan. Sadly, Ahan is not aware of the crimes committed by his parents or why Karmma had conveniently chosen to be in his life.


Meera Kothari

Meera Kothari is the youngest daughter of Indrani and Kaushal Kothari. Just like a typical youngest child, she has a rebellious streak. Besides her penchant for going against her mother’s words, Meera is a social media influencer and was raised with a lot of privileges she had not acknowledged yet.

Meera sternly believes in her version of reality. Meera got a reality check when she met Adarsh “Dash” Kohli. Despite his middle-class background, she is attracted to his honesty and zeal to be someone. Dash makes her see the world from a different perspective, and that brings some difference in her life, which includes improving her relationship with her mother, Indrani.


Meera is on the verge of making amends with Indrani when her mother’s video of her talking about her inability to control Meera is leaked. Meera could not forgive her mother for stating she’d considered abortion at some point. Though the young woman is surrounded by wealth and opulence, her friendship with Dash, which soon blossoms into love, helps her acknowledge the privilege she was born with. She is not ashamed to introduce Dash as her boyfriend to the family and her friends, even though her parents were clearly having an issue with the relationship. Just like Ahan, Meera is unaware of the crimes committed by her parents, and the second season would further expand on her relationship with them.

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