‘Joe Pickett’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Did Sheridan Bully In The Class?

In the previous episodes of Joe Pickett, the Pickett family was dealing with the trauma they experienced in the previous year, while game warden Joe Pickett confronted yet another peril involving the local hunter, Frank Urman’s disappearance. In pursuit of the killer, Joe went to the mountains all alone and almost met his own demise. He found a pair of twins, the Grimm brothers, who inhumanely killed his horse and ate its raw flesh. They chased after Joe to take him out, but fortunately, Nate Romanwoski saved him. Marybeth, Joe’s wife, was deeply worried about him but knew that his determined nature wouldn’t allow him to stop investigating until he apprehended the killer. However, in a turn of events, some local activists arrived in Saddlestring and started protesting about the hunting practices prevalent in the town. Within the crowd, the leader of the group, Klamath Moore, singled out Joe as a government official responsible for the hunting activities. Influenced by Klamath’s words, the enraged crowd attacked Joe, rendering him helpless to defend himself.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Buck Die? Was Luke Alive?

In episode 4, Joe met his greatest bully, Buck Lother, the host of the radio show. Several times on his show, Buck ridiculed Joe Pickett for his unwavering love for the weasels, still existing in the woods of Saddlestring. However, Governor Budd had specifically requested Buck handle the case because multiple dead bodies had been discovered in the forest, including Frank, with almost the same pattern of killing. In each of these crime scenes, Joe found poker chips, leading him to believe that these murders were connected and perpetrated by a single serial killer. Nonetheless, the deputy and the sheriff dismissed the significance of the poker chips, demonstrating their lack of attention to the investigation. Joe Pickett truly wanted to catch the killer, but he faced obstacle after obstacle in his path. Meanwhile, he got mobbed in Klamath Moore’s protest, which Sheridan had witnessed right before her eyes. It left her in shambles because she had always considered her father a hero, not a person who got beaten up by others. Joe talked to the school teacher in order to help Sheridan cope with the trauma she had been experiencing all along, but the teacher pointed out that Joe himself needed help because his mind was also burdened with the haunting memories of his abusive father and his brother’s suicide. Joe, however, avoided this conversation and walked out of the school.


Meanwhile, Joe met Buck in person, who revealed that his previous remarks about Joe on his show were just jokes and that he didn’t actually dislike him. Later, Joe and Buck met with Randy Pope, the director of the game and fishing department, who introduced a local hunter named Wally to the team. Wally didn’t appear to be a skilled investigator, but Randy insisted on bringing him along. Buck grew increasingly frustrated with Wally’s presence, leading to frequent fights between them. Despite this, Buck showcased his intelligence by uncovering clues, and Joe helped him with crucial information. As Buck came to like Joe, their disagreement was ultimately settled.

During their expedition in the mountains, Joe and Buck discovered fresh footprints on the ground, indicating that the killer was present in the forest at the moment. However, an altercation between Buck and Wally erupted, and Wally, in a fit of anger, fired a shot that startled the potential killer, causing them to flee. Joe intervened, putting an end to the conflict, and declared that they would return to the site at night. At midnight, as Joe and Buck headed towards the forest, Joe locked Wally inside the car and assigned Luke to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Buck discovered fresh footsteps and encountered an individual pointing a gun at him. Before Buck could react, the person shot him. In a shocking twist of events, Joe realized that the person who had shot Buck was Chris, Frank’s brother, who had ventured into the forest alone to find the killer of his brother. Joe was deeply puzzled by the situation, as Chris had unintentionally become entangled in a murder, and their best investigator, Buck, had been killed. Meanwhile, Wally held Luke at gunpoint, threatening to harm him unless he was freed to enter the forest. Terrified, Luke had no choice but to comply, and at that moment, they both encountered an armed individual. The person fired two shots, killing Wally and injuring Luke. Hearing the gunshots, Joe rushed to the scene and discovered Wally’s lifeless body, with Luke bleeding profusely nearby. To Joe’s shock, he spotted a poker chip once again near Wally’s dead body.


What Happened To Nate And Crickett?

Nate Romanowski became targeted by multiple assassins due to his job as a tracker. However, he skillfully eliminated all those assassins who attempted to harm him. Three of them were taken care of at a friend’s house, and he confronted another assassin at Crickett’s place. While Nate and Crickett were in the process of ending their relationship, realizing that it wasn’t working out, an assassin broke into the place and was subsequently killed by Nate. Hurriedly, Nate took Crickett with him, and they rushed to a car, but another vehicle started pursuing them. Nate managed to eliminate that vehicle as well, and he informed Crickett that despite her reluctance, they were both caught up in this dangerous situation together.

Who Did Sheridan Bully In The Class?

Klamath Moore was primarily an attention-seeking individual who thrived on media coverage rather than being genuinely concerned about the causes he protested for. Many people fell for his outward charm and his movements. While the cause of “Stop the Slaughter” could have been a legitimate concern, the individuals targeted by Klamath were not necessarily the villains he portrayed them to be. Klamath was invited to give a speech at the local school, where Sheridan, who was present in the class, harbored intense anger towards Klamath for beating her father. Sheridan corrected Klamath’s misconception, stating that hunting was not actually causing destruction in the ecosystem but instead helped maintain the balance of the environment. She emphasized that hunters, including her father, Joe Pickett, who was a game warden, genuinely cared for the animals. In the heat of the moment, Sheridan used a curse word to describe Klamath, which offended him, but he chose not to react to it. Sheridan’s teacher made a call to her guardian about the incident, but when Joe learned about Sheridan standing up to Klamath and using a swear word, he felt proud of his daughter. 


In the context of Joe Pickett, the necessity of hunting can be an arguable subject. Sheridan claimed that hunters like her father genuinely cared for the animals. Her father, as a game warden, regulated and managed hunting activities to contribute to ecological balance and overall ecosystem health. Joe Pickett, being a responsible game warden, promoted hunting licenses and permits to support habitat preservation. Throughout the series, we witnessed Joe Pickett’s diligent efforts to maintain the balance of the environment without causing harm to the lives of the animals but rather focusing on restoring harmony. However, it is important to acknowledge that hunting can pose a significant threat to endangered species, as seen in season 1 when weasels were targeted for permanent eradication. In order to combat these unethical practices, hunters like Joe Pickett played a necessary role in protecting the environment and preventing further harm to the ecosystem.

Towards the end of episode 4, Sheridan informed Marybeth that Klamath’s intention was to involve children in his movement, which made Marybeth uneasy. She began investigating Klamath and discovered that during the days when the murders took place in the mountain forest, Klamath was actually in town. Considering his animosity towards these hunters, it becomes a plausible conclusion that Klamath might be a suspect in these murders.


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