‘Joe Pickett’ Season 2 Episodes 1,2, & 3 Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Joe?

In the second season of the Joe Pickett T.V. series, which is based on C.J. Box’s series of novels, the storyline continues a year after the Pickett family endured a devastating assault planned by Wacey Hademan and Vern Dunnegan. With Wacey deceased and Vern incarcerated, the Pickett family begins anew, albeit still grappling with the immense tragedy of Marybeth’s miscarriage. As they come to terms with their loss, Joe Pickett embarks on a personal mission to solve the mysterious disappearance of a local hunter.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 1 Recap: Why Did Joe Head Towards The Bermuda Mountain?

In Episode 1 of Joe Pickett Season 2, tensions escalated as Joe found himself trapped in a perilous situation while searching for a missing hunter. The episode opened with the sighting of a mysterious individual emerging from the jungle, who, instead of targeting an elk, ruthlessly shot and killed a hunter. Meanwhile, Joe and his new trainee, Luke, stumbled upon drunk elks invading public property including Sheridan’s school due to disorientation. Back at home, Marybeth dealt with personal challenges, including her mother’s persistent meddling and concerns about her own well-being. Marybeth grew increasingly worried when she discovered that Missy had taken up a singing job at a bar. During a conversation with Blaire Urman, the wife of a local hunter, Frank Urman, Marybeth shared her emotional struggles, only to learn that Blaire’s husband had been missing since the previous night.


Amidst their respective difficulties, Joe and Marybeth found solace in their love and support for one another. However, Marybeth implored Joe to venture into the treacherous mountain region known as the Bermuda Triangle, where Frank Urman, Blaire’s missing husband, had gone the previous night. Determined to find Frank, Joe embarked on the hazardous expedition. As Joe delved deeper into the wilderness, he encountered two mysterious individuals named Caleb and Camish Grimm. These mysterious figures harbored their own secrets, refusing to disclose their origins or produce fishing licenses. With danger mounting and uncertainty looming, Joe’s satellite phone unexpectedly went missing, leaving his fate hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Marybeth anxiously awaited his call, hoping for his safe return. As the episode neared its conclusion, Joe issued the Grimm brothers a ticket and departed the area. However, on his journey back, both he and his horse were targeted and struck by arrows, completely unaware of their assailants. Episode 1 Joe Pickett Season 2 concluded with an unexpected twist in the plot, leaving us puzzled and eager for answers.

Episode 2 Recap: Did Joe Find Frank?

Joe Pickett woke up in the woods and confronted the Grimm brothers, Camish and Caleb, who were plucking organs from his dead horse’s body and drinking its blood. Joe tried to protect himself despite his injuries by shooting Caleb. Meanwhile, Marybeth Pickett was worried about her husband’s disappearance and sought help from Sheriff Barnum. When the sheriff realized that Joe was looking for Frank Urman, he agreed to assist and sent Deputy McLanahan to search for Pickett. Joe began running through the woods as Camish and Caleb were chasing him. However, his situation became even more challenging as he began experiencing hallucinations. However, Joe managed to escape Camish’s gunfire. At the same time, Marybeth sought help from Nate Romanowski because, despite his fugitive status, he was a good tracker. In his weakened and disoriented state, Joe stumbled upon a gruesome sight—a hanging dead body, presumably Frank’s. Eventually, he collapsed in the woods, but fortunately, Nate discovered him and came to his rescue. Joe was taken to the hospital, where he woke to find his wife by his side. Later, Joe recounted his harrowing experience to Sheriff Barnum, who informed him about an unidentified body that had been found in the woods. On Marybeth’s way home from the hospital, she encountered Charlie Left Hand, a local man searching for his missing daughter, Marissa.


As the search for Frank’s killer continued, Joe insisted on handling the case and investigating the killer, but Sheriff Barnum suggested that Joe take some rest and avoid getting too involved in the case. However, during the recovery of the dead body, Joe discovered a casino chip that fell from Frank’s pocket, raising further questions about his murder. Unbeknownst to Joe, an unknown individual observed the scene through a rifle scope, indicating the presence of Frank’s killer, who was lurking in the woods. With tensions rising and unanswered questions lingering, the second episode of Joe Pickett ended dramatically, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next developments in Joe Pickett’s quest for the truth.

Episode 3 Recap: What Happened To Joe?

Tensions reached a boiling point in the third episode of Joe Pickett Season 2, as local activists disrupted the Hunting Awards, vehemently protesting against the slaughter of animals. Sheriff Barnum discussed the news with the team that Frank’s headless body had been found. Despite Joe Pickett presenting the casino chip he had discovered, Deputy McLanahan dismissed its significance. Governor Budd made significant efforts to conceal Frank’s murder from local activists, as revealing it would potentially become a focal point for their upcoming protest.


At home, Marybeth conveyed her concerns to Joe about his fixation with discovering evidence of the twins’ existence, which Marybeth despised. Meanwhile, Marybeth decided to help in the search for Marissa, Charlie Left Hand’s missing daughter. Joe felt determined to find answers after having a horrific nightmare involving the Grimm brothers and a mystery woman named Rosie whom he had encountered during his hallucinations. He went to the police with Luke to look into the Urman case more. Meanwhile, Marybeth requested assistance from Deputy McLanahan in Marissa’s case, but he insisted on an official missing person’s report before they could act. The absence of a missing report for Marissa hindered the filing process, as she did not belong to the Saddlestring community, and the local sheriffs lacked the authority to accept her report due to her Native American heritage. The deputy even expressed his belief that Marissa was likely fine, citing that many women from her community tended to engage in outward distractions. Rather than prioritizing the search for the girl, McLanahan seemed to focus more on Marissa’s character. Deputy’s behavior shattered Marybeth’s trust in the authority, and, determined to find answers, she took matters into her own hands and embarked on an independent investigation. However, Cricket approached Marybeth, offering her assistance in locating Marissa. This unexpected offer sparked a glimmer of hope for Marybeth, who arranged a meeting between Charlie and Cricket at Cricket’s place.

During the meeting, Charlie revealed that they could potentially uncover valuable information about Marissa’s abduction through her phone records. Unfortunately, Cricket found herself powerless to access those records without an official missing person’s report. As the episode continued, Marybeth paid Blaire a visit to express her support. Joe, on the other hand, got caught up in the center of an uprising headed by Stop the Slaughter campaigner Klamath Moore. Klamath accused the town of Saddlestring of suppressing the facts, naming Joe as one of the government authorities responsible for the community’s ongoing hunting habits. As the crowd became aggressive, they launched an attack on Joe. He was badly battered despite his attempts to flee the scene. Episode 3 of Joe Pickett Season 2 ended on a dramatic note, leaving us anxiously expecting the next chapter in Joe Pickett’s turbulent journey, which would unfold in the subsequent episodes. 


What To Expect From Episode 4?

In episode 4 of Joe Pickett Season 2, we can expect the tension to escalate further as the search for Marissa intensifies. Meanwhile, Joe Pickett’s recovery from the brutal attack he suffered during the protest will be a significant focus. The repercussions of the protest and its impact on Joe’s standing within the community could also hang in the balance. The casino chips found from Frank’s body could be a sign of a murderous pattern that Joe is yet to discover in subsequent episodes. Overall, episode 4 promises to deliver heightened suspense, personal struggles, and further revelations as the characters will explore the complex web of mysteries surrounding Marissa’s disappearance, Frank’s murder, and Joe Pickett’s quest for justice.

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