‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: What Does The Village Head Reveal To Han Soo?

Han Soo is in Hanyang to get revenge for his parents’ murder, and he has been searching for the mastermind behind it. In “Joseon Lawyer: A Morality,” Han Soo found and imprisoned Master Jang, who had arrested his father. Later, Han Soo also found Commissioner Park, who had given the order to Jang. Commissioner Park was rightfully punished for his crimes, unlike Jang, who was framed by Han Soo. However, both of them died suspiciously in prison, and it was made to appear as if they had killed themselves.

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Why Did Young Sil Kill The Old Lady?

Magistrate Yoo Ji Sun knows that Yeon Ju is helping commoners in disguise, and he feels that it might cause trouble for the king later. Yeon Ju is aware of it, and that’s why she is hiding her real identity cautiously and asking Ji Sun to pretend to be a stranger as well. Ji Sun finds it difficult because he was once engaged to Yeon Ju and believes that they could still have a future together. However, Yeon Ju clarifies that her father had done that to prevent Ji Sun from getting his father, minister Yoo’s position of power to avoid nepotism. It was never in favor of Ji Sun, and now that her father has passed away, Yeon Ju thinks they don’t need to be bound by the old promise. Ji Sun is not like his father, and he wants to prove it to Yeon Ju. He rushes to the office when he hears the news about Park and runs into Han Soo, who is leaving the office. Han Soo indirectly tells Ji Sun that Park’s body shows more signs of murder than suicide. Ji Sun notices it as well and asks his father if he knows anything about it. Ji Sun is a righteous officer, and his father tells him that even if he tries to investigate it, someone else will get framed.

Han Soo didn’t wish Park well and didn’t care even after he died, but he regrets that he couldn’t get information from him. He searches Park’s room with Lady Yeon’s permission and finds the artifact that he still remembers clearly. It’s the same artifact that made his father a thief and led to the destruction of their family soon after. A woman had left her bag with the artifact at their house, and Han Soo needed to find her first. To do that, he needs to go to Cheongsan, his hometown, where he hasn’t been since that tragic incident. As he is on his way, Master Cho’s men attack him for returning to Hanyang. Park and Cho worked together, and Cho blames Han Soo for Park killing himself. Thankfully, Yeon Ju sees them and helps Han Soo by giving him a ride on a horse all the way to Cheongsan. Cheongsan brings back tragic memories for Han Soo, but it also reminds him of his family. According to Park’s ledger, he received the artifact from the governor of Cheongsan, so Han Soo visits him first. He pretends to be the royal inspector and gets information from him. The governor had received the artifact from an old lady named Park, who bribed him to cover up a violent fight among the men in their village.

By the time Han Soo reaches the old lady’s house, the old lady has already lost her life in a tragic incident. A woman named Young Sil murdered her in broad daylight in front of witnesses. The village head and people gather at the lady’s house, and they arrest Han Soo and Yeon Ju along with Young Sil. The village doesn’t follow the national law, and the punishment is decided by the village head. They arrested Yeon Ju and Han Soo to stop them from reporting the murder to the government office. While they are trapped together, Young Sil tells them that she killed the old lady because she spread rumors about her being an infidel. The rumors spread so much that her husband got into a fight because of them and died. National law allows one to get revenge for the death of a family member, and Han Soo tells Young Sil that he can save her. However, Young Sil’s mother settles the case by agreeing to leave the town. After he is set free, Han Soo enters the old lady’s residence to get some clues but gets caught by the village head. The village head recognizes Han Soo and also knows what he is looking for. He tells Han Soo that he will tell him the entire truth if he leaves the town quietly. Han Soo is not impressed but rather enraged that the village head let his father die even after knowing that he was framed.

Does Young Sil Get Punished For Her Crime?

Young Sil leaves the village with her mother, but soon she realizes that she is pregnant. It makes her question her decision because she cannot live in hiding with her child. She has to think about her child’s future as well, and she believes in Han Soo, who assured her that he could set her free. She returns to Cheongsan and makes a request to the governor to let her file a complaint. Han Soo is ready to leave the village, but Young Sil tells her that she is pregnant and needs his help. Han Soo knows what it feels like when no one helps you in desperate times, and that’s why he agrees to help at the risk of getting on the bad side of the village head. He even goes so far as to dig up Young Sil’s husband’s dead body from the grave to do a postmortem. The governor has to take action and at least pretend to investigate the case after Young Sil made a formal request to search for her husband’s murderers. However, the village head is going to handle things his way, and the villagers support him. They kill the messenger who came from the provincial office to avoid further investigation of the villagers. To tackle this, Han Soo writes a fake letter to Ji Sun, claiming that Commissioner Park’s murderer has been found in Cheongsan.

Han Soo and Dong Chi try to provoke Young Sil’s husband’s murderers to confess their crimes by telling them their partners have already confessed. In the meantime, the village head gathers the villagers and attacks the government office to drag Young Sil out of there. Han Soo had already suspected it, but he was late. He rushes back to the village and hears villagers shouting to hang Young Sil. Han Soo joins their protest, and when everyone goes silent, he demands punishment for Young Sil’s husband’s murderers as well. One of the three men had confessed his crime to Han Soo before, and when Han Soo blames him in front of the villagers, the man’s wife reveals other men who were involved in the crime. The village head can ignore this case, but Magistrate Yoo Ji Sun can’t. He arrives in Cheongsan after receiving Han Soo’s fake message and listens to the entire story. He takes the matter into his hands and, after investigation, takes the case to the king. Only a king is able to make a decision regarding the petition of a murderer. Han Soo has also written a petition to the king as Young Sil’s lawyer. Thanks to that, the king sets Young Sil free until her child is of mature age, but she will be judged again afterward for her crimes.

‘Joseon Lawyer: A Morality’ Episode 6: Ending

The village and the governor are also arrested for ignoring Young Sil’s complaint about her husband’s murder. Han Soo still goes to meet the village head and asks him to reveal what he knows about his father’s tragic death. The village head reluctantly tells him that his son was Han Soo’s father’s assistant and used to deliver letters from him to the king. One day, the head’s son gave the letter to someone else to deliver to the king, and that was the day Han Soo’s father was arrested. After Han Soo’s father and mother both died, the village head set fire to the house and told everyone that Han Soo died in it. He gave Han Soo a chance to flee from the village because he worried that people could be after his life as well.

Han Soo has come closer to understanding the mystery behind his father’s death in “Joseon Lawyer: A Morality,” and the person he didn’t expect anything from helping him. The governor of Cheongsan was one of Minister Yoo’s men, and after realizing that Han Soo was behind three of his men going to prison, he got concerned. On the other hand, Han Soo gets emotional after seeing his old home and cries in Yeon Ju’s arms when he’s drunk. Yeon Ju has always wondered about Han Soo’s background, which he reveals to her accidentally in a vulnerable state. However, Han Soo has to be careful further as Minister Yoo has become suspicious of him. The village head told Han Soo that he was alive because he had spread rumors that he was dead. Minister Yoo is ruthless in abusing his power, and he could be the mastermind behind Han Soo’s father’s death. Han Soo needs to take further steps cautiously if he doesn’t want to reveal his real identity.

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