‘Joe Pickett’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

In Joe Pickett season 2, the plot became more complex and intriguing compared to season 1. However, in my personal opinion, the season started with a dark and horrifying plot but lacked an interesting climax as a payoff. The social commentary was commendable, but the execution remained typical without any effort to make it unique. The season revolved around a series of murders in Saddlestring, targeting hunters from the town. Joe Pickett embarked on a solo investigation in the Bermuda Mountains and encountered the fierce and wild hunters, the Grimm brothers, Caleb and Clamish. During the investigation, a pattern emerged with the discovery of a casino chip near each murder scene, suggesting a connection between the killings. Meanwhile, an anti-hunting activist group led by Klamath Moore came into play, but eventually, the killer of the hunters was revealed to be Klamath’s wife, Shannon, who acted out of desperation.


In Joe Pickett season 2, the notorious hunter group in Saddlestring included high-ranking government individuals, including the head of Fishing and Game, Randy Pope, and the infamous Scarlett brothers. Shannon, an ordinary Native American woman hired as a camp cook, was sexually assaulted by the group after being drugged. Seeking justice, Shannon initially attempted to expose the hunters’ true faces to society but discovered that law enforcement officer Sheriff Barnum, himself a member of the hunting group, was involved in the assault. Fearing the consequences, Shannon stepped back, allowing the group to continue their heinous acts with other women. Marissa, one of the victims, had attempted to bring these hunters to justice, but after the sheriff found out her plans, he shot her, believing her to be dead.

Upon learning about Marissa’s death at the sheriff’s hands, Shannon took matters into her own hands and sought revenge on the hunters. Throughout an extensive investigation, Joe and his wife Marybeth uncovered this tragic truth about Shannon being a ferocious hunter-killer and faced perilous struggles to prove Barnum’s involvement in the unspeakable crimes. Eventually, justice was served when Marybeth shot Barnum, and Marissa was found alive and strong enough to testify against him. Despite an official confirmation from Paramount regarding the renewal of Joe Pickett for season 3, fans are eagerly anticipating insights from the second season.


Will Vern Dunnegam appear in the upcoming season?

As Joe Pickett season 2 unfolded, Joe made a significant mistake by setting Vern Dunnegan free from prison, only to find Vern had escaped his custody. Despite Vern providing Joe with crucial information about the hunting group’s evil misdeeds and their connection with Shannon, he managed to cunningly escape from Joe’s grasp. Joe had anticipated the possibility of such a scenario when he decided to release Vern, and his worst fears materialized. Now, as fans eagerly await any news of Joe Pickett season 3, they are left wondering if Vern Dunnegan will have a role to play in the upcoming season. The question remains whether he will return as a formidable enemy once again, seeking vengeance against Joe, or if circumstances will lead him to assist Joe in an upcoming case, much like he did during the Hunter killing investigation. Regardless of his role, fans are filled with curiosity about the potential comeback of such a fierce adversary as Vern on the show.

What Happened to Hank Scarlett?

With Hank Scarlett becoming the last remaining hunter of the group after Marybeth shoots Barnum, it is reasonable to assume that he will undoubtedly make a comeback in season 3, driven by his usual sinister motives to put Joe in dangerous situations and target his family. Those who were left wondering in the concluding part of season 2 about the mysterious figures appearing near Pickett’s family can speculate that they might be Hank’s men, intending to eliminate Joe but retreating upon finding no one at home. Alternatively, it could be connected to the assassination group Nate Ramonwaski encountered months earlier, which also had plans to target Joe and Crickett. In the upcoming season, the narrative may shed light on this assassination group’s intentions and their pursuit of Joe and his friends’ lives. We are eager to find out how these storylines will unfold in Joe Pickett season 3.


What was the riot “Justice for Grimms” about?

The reason behind the Justice for the Grimms riot remains unclear as of the tenth episode of Joe Pickett. In that episode, the Grimm brothers Caleb and Clamish revealed their true identities as the Olafsons from the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Their land was taken by the Government, and their family was killed by federal agents, hinting that the riot might be seeking justice for the residents of the Upper Peninsula who were displaced from their homeland. The second season skillfully foreshadowed the Grimms’ backstory, setting the stage for its revelation in the upcoming third season. Furthermore, the next season is expected to explore the connection between April’s mother, Jeanie Keeley, and the riot. Jeanie’s return could create significant upheaval in the Pickett family, especially in April’s life. Fans are eager to see how these plotlines unfold in Joe Pickett season 3.

Did Barnum die?

After being shot by Marybeth, the fate of Barnum, the malevolent culprit entangled in the hunters group’s despicable deeds, remains shrouded in uncertainty. It is yet to be determined if he succumbed to his injuries or if he will miraculously survive. If Barnum manages to pull through, it is plausible that the forthcoming season will witness his sinister resurgence, albeit likely behind bars, thanks to Marissa providing compelling and legitimate evidence against him. The revelation of Marissa’s proof could be a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle for Justice, potentially putting an end to Barnum’s reign of terror and ensuring he faces the consequences of his maleficent actions. Nonetheless, until the next season arrives, fans are left in suspense, eagerly anticipating the resolution of this gripping storyline.


The upcoming season 3 of Joe Pickett holds numerous exciting possibilities for exploration, promising a darker and more thrilling series for fans. Joe’s character as a sensitive investigator, deeply concerned about his family, adds complexity to the storyline as it delves into darker and more horrifying psychological themes. As someone who hasn’t read the source material, I rely solely on Michael Dorman’s impressive cinematic portrayal of Joe. Michael brings depth to the character, beautifully depicting its intricacies. That’s why, like most of the fans, I eagerly anticipate Joe confronting more challenging cases and unveiling sinister figures hidden beneath the guise of gentlemen in the upcoming season of Joe Pickett.

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