‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episodes 9 & 10: Recap And Ending: Why Does Han Soo Get Arrested?

Han Soo has gotten a step closer to his real enemy in Joseon Lawyer: A Morality, but his enemy, Minister Yoo, is too powerful. Yoo has gotten the idea that Han Soo might be coming after him, and he has started making moves. He killed Lord Chu and had other plans in action to overpower the King himself. Moreover, he has been fooling Han Soo’s sister into thinking that the King is behind her family’s destruction, and Yoo plans to use her against Han Soo. Han Soo has only Yeon Joo and Ji Sun on his side, and it’s going to be a tough fight for him against Minister Yoo.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does The King Meet Han Soo?

Minister Yoo has many people on his side, and he has given a new task to Han Soo’s sister, telling her that it is for her own revenge. Han Soo’s sister only recently found out that her brother is alive, but he is supporting the King. Han Soo’s sister was married off young, but when her entire family was annihilated, her in-laws kicked her out of the house. She was helpless, and Minister Yoo helped her survive by giving her the opportunity to live as a courtesan. Han Soo’s sister is grateful to Yoo and still thinks that he is helping her. Minister Yoo believes that he is the most powerful person in Joseon and that the King is below him. However, the King is not sitting quietly anymore and surprises the court by ordering the dismissal of Minister Yoo. Minister Yoo’s subordinates have been caught in a bribery case, and the King blames him. Minister Yoo didn’t expect a sudden attack, and to save face, he agreed to resign himself, but other officials protested against it. The King expected this, and this was just a warning from him to Minister Yoo.


After Lord Chu’s death, Han Soo decides to move back to his ship to ensure Yeon Joo’s safety, as Ji Sun also mentions his concern about Yeon Joo’s safety to him. Yeon Joo is not happy with his decision, but she doesn’t persuade him to stay either. Han Soo needs to focus on revenge, and he thinks that the only way to fight against Yoo would be to meet the King. He is taking many cases from people, but none of them are worth taking to the King, and he is frustrated. However, to his surprise, the King comes searching for him instead. The King has an important case for Han Soo to solve. One of the King’s own people, Commissioner Kwon, is a prime suspect in his own brother’s murder, and the King wants Han Soo to defend him. This case is different from other cases Han Soo has defended because he needs to win it to get on the King’s good side. He interrogates Lord Kwon, his sister-in-law, their housekeeper, and their servants, and everyone looks like a suspect to him. That’s the difficult task—to find the real culprit among many suspects. Even when he is busy in this case, he wonders why Yeon Joo didn’t try to come back to him. He misses Yeon Joo and goes to see her, only to see her with Ji Sun. Yeon Joo has found out that Ji Sun is one of the sponsors of the merchant house, and she wants to know why he is always helping her. Ji Sun confesses that he has had feelings for her ever since they first met, and even if she can’t accept him, he requests that she accept his help. He just wants to be able to do something for her.

Who Killed Lord Kwon?

Ji Sun joins Han Soo for further investigation, as it is his duty as a magistrate. Han Soo has already interrogated all the suspects and submitted the report. As they discuss the potential murderer, they agree that the housekeeper could be the one. The housekeeper has an unhealthy habit of gambling, and just a few days before the murder, he was caught stealing by Lord Kwon. He has a more convincing motivation for murder than others. However, the evidence says something else. The murder weapon, a dagger, is found in the female servant’s room, and she becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Han Soo finds it difficult to believe because she wouldn’t have given away the knife easily, let alone kept it with her, if she had used it for murder. He thinks that he can still find the real murderer, and to lure them out, he spreads rumors that the female servant might confess who the accomplice is. Han Soo expected to see the housekeeper, but Lord Chung Won showed up instead. On the day of the murder, the housekeeper was known to have rested at Lord Chung Won’s place, which makes Chung Won a suspect as well. However, Ji Sun and Yeon Joo don’t want it to be him because Lord Chung Won is the King’s uncle. Now, the picture is clearer for them. It’s as if someone has purposely set it up to bring down the royal family.


Han Soo is disappointed in Ji Sun and Yeon Joo, but he is not going to stop the investigation. He meets Lord Chung Won and tries to get the truth out of him. However, Chung Won knows the ways of the world better than him and doesn’t say a word that could go against him. Instead, he gets more details about the case from Han Soo. Han Soo reveals to him that he suspects the housekeeper more than the female servant because the two seemed to have had an affair, and the housekeeper betrayed her. Han Soo knew what he was doing because later that night, Chung Won tried to kill the housekeeper and got caught red-handed by Ji Sun. Chung Won used to adore the female servant, and he was mad at Lord Kwon for buying her for himself. He made the housekeeper kill Lord Kwon out of spite. To save the royal family’s face, Lord Chung Won is sent away, and the housekeeper is executed publicly.

‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episode 10: Ending

The King has lost before Minister Yoo once again, and so has Han Soo, but this is not the end for him. He is finally going to get to meet the princess and find out more about his father’s death. He is waiting for her at the temple but gets kidnapped before Yeon Joo arrives. He wakes up in the forest after some time and walks to his ship to find royal guards waiting for him. Dong Chi signals him to run away, but it is too late. The guards arrest Han Soo on the accusation of murdering Lord Chu. The knife used in the murder of Lord Chu has been found on Han Soo’s ship, making him the murderer. Minister Yoo had it all planned and played the right card at the right time.


Han Soo gets a big surprise in Joseon Lawyer: A Morality right after he gets arrested. The person he trusts and loves is a princess. Yeon Joo had come prepared to reveal her true identity, but she had to do it in a certain way. She defends Han Soo from the guards, revealing that she was with him when Lord Chu was murdered. This might save Han Soo from getting a death sentence, but it can be troublesome for Yeon Joo. A princess being with a commoner at an odd time would bring more shame to the royal family, and that’s what Minister Yoo wants. However, she still has Ji Sun on her side. Ji Sun never liked the way his father worked, but he never went against him. It could change if Yeon Joo is under threat.

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