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The K-drama world has been taken by the storm that is Netflix’s My Demon. The show is the perfect blend of old-school fantasy tropes and modern K-drama trends, making it exactly right for both old fans and new ones. Many called 2023 the year of K-drama redemption thanks to shows like My Demon, which are loved by all. I suppose it is true in some ways because many who had stopped watching Korean dramas started watching them again because of a sense of nostalgia and fun that the new shows brought with them. Netflix has in many ways hijacked the industry, and for the most part, they have a specific type of K-dramas that work on the platform; however, in 2023, we’ve seen them bring in more and more shows in the Netflix original category that venture into the typical K-drama atmosphere. My Demon is reminiscent of the old fantasy shows that were life-altering for global K-drama watchers as they cemented them as fans for life. If you’re enjoying the show about a demon who falls in love with a mere mortal and reconsiders his life as an immortal with powers, then these shows are going to make you very happy. Here are some shows that will help you find a new fantastical creature to set new unrealistic standards for life partners. 



Without fail, Gong-Yoo and Kim Go-Eun’s Goblin has been a part of the K-talk since its release back in December 2016. Many of us were left comparing My Demon with the show because of how it entraps all of us in the same manner that that show did. Also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, the series follows a “goblin,” yes, Korean goblins are humanoid and absolutely gorgeous, who need to find a human bride in order to end their own life for good. Emotional and humorous, the show has a tinge of every color on the palette. It’s got puppy love, an adorable bromance, hardcore romance, and emotional departures, and it also delivers its premise with an element of surprise. Even today, ever so often, you will come across a Korean celebrity, or simply K-drama fans, recreating a scene from this show (most probably the one with the candle). The show’s mighty global popularity has even led to a “goblin tour,” where you can go to locations where the show was shot!

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho 

The nine-tailed fox is a favorite among the many creatures in Korean folklore and mythology. So much so that every couple of years at least, there will be a show that involves a nine-tailed fox and a human being falling in love and wreaking havoc in their desperation to be together. Ironically, the creature is known to be an evil one that is bloodthirsty and lures humans to consume their flesh. The Korean entertainment industry has completely romanticized the creature, and every once in a while, a viewer will be desperate for an interaction with one themselves. Shin Min-Ah is as delightful as the nine-tailed fox in the supernatural Korean drama, and her chemistry with Lee Seung-Gi is over the top!


The Legend of the Blue Sea

Let’s reverse roles for this one. Firstly, the news of legendary actress Jun Ji-Hyun working with the then-It Boy Lee Min-Ho was huge for K-drama fans all around the world. Ji-Hyun’s always been a big name in the over-the-top slapstick comedy sphere, and so this combination of Min-Ho’s charm and her comedy was something everybody looked forward to at the time. A mermaid and a con man—a match made in K-drama heaven! Jun Ji-Hyun is like the little mermaid, completely baffled by the human world, and Lee Min-Ho only helps her because she won’t let him go. My Demon doesn’t play into the comedy aspect as much as this show; however, it too certainly comes in the same genre, and a lot of the things Song Kang does are reminiscent of Jun Ji-Hyun’s character in The Legend of the Blue Sea.

My roommate is a Gumiho

Since everyone talks about The Tale of the Nine-Tailed, I’ve decided to bring to your attention another fantastic show instead. As I said, the Gumihos are numerous, and this one is played by Jang Ki-Young. This has got to be my personal favorite of these shows. Specifically because of how natural Hyeri is with comedy. She’s so good that it never feels like acting; it’s simply her personality shining through on screen. However, that’s not the only thing that’s impeccable; these two have such chemistry that you’d be left wondering if it was acting or real life. As someone who doesn’t love comedy, especially the cringy kind, I really enjoyed this show thanks to the way the actors carried it. Even the supporting cast is fantastic, making you want to root for everybody. Also, if you’re remotely a fan of chicken, it’s going to be highly difficult to watch this show because of Hyeri’s multiple mukbangs! 


W-Two Worlds

Old is gold, they say, and I bring to you something a little bit different in this list because the same is boring. There are no mythical creatures in W-Two Worlds. Remember the music video of Take On Me by A-ha? Pictures of that are in TV show format. This is the story of a comic book character who, one day, comes out of his world to realize he’s not real. You can imagine this makes for a very entertaining show already; however, add in the mix of an old-school villain and a steamy romance between a human and this comic book character! You’ll simply have tons of fun watching this, and you won’t have to think much; just enjoy the ride.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

This adorable little show is about an angel and a blind ballerina who end up in each other’s company when the angel messes up and gets an ultimate mission to fulfill: find true love for this ballerina. Shin Hye-Sun shines as the ballerina, and as we know, she’s always been fantastic at balancing the joyful moments with the emotional ones. Of course, to add to this, opposite her stars Infinite member L, radiating as an angel. Again, with these shows, it’s the chemistry that matters the most, and these two have plenty of love to share.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I always say 2016 was the year for K-dramas. Some of the best shows that are still popular came out that year. This one is quite different from anything else on this list. Firstly, it’s a period drama, and rather than an immortal or mythical being, we’ve got a time-travel situation; however, it’s a show that I can never stop talking about, so it gets inserted in these lists whenever possible. Starring IU as the woman who returns to the past, amidst 12 princes and a dangerous time, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a treat for your senses. Just like in My Demon, it almost feels as if the camera is in the leads’ faces. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo uses everybody’s facial features to highlight the show with beauty and grace. At the time, I felt like I had never seen a face that large on my TV screen before. Now, of course, I’ve realized it’s a staple in Dramaland; however, no other show has done it as well as this one. Give this one a go if you want an emotional rollercoaster.

Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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