‘Joe Pickett’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Joe Rescue Marissa?

In the ninth episode of Joe Pickett Season 2, Sheriff Barnum was revealed as a corrupt officer and murderer. The only evidence to prove this was Shannon’s cellphone with a voicemail from Marissa. But Barnum destroyed the evidence and threatened to harm Shannon. In order to defend Shannon and herself, Marybeth shot Barnum, and they all fled to the woods. Joe later joined them and got information from Hank Scarlett’s henchmen about a woman hiding in the woods. Joe could recall a woman who had tended his wounds after the Grimm Brothers had attacked him. Joe recognized the woman he saw in that hallucinating stage as Marissa Left Hand. In this final endgame of Joe Pickett season 2, Joe and Shannon are heading to the woods to find Marissa, bring her home, and expose Barnum’s true identity to the authorities.


Who were the Grimms?

Joe and Shannon headed towards the woods, while Hank Scarlett and his men were also heading in the same direction to track down Marissa and silence her. Shannon’s condition was worsening, but she still insisted on moving ahead on her own. She kept demanding a gun from Joe and asked him to let her split off in a different direction to make their search for Marissa easier, but Joe was skeptical about Shannon having a gun. After traveling for a few miles, Shannon warned Joe that if he wanted to handle the whole matter on his own, Hank or the Grimm brothers would easily kill him. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Joe agreed to give Shannon a rifle and asked her to find Marissa while he searched for the Grimm brothers, Caleb and Clamish, who were protecting Marissa. Caleb and Clamish were also aware of the approaching police, so they were armed and ready. However, after Caleb and Clamish held Joe at gunpoint, Nate intervened, as always, to protect his friend, Pickett.

Meanwhile, Shannon, in immense pain due to her wound, fell off the horse. Fortunately, she caught Marissa’s attention just in time. Marissa came to her aid and was quite shocked to see that Shannon had come to find her. While Marissa went back to her cave to bring some medicines to heal Shannon’s wound, Hank and his henchmen noticed her and began pursuing her.


Joe and the Grimms had a confrontation, and they reached an agreement that one of them would die. However, Joe didn’t want to harm them; he simply wanted to talk to them about Marissa’s whereabouts. During the encounter, the Grimms asked Joe why he had become a “Government Man.” He explained that since childhood, he and his brother had found solace in the woods. Despite his brother’s passing, Joe couldn’t leave the forest, as he believed it was his second home. He became a game warden to protect the animals and the forest from evil individuals in the area.

Now it was the Grimms’ turn to disclose why they were in the woods. Clamish explained that they hailed from the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, where they owned land and lived as a family. However, the Government decided to build a power plant on their land, leading to protests from residents who refused to give it up. Tragically, one day, some armed G-men came and killed their family. Nate recalled hearing their story somewhere before and confirmed that the Grimms were telling the truth, although their real name wasn’t Grimm; they were known as the Olafsons, folk heroes of the underground.


The Grimms, or the Olafsons, continued, and said that they lost everything—their family was killed, and their land was taken. They moved to the forest to live peacefully, sustaining themselves through hunting and fishing. When they found Marissa in poor condition in the woods, they saved her life and pledged not to bring any harm to the girl.

Did Joe Pickett Rescue Marissa?

As the tragic tale of the Grimm Brothers concluded, Joe heard the approaching footsteps of Hank’s men. At this point, Joe, Nate, and the Grimms chose not to harm each other because they shared the common goal of protecting Marissa. Eventually, Hank’s men and the Grimms, joined by Joe and Nate, confronted each other, leading to a tense exchange of gunfire. Frightened by the Grimms, who were also called the Wendigo for their man-hunting skills, Hank fled the scene, leaving his henchmen to face the consequences. In the intense altercation, all of Hank’s henchmen were killed.


After the dust settled, Marissa emerged before Joe, safe and alive, and informed him about Shannon’s worsening condition due to her injury. With the forest returning to its peaceful state, Joe discovered that the Grimms had vanished, leaving their guns behind. This gesture indicated that they had put their hostility toward Joe aside and allowed him to bring Marissa back home safely. Fortunately, Marissa was rescued, but Shannon still needed medical attention. Joe asked Nate to take Shannon to a place where she could receive proper care. He assured Shannon that she wouldn’t be arrested and would be allowed to plead not guilty in self-defense. Joe was willing to testify about how Shannon had assisted in rescuing Marissa.

Meanwhile, at Missy’s house, as they waited for Joe and Marybeth, they noticed a suspicious car nearby, from which two mysterious individuals emerged. Missy swiftly took the children and escaped through another door, crossing the forest and a lake. She contacted Derek for help, and he promptly arrived in his car to assist them. Upon Derek’s arrival, Missy realized that Derek was the one she truly wanted to be with. Despite her earlier reservations about Derek’s wealth, he revealed that he was indeed wealthy but preferred to stay grounded. Missy and Derek shared a kiss and decided to pursue a relationship together.

What Did The Ending Signify?

In the end, Marissa’s statement provided the police with crucial evidence against Barnum, revealing him as the true culprit. Deputy McLanahan was promoted to Sheriff and dropped all charges against Joe and Marybeth, setting them free. Shannon received the medical care she needed, and the community of Saddlestring remembered her as a brave woman who fought for others, not as a murderer.

However, in the last episode of Joe Pickett season 2, a new riot erupted in Saddlestring concerning the Grimms, who were seeking justice for themselves. During the rally, Jeanie Keeley appeared in one of the cars and greeted April. Sheridan asked April if she knew the woman, and April revealed that it was her mother. The nature of Jeanie’s connection with the Grimms and what had happened to them remained unknown. Jeanie’s return brought pain to April, as she had been estranged from her mother for a long time. Jeanie had not acknowledged taking care of her own daughter after her husband, Ote, died in season 1.


The second season of Joe Pickett concluded with an open end, hinting at the possibility of a third season. In the upcoming season, viewers might discover the fate of the Grimms and explore Jeanie’s connection to them.

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